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""CHOOSE YOUR BATTLES," goes the adage. Why is your business on FB but not on Pinterest? Why Twitter instead of Reddit? Do you know what the best business use for each social platform is?

Did you know E-mail marketing continues to be the number one most effective media strategy used by most businesses?

Only One out of Ten startups succeed past the first 3 years. 

However, the amount of time and effort you spend learning how to connect with your 'persona' makes a huge difference, whether you're spending a fortune or $0 on PPC.

Grow your email list organically and create a following on social media outlets.


As you motivate and build your audience, invite them, offer them a deal. 

Our rates depend on your goals. Your success is our goal! We'll grow your business from the ground up and move it up 'notch by notch' in the direction you want your business to go. 

We are here to listen to your needs and give you advice at no cost to you. 

Keep track of visitors, impressions, and views per page and post. How much What does it take to make a conversion? Is there a better way? How?

"NUMBERS DON'T LIE," another adage you may frequently hear. It's all in the numbers, right? What's the average number of views or visitors needed for conversion?

Analytics show business owners how much their keywords are worth. Add up the cost of business and you'll know how to place your product in the market in order to receive a profit for your investment. 

Site audits and reviews are tools used to compare sites and track their growth, reach, and conversion rate once hooked up to a platform such as Google or SEMrush.


Content management is the creation, optimization, and scheduling of publications and posts made by your business.  Blogs, articles, e-mail, advertisements, social media posts, video and images, logos, quotes, etc., make up the valuable content that attracts more seekers and becomes more noticeable, or easier to rank, if every communication piece is published frequently and consistently scheduled based on your business' persona's lifestyle and location.


The right type of content for your business depends on knowing your target. Why would someone choose you? Does your business profile and principle resonate with your ideal client?  


The keywords selected for your business are combined and grouped in context then analyzed for frequency, location, demographics, and time, in order to match your posts and publications as close to your persona's lifestyle schedule as possible.

Keep track of visitors, impressions, and views per page and post. What does it take to make a conversion? Is there a faster way? How and How much?

These are questons entrpreneurs always have in the back of their minds become they dictate ROI and the bottom line carries a lot of weight. 

No matter how small, every business should know what the worth of the phrases, or keywords that identify its business are.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process by which businesses are picked up, tagged, and moved up when found on the www. 


The first step to a successful marketing campaign is to

1. Identify the persona (ideal customer) your business wants to attract;

2. Find out where and when potential customers or clients are more likely to SEARCH for your products and services,

3.. So you can finally convert digitally. 

That's your three-step sales funnel.

The keywords selected for your business are combined and grouped in context then analyzed for frequency, location, demographics, and time in order to match your posts and publications as close to the persona's lifestyle schedule as possible.


When your keywords are used in every piece of content, published by your business, they will compete with other businesses using the same keywords.

Depending on how aggressive your campaign is, these keywords used creatively in- context, will make your business an authority in the field.

It is possible to rank on the 1st page of Search without paying a fortune for clicks, or (PPC). Organic Search begins below the paid ads on every search page.  Aim there. And don't forget to use long-tail words in your URL links.