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Thank you for visiting TAT Productions. Offering creators and entrepreneurs individualized writing and marketing services. Become a published author in digital and print-on-demand books. Sell your book and artwork with us for FREE. We want to create a network where artists will post links to their works for greater exposure.

Would you like to write a book, publish it in multiple formats, create your brand's strategic communication action plan, and apply digital marketing strategies to reach your audience?


Have a screenplay idea to write and pitch? Get a professional script coverage before submitting to pitch fests and protect your rights.  Let us read and review your YA and children's books.


We promote screenplays, visual arts, film, and music that resonates with new age and new thought vibes. Our clients are individuals dedicated to making their dreams come true. And we are here to help each one achieve their best performance.



At TAT Productions our mission is to help independent artists and small business owners make their dreams come true. Our goal is your success!


We envision a world where independent authors and artists are able to reach a worldwide audience; artistic appreciation and new markets expand for the independent artist and small business owner. 

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My name is Teresita A. Terga, my love for storytelling developed throughout a lifetime of teaching.  Zen studies led me to write publish and produce films.  My life purpose is dedicated to create awareness of New Age and New Thought through the literary arts and to assist artists in reaching their goals for the benefit of all.

Artists and entrepreneurs depend on building their niche audience and customer base using today's digital marketing tools. We are here to guide and make it affordable for creators who are also entrepreneurs to reach their goals with the help of a professional platform that offers the necessary tools and analyses reports that measure progress. 

Peace to all,

T.A. Terga


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