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I know why the bird sings
a poem by Maya Angelou
A book about how love matters.

A child's brain requires love to develop. Will our brain develop like that of animals in a forest without the love of a human? European tales of the noble savage, or children raised in nature, usually involve wolves. Did the wolves give the children love?

To become more Self aware in the month of Love and African American History, I'd like to explore the original meaning of the word February. Originating from "Februua" the Roman festival of purification when people were ritually washed by Februus.

a man and a woman with arounds around each other's waist
babies suckle a wolf mother
Love does purify us. But, what is love?

Is it an emotion, a feeling? allowing others to be? accepting what is? surrendering to now? All of these thoughts, actually all thoughts can turn into love, even hate. Moreover, thoughts can be expressed with love as a verb, as a way of being, of giving, and receiving.

Love is all! Love is the essence of all that is and ever will be. It is the power of One, the magnanimous and unseen but manifested force of life that births in our heart and expresses our mind and conducts our actions. The more love awareness we put into what we do every minute of our life, the happier and more satisfied we will feel. It distinguishes us from the rest of the animal kingdom and it is expressed linguistically in poetry.

Try it! Remember, TAT Productions is your writing coach, if you have verses, poems, songs, stories, or ideas, give them a chance to see their time. Take a chance on your story, your dream,, your message for life. Call us for a free discussion about your idea for a book about your life, your business, or your dreams).

A book about love
"One manifestation of love is meditation, a life-changing experience that allows the flowering of real love within oneself and toward others." Osho
Why Love is the Key to Happiness and Success in Life
Exploring the True Meaning and Impact of Love in Our Lives can take many forms. Meditation, conversation, empathy, equanimity.... do we even give love a chance to make peace within and throughout the world? Artists are very close to love. Love is the form that is expressed through art. (music, film, painting, dance) And it starts with love.

But sometimes love is twisted, hurt, disabled, ignored, and even a total stranger. So, to be able to harness the power of love we must be able to communicate effectively, and we fail to do so. Instead we drive our war machines, create insult, push others around, and become self righteous. Trust in God should offer peace. Instead we put our trust on war.

Here’'s a book to help us be better communicator, self aware and compassionate, trustful and trustworthy, two things that politicians are not. Remember, they want to stay in power at all cost, even if they have to kill.

Communication takes many forms. I love media. It really enhances communication. It's such a wonderful experience to get the message in films and poetry. But just talking with our family members, our doctor, our partner and even our self can be obstructed by the ego, the undeveloped Self, the one who is angry, greedy, envious, careless and uncaring. If nations really sat down to find a solution for their problems instead of outsmart each other, kill the most people, or make the best deal, there would be more balance in the world. What would that do to the stock market? We need to keep that in mind. How is what we do on the battle field affect it? Are we feeding it with war?

Let's be real, we go to war, to work, to the doctor, to exercise, to the food market, for fear of losing what we most love in the world, our lives, our livelihood, our survival. Perhaps we should learn to talk about our problems as an individual, a nation, an organization with other individuals, nations, and organizations in a way that will allow Peace to reign. Lose your fear and find God.

If we can't do that, are we then just plain surviving and feeding the war machine to appropriate more resources? Is that the extent of love in our civilization? Is that the extent of religious fervor, or capitalism, of western civilization? It certainly isn’t Democratic or Empathic.

a book about social entropy
a book about the fall of civilizations
can we achieve world peace - a book
We think of love in February as a courtship between two and an infatuation deserving of a treat. Yet, is love not the essence of all existence, the motivation to succeed and accomplish, or is it fear? Can love be selfless? Can selfless love be used against us? Does Love have the Power to Create Peace in our lives and in our world?

We can purify our minds, body, and soul with love, a loving thought, love for what is, love the times we are meant to live. love the place we call our home, love the small things in everyday life, love our neighbor, love our Selves. We are part of the total environ of earth and the universe beyond our planet and solar system. We are love and love depends on us to manifest. Then why so much hate, so much bloodshed, persecutions, human trafficking, mass murders, genocide, greater and greater war machines?

slavery is still happening

Perhaps we don't hear this often enough! But do we really love or do we justify, do we live and let die, and do we offer the other cheek while we send out a bomb? What are we doing with humanity through the ages, and what is humanity waking up to? What is our future and that of the children of our children? What are we growing? What will be our harvest? Ask yourself that question when you think about love, because love is all that matters. One day you will be in someone's way to love if you live off their death.

Cotton Mather, a Puritan

Just look at the history of the world. The persecuted will be persecuting. It's the law of retribution. We receive what we give. Ricochet. Karma. Call it what you will. The mercy of God is eternal. But we first need to reach God. And God has rules for who goes to heaven and who to hell, as Dante said and Mather agreed.

We think of African American history also in Februus' month of purification. Let's talk, then, purification. How do we purify our body minds and soul? I think everyone knows the answer to that! With love! And love unites, pledges to each other the freedom to be.

the slave trade in the Americas
Slavery in Cuba, Brazil, and the US.

In honor of the great wisdom

and love that has been passed down by the African diaspora since the world is world, rise the genius of souls whose linguistic and spiritual gifts have given testimony of love.

My favorites: Langston Hughes, a Renaissance poet, and Maya Angelou.

https://www.hancockhs.org/apps/video/watch.jsp?v=169542 - Enjoy Langston Hughes' reading of "A dream Deferred" in this video.

Let's not forget I will always be just a teacher, one with a limited source of knowledge or intellect who can't do, so they teach. always be the underdog, the overworked and underpaid, under appreciated, never taken into account when making decisions about their job even when no-one in that room has ever been a teacher, the understaffed, the one to blame, and the one who has to give account, do one hundred and eight things all at once all the time, and still create a record of each. In spite of this terrible karmic hindrance, I want to share the most significant reason for wanting knowledge:

The Power of Love for life and humanity

Not just our own kind's. Not just our own clan's. We are all one and all need to love one another and listen to each other instead of launching bombs. When and if we have learned the basics of a conversation, we will have mastered our demons, the beast in us will not continue to triumph. and we will then reach enlightenment and heaven on earth. Until then we will suffer. "If you now, me later," an eye for an eye, instead of turning the other cheek. Is love survival of the beast or will the beast let love reign?

On a personal level many of our artists in the modern world alone are proof of the power of choosing love instead of hate. Their word inspires. Here is one such poet who expands on love instead of hate.

Langston Hughes poetry
a poem about not giving up

When I started teaching elementary school in a rural southern setting reminiscent of plantation life, I discovered how love can change a person's heart and bring light to their existence. My fourth grade class was well diversified and everyone was having a good time, at least I hoped so. There were always flare ups of sensitivity or isolation. But there was one particular student, a girl whom we are going to call Love who became a challenge from the start.

Love was reluctant and uncooperative. At the beginning of the school year, she was last to walk into the classroom every day. It was clear that she did not want to be there. She was always casting her eyes down, pretending she was bored, smelled unclean, never combed, mismatched, and showing apathy for everyone and everything. She simply didn't care one way or another if someone didn't want to sit next to her because of her body odor, or whether she finished her words or not.

Your Brain on Love - The Power of Love is Limitless. Scientific American article:

a brain diagram of being in love affects

She wrote and read on a first grade level. I, of course went home everyday concerned about how to turn her around, for no one should ever feel that way in any atmosphere. I felt bad just knowing how she felt. I asked the counselor to give my class a refresher course on hygiene and manners. We sent home soap, toothbrushes, combs, mirrors, and other self care goodies. The next day, Love came in just the same. When most of the kids were looking sharper than ever and getting noticed by the teacher (you got a sticker for the treasure chest). She was immutable, uncuttable.

As a matter of fact, she got worse, purposely. The kids noticed even more so that she was unclean and started to say ugly things to her and made no concealment of rejecting her presence. Now that the first days of school were over, they weren't on their "best behavior" trying to make a good impression and all their old bad and good habits showed up. And there were bullies among us. There always is a few. Every time you do a psychometric of a classroom you will find just about the same distribution, It is the golden mean. Most will fall within the middle, there will be some right wingers and left wingers. But most will fall within the average, even in a high performance or gifted classroom. The rest, well, they're among the geniuses, the unsung heroes, the unique. They may be out of the ordinary due to trauma, a differentiated learning styles, poverty, hunger, disease, ignorance, and prior learning influences.

a book about society

What do I do? What do I do? Phone calls home went unanswered. I had to talk to her very simply and let her know that she had to improve her personal hygiene, so she could be accepted by her classmates. Very simple! But I couldn't make myself do it. I needed more time. Meanwhile, I had to do something. An idea came over m,e, and just as soon, I had her move her desk next to mine, in front of mine but to the side so I could see the rest of the class. She would then be the official teacher's assistant for the whole nine weeks ahead. Her privileges were to assist the teacher in anything needed, and I always had plenty to do. I brought in more air fresheners (which have since been banned from classrooms due to asthma and allergies, even brain damage has been attributed to plug-in air-fresheners). Good thing we soon didn't need them. Hooray for Love!

I am not really sure how long this strategy (which was just a time-buying device) took to work. But suddenly one day, Love was a whole different person. She came in clean and combed, she smelled good, and she laughed and participated in class. She was no longer the last one to walk into the classroom. It was a miracle! When the scores on the FCAT Writing Test came in, she scored a 2 and a 3. She was almost on level. Her reading was up there too, She had made a 150 percent growth in one year from one grade to the next in Language Arts. That was the first time I realized what the power of love can do.

There are many anecdotes to tell when you've been a teacher for a long time. There are many lessons learned when you teach. The power of love underlies each.

What we won't do for love!

Give love a chance!

Every blog WE write turns out to be a thinking process that takes the soul down a rabbit hole looking for answers and finding truth. We will soon include all these books in our bookstore (coming soon) and you will receive weekly book recommendations within certain thematic topics directed towards the building of a higher consciousness in society: per CAMP. Your subscription, clicks, follows, and comments will help to fund our nonprofit's projects in the book publishing and film production industries. Thank you for your support. We are still waiting on 501c3 certification. Enjoy Valentine's Day!

Love ,


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So bear with me folks! Please click the link below to read the newsletter. Thank you and don't forget to share and click as many things as you can in the least amount of time you want to spend on this post. Regards! Angela https://new.express.adobe.com/id/urn:aaid:sc:US:9acd9c3f-edfc-480f-88fa-65b9d1dd793b?invite=true&promoid=Z2G1FQKR&mv=other

Click this link to view TAT Productions with more information about this event and links to Commonground Meeting Hall.

I have never felt closer to rock and roll! A living legend, and we might get to hear him play when he returns for part 2 of the interview. Thanks again, dear Ruth, for a great memory. Just listening to all he's done in his life and how he is still carrying himself so well is admirable. Fit and rosy cheek, Jerry talks the world of rock from Woodstock to the 80s, Spyro Gyra and more.

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Welcome to the Blog of Angela Terga. Presenting a new episode of "Memoirs of a Mad Teacher." This Blog attempts to create a book of memoirs throughout the Journey of a Thousand Miles that began with a leap of faith based on inner dreams but without a clear view of what's to come. Discovering that Only Self mastery can make your dreams come true is the first step. For me that was writing to express and expand. Are you living your dream or living the life?
The Poet at the beach.

To organize our life and achieve self mastery we have been writing books and screenplays, self-publishing for our authors, writing pitches, creating film schedules and film budgeting. It has taken a lot of organizing your thoughts, yoga, meditation and long bike rides. But mostly staying on the MacBook writing, researching, and learning how to improve my situation as an artist.

We have improved our writing, design, and marketing skills thus increasing our potential for growth. With this blog and our website www.angelaterga.com we reach out to you hoping to whet your appetite for books enough to activate a link and make a purchase. Also, with the creation of a nonprofit organization dedicated to conscious arts through multimedia productions we hope to appeal to your donations pocket so we can carry on our efforts and increase our reach. CAMP creates, produces and disseminates conscious multimedia arts. Our message is to induce compassion and cultivate peace.

Only "Self mastery will take you there," that's why organizing my thoughts and all aspects of Life requires awareness. Mindfulness will lead you to the calm. You will see the road opening up once you are clear. Let go the past. Let tomorrow come with the best, for your thoughts today will manifest.

We, me, myself, and I want to wish friends of CAMP and TAT Productions this new year already ending the first month of January and for the rest of the year 2024 to imbue your life by rejuvenating and renewing old and new goals and aspirations with joyful hope. Don't give up. Reach inside and burst out the light.

Tip 1: Unabashedly Know What You Want and Why You Want It.

In my journey, I have found many inspirational authors that have helped me find local anchors. I found The Tao and Master Tsai, Swamiji's books I read on the beach before visiting his Ashram, Wayne Dyer got to me, Abraham Hicks has been a great teacher, Deepak of course, Tolle, the KTD monastery, and many other guides, including my family and close friends. To achieve Self mastery through writing and organizing my thoughts I have found purpose and clarity. For me, writing books and making movies that make a difference in outlook has been my dream and struggle.

A snowy mountainside.Chapter b4.

In the process of awakening between confusion and orientation, I discovered my ancient origins and true aspirations as I witnessed my subconscious mind manifesting my purpose. Right then and there, I decided to take my power. That's what every guru, saint, magician, artist discovers on the way. The power lies within your God self connection. Nothing like reading the Tao to help you a flexible thinker and master of your life. Self Mastery feels like you know you're going to be right no matter what with God on your side.

When we figure out that it's not the destination but the ride that teaches us the universal laws of manifestation. we pay more attention to how we feel on a daily basis to determine whether we are suffering or rejoicing, craving our of lack and full of angst, or confident and enthusiastic. That's what tells us if we are on the right track.

Read UTOPIA a sci-fi book by Teresita A Terga

This is important, in creating awareness of our feelings we help ourselves align. When we confront obstacles and differences, it is easy to argue a poi and poison our mind with anger. Mastery of Self-Control is yet another topic to write about.

a book about living in line with the divine purpose for your life.

Staying focused on our breath throughout the day allows us to stay present and pay attention to our thoughts, diet, motion, and relaxation while carrying out the tasks, however menial or elevated they are that weave the web of our desire, thread by thread.

If we manage to stay with the breath, nothing will take our focus away. Nothing will anger us. We will thrive. Practice.

Knowing what you want and where to get it is the first step in the journey. Figuring out how to get there deserves a purpose greater than our petty greed. However, the grander the goal the higher the stakes.

a book of poems by a Cuban-born American Rock Star.

Tip 2: Check your happiness meter every morning.

Are you cheerful and hopeful when you open your eyes in the morning? Do you feel that you can develop the habits of body-mind-soul that combine to intentionally manifest your desires? Do you feel that what you do on a regular basis is taking you closer to it or do you need to effect change in your life and relationships?

To many, each new year represents an opportunity to renew our life in some way for the betterment of all. My friend and first poetry client, Tony Correa, found writing to be a complement to song writing. He has continued to write and published a second edition and a book of children stories in the press. His poems are based on memories that prove to the world that the heart of a troubadour is still among us.

Master your Self, conquer your dreams. Organize your thoughts and Watch your life go beyond the walls.


Is every morning a drag or you can't wait for morning to start the day? The greater the happiness and ease of being, the sooner you get there. In surrender there is contentment and faith. Let your God-Self relationship lead the way.

Anger not. That which angers you owns you.

When you leave behind regrets and remorse, you can complete a better version of you instead. Keep the end in mind, in view, in thought, and speech. Feel and witness the unfolding of the truth you have given returning to you. Patiently, be still, work on the craft.

Tip 3: Read More Poetry. Poetry is what separates us from the rest of the Animal Kingdom and AI. It bears our soul. It expands our sensitivity to light.

Poetry of our heart.

These three books above are examples of conscious art that meet the criteria for CAMP, a new nonprofit foundation. Conscious Arts are instruments of peace and compassion that help us heal from painful memories and lack of hope. Finding solace in the written and spoken word, visual arts, film and photography, audio arts, and performance arts among other forms of expression of our inner self, we break out of the mold and free ourselves from the dark.

Literature, Poetry, Music, Film, Theatre, Dance, Illustration, Animation, Video, Painting, Weaving, Make-Up, Tattooing, piercing. There and many more expression of the soul searching for the light/.

We chose Owen Hill's book because it speaks in the language of compassion and brings beauty to what is.

When I walked out of the teaching scene from the museum magnet school on Brickell it wasn't because of how challenging it was to install a new exhibit every nine weeks.

In fact, the student/classroom development showing the narrative of the themes through UBD methodology, opened my mind to new horizons within myself.

create miracles in your life.

Although exhausting, implementing the Smithsonian Museum Education UBD (Understanding by Design) and VTS (Visual Thinking Strategy) offer a holistic approach to integral learning which ignited in me the desire to exp0lore the "real world" and bring my hidden dreams to the surface against all odds.

Poetry helped me understand my feelings and my journey's purpose. The Way was not something I found but what I created with my thoughts and actions.

Tip 4: Quit your fears.

Don't settle for less. Follow your bliss. Reach for the Stars. Quit your fears. Dare. Take the first step. Make that call. Mobilize in that direction all your efforts and thoughts. You will get there because you're already on the way. Stay steady. Grow. Be fearless and defiant. Meet the bull head on, and with a swift twist and step spread the red cape and let the beast's enraged charge pass away. See obstacle dissolved under the magic cape of consciousness.

Bruce Wilkinson

To decide what is most important, our mind-body-soul connection exerts great amounts of energy when a new mode is prioritized over the mundane. Prioritizing makes us analyze each taxing task towards the final outcome according to its weight. This correlation between feeling and logic, intuition and reasoning is the key to harmony. Where there is dissonance, disease sets in to make us see, but we can find our way back.

Constant performance and decision making in our life keeps us in hyper mode trying to put out a couple of fires at a time. It builds up pressure and a great deal of anxiety, higher blood pressure, and as time goes on, burn-out and depression. We see its indelible mark in obesity, drug abuse (including medications), congestive heart failure, kidney failure, cancer, arthritis, etc.

What is more, stress is a condition even children experience on a daily basis.

This is the cycle of life we live before breaking the chains of fear. Doing so adds even more gloom to the scene as we are left out in the cold without a basic life foundation and on a wild goose chase.

But if you keep the dream alive you will never die! In spite of the noise, disease, time, and a million things to do, instead of a laggard you willbecome an innovator.

Tip 5: Sail away. Steady and steadfast. Don't be blown away. Stay rooted in purpose.

As I dove for the highest most exhilarating dream I could dream, part of me was reluctant to change and impeded my progress. But I just knew I had to go. Cat Stevens' song comes to mind. All that anxiety in me goes away when I follow my bliss. And I found a way it can be of service to humanity. I hope you would agree that having more art in our lives is the cure for apathy, trauma, and disease. Root you life on your purpose whatever it may be, wherever you are, and whatever you do in alignment with your vision will always be on the way.


My former Principal's words "Do what's most important first" will always resonate with me, and even more so after his recent passing away. None a more loyal or dedicated public servant than he who mustered to keep his hen house in line and crackling will there ever be.

I loved him as a Principal who cared for all the sides of the table and enjoyed his job. I have loved all but really connected with 3 out of 8 Principals. Mr. Sch was short, round, and balding with a paintbrush mustache that waved up and down in a peculiar way when he grinned and when he was annoyed. I read him well.

The children loved him. I created his character into a caricature version for a children's book I initially titled Max and Robbie, the Stoney Meteorite. As a matter of fact, All the teachers in the book are caricatures of the real ones. Finding themselves replicated in this book I know will get one or two laughs and frowns from my former co-workers. At the museum magnet where I spent 7 years in Fifth, Spanish, and Second grade manipulating time to get things done I learned to organize my life around teaching. When I left the profession I was in turmoil.

Tip 6: Create your own map. Make your own To Do List based on your fanciest dreams.

Coming Soon! 1. Max and Robbie, the Stoney Meteorite, aka 2. Max and Rocky the Meteorite, aka 3. Max Found a Rock, aka 4. Max Found a Meteorite. If you made it this far down please leave your choice title below when you fill out the contact info whether 1-4 or your own. Thanks.

A children's story.

I graduated from second grade and moved on to high school for a rude awakening when another student said 'You must be trippin.' Out of choices, I toured the middle grades and even college once. Everywhere I taught, it was the same. Teachers have a never ending list of tasks to perform that take up most of their waking hours. Student-teacher relations are superficial and require careful positioning. This causes a great deal of stress, anxiety, and depression leading to diseases of various kinds in teachers and a lower performance quality in students.

I am not my thoughts -

Notably, students interest in school declines subjectively as they rise in grade level. Dissonance between the building blocks that compose the book of education, Principal-Teacher-Parent-Student relations distort reality to the point where it is obvious nobody knows where truth lies. Truth is, everybody is not in it together—meaning somebody really doesn't want to see things a different way.

The fear of losing credibility and the desire to exert power over society based on immoral parameters are characteristic of power hungry empires.

Our world is the result of thinking patterns that need to change by creating awareness of how thought manifests.

Thinking thoughts of peace and compassion will bring just that onto the scene, the script, the outcome. But wanting peace by making war will lead to more war and endless hate. Social backwardness ensues. Bad guys versus good guys. 'I am the good guy and you are not tight' type of thinking brings more war among us and the world reflects us.

Tip 7: Aim higher and higher by perfecting your craft. Hone in and quit making the same mistakes in your art and in your life.

best children's book of 2023. The Children that dance in the rain.

The only school where there was no stress (except that of not having benefits and a low salary) was a Prep School in Kendall which had an excellent staff and a marvelous philosophy of education in practice. They taught self worth all the time by giving value to others and themselves. It was a happy place to work and study.

But I was only there for two years. It was a wonderful experience that lasted as long as my recovery from whiplash allowed. I witnessed a great deal of emotional healing through the power of love and allowance at this school where race and religion dissolved into the heart..

Without knowing it, I was organizing my life for what was to come. Now I must make mastery speak for itself.

Tip 8: Trust that the alignment between purpose and goal will lead you to the other side. Believe.

Benefits and salary steps called and I reentered the public sector at a school of my choice where I found a wonderful assistant principal who got me. I saw his face light up during our interview when I mentioned I would take my kids to the library and check out all kinds of books that talked about the topic at hand and would then divide up into groups according to the 5 w's or 3 a's, an exercise in prioritizing information.

In Public Education, there is mostly competition for better grades, higher scores, and more coolness. Teachers have less time and encouragement to inspire students. We don't practice or teach the organization of our thoughts and self mastery of our intention.

Teachers have even less incentive when administration, parents, and politics mandate what the their words of choice and tone may be at any given time when referring to race, gender, and historical perspective. They may spend the hour trying to be politically correct to keep the job. Instead, a teacher should allow discussions of sensitive topics with an open ear and a nonjudgmental voice.

It is obvious that ruring times when not knowing which books are on the new banned books list can get you on the black list, education suffers from the concealment of truth to avoid damaging an image created on a false premise. (The discovery of the Americas was not a discovery but a robbery, for example. Slavery in the Americas was a means of getting rich at the expense of human trafficking that created a caste system today, is another example. America became the colonizer and the survivors of the holocaust brought a holocaust to the people of Palestine). These are ideas that are banned from public discourse but are the bread and butter of the stock market.

I left education in 2018 just before the Pandemic. When I felt so fed up, unappreciated and depreciated that the choice to talk and discuss had long expired, I proved my point by walking out and writing letters expressing why.

Today, I have no regrets, I took a stand and gave up a lot but not my integrity. Now, from the outside, I look in and feel compassion. Among the imprisoned with me were men and women silently suffering while counting the years, months, weeks, days, hours before retirement and sighing when the newbies showed so much cheer when entering the next rabbit hole.

Are you living your dream or living the life?

This is what I asked myself?

All because it is easier to shut up and go home fast to avoid the rush, get your nap, take your dog on a walk, and start all over week after week, year after year, losing ever more what ever little power you had which was your voice as an educator.

This brings me to the purpose of CAMP (Conscious Arts Media Productions)— to fortify the arts education across profitable productions intertwined in a cultural web that calls for its own market share.

Join us in developing stories with a twist of supernatural rooted in reality, among an integrated society across time and place. All for the sake of peace and make love rei

Join us in reflecting on our thoughts and actions, creating peace building bridges, and cultivate love through Awareness, Allowance and Acceptance. Conscious Arts Media Productions takes its place and participates in the wheel of fortune.

the art of peace

Thank you for reading this blog. I hope you encourage the production of conscious media arts devoted to the creation and dissemination of literary, audio, visual, kinesthetic, and healing arts by purchasing the books and visits our sites.

We believe that our social and individual performance and expression are part of the evolutionary process of integration and allowance for society to pursue peace and evolve a greater consciousness. The research put into this blog is conducted without bias towards any given party or affiliation of any kind.

<![CDATA[From Burn-Out to Authorpreneur (or azorá'): 2024 New Year Recap & Road Map]]>https://www.angelaterga.com/post/from-burnt-out-to-authorpreneur-or-azor%C3%A1-2024-new-year-recap-road-map65bff36daf3eda25f75177eaTue, 02 Jan 2024 06:23:17 GMTAngela Tergahttps://youtu.be/7opl5m4TsMo

Is it safe to say that everyone gets burned out sometimes? At work, in relationships, and with life in general, there comes a time when change is necessary and inevitable.

A road map, a star, can guide us along with an image in our minds. Mind maps, vision boards, visualization, and meditation can help you reach and sustain the vibration to its manifestation. That's when miracles happen. I was. So much so that I'd rather fail at something new and exciting like writing and filmmaking than keep digging my grave.

,How to Do the Work: Recognize Your Patterns, Heal from Your Past, and Create Your Self

This is a revolutionary approach to healing that harnesses the power of the self to produce lasting change.As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Nicole LePera often found herself frustrated by the limitations of traditional psychotherapy. Wanting more for her patients—and for herself—she began a journey to develop a united philosophy of mental healing.

This book can help you get a greater view into the habits of mind that keep you from getting what you want.

So can this one.

https://amzn.to/3vhDc7o How to Start a Business: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Starting a Small Business from Business Plan to Scaling Up.

Back to setting your roadmap.

So you're probably wondering what the blog of Angela Terga is about. Well, it's a way of practicing the craft, creating an audience, starting a conversation, and visualizing the road, Feeling at ease and at peace instead of expectant and anxious which will set you off track requires vibrational work. That's what writing does for me.

When a writer at heart becomes a burnt-out teacher and traverses uncharted territory...,. The Blog of Angela Terga, titled "Memoirs of a Mad Teacher," tells the story of the leap of faith taken to have the opportunity to write novels and screenplays.

Recommending books hopes to incite discussion and trigger curiosity about the issues that matter most to building peace in this classroom called Earth. Those are the things to write about that make a difference. The teacher in me calls out.

Not only are these educational curated books but also a way of showing the path of an authorpreneur, a media creator, and filmmaker. It's a high slope to climb.

After several years of defining and setting up a writing and publishing services business, the horizon is still far away. Magic, however, can shorten the way. What may seem to many like sorcery or divine intervention is nothing more than the readiness of a pre-kindergartener.

Thank you for visiting my web home. If you are a subscriber, thank you for your support, it matters and makes a difference. I want to wish every one of you a clear path and a long life to travel.

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This organization therefore supports the creation, production, and dissemination of artistic, literary, musical, visual, and graphic artists whose works convey a mesage of hope, peace, compassion, and inclusion.

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,The first Blog category on the list is Magic Realism. This is the genre of T.A. Terga's books, ,Utopia, The Spiderwoman, Legends from the Future, Isabel III, and Max Finds a Rock,, even ,"I am Sojourner Truth", and these Memoirs are all MR.
New Age Stories by Angela Terga @TAT Productions
Date: July 1, 2021 -

Who/where started Magical Realism?

What are the best magical realism stories of all times?

What is the importance of magical realism?

What are the elements of magical realism?

How is Magic Realism relevant today?

Read about the top magical realism books curated here to help enthusiasts and students capture the essence of this transgressive genre and its socio-political importance.




Today, “magical realism” is much more than a coined phrase by Puerto Rican literary critic, Angel Flores, PhD, of Cornell University, in 1955.  In his essay “Magical Realism in Spanish American Fiction,”[1] Flores notes that Spanish American writers seemed “preoccupied with staying rooted in reality” instead of flying off into fantastical worlds.  Thus, the supernatural is ordinarily accepted into everyday life.


Flores is also known to propose renown author Jorge Luis Borges, from Argentina, to be the father of the genre with his book “Historia Universal de la Infamia (Universal History of Infamy)”[2]published in 1935.


However, the jury is still out on which author and which book of magical realism marks the eruption of the magical realist novel not just in Latin America but worldwide.


Should Borges be the one who gets the credit for fathering magical realism? 


According to Kirkus Review (published 1972), Borges goes straight to the “ambiguous equation of power, magic, and style,” characteristic of magical realists. 

(See link belowto read Historia Universal de la Infamia by Jorge Luis Borges, for free).   


Does Borges “supernaturalize” the ordinary (criminals in this case)? Is there a power struggle? A clash of classes, cultures, races, or ethnicities?  Is time non-linear? Yes, yes, yes! But is he the seed?                               


There arose the controversy around who fathered and deserves to be the patriarch of the literary modality or stylized genre known as magical realism since the beginning of the 20th century.

The question of which author gave birth to “magic realism” -a term coined by German Art critic, Franz Roh, in 1925, is a ghost that shows up every time it’s called upon.


Who is be the Patriarch of Magical Realism?



Was the first magical realism novel published in Venezuela? That would be surprising.

Arturo Uslar Pietri, an illustrious Venezuelan author, is one of the candidates for being the pop of the magical realism novel. He published The Red Lances in 1931. In this book, the reader follows the mythical exploits of Simon Bolivar’s revolutionary campaigns throughout Latin America.


One of the contenders to the title of father of magical realism wrote

“El mito es el reflejo de la realidad (Myth is the reflection of reality),”

 in the foreword to his first book of magical realism.  Alejo Carpentier,[3] a Cuban author of European descent, is considered the master of the genre. But the daddy? Maybe, maybe not.  The only master? Of course not.


Then along came The Kingdom of this  World, by Cuban-born Carpentier.


Published in 1949, The Kingdom of This World “supernaturalizes” the story of Haiti, before, during, and after its incredible revolution.  This is also his second novel, the first one, Ecué-Yamba-O was published in 1933. Could a no0vel about the syncretism of the African gods in America possibly meet the criteria for magical realism? Download the pdf here for free.


A 2017 Kirkus book review of The Kingdom of This World by Carpentier, sums up this magical realism classic as “a stirring and blood-soaked journey into a dark historical moment.”


Then, along came Marquez and blurred them all out.


Leading the polls is Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the best-known magical realist. In his landmark book, One Hundred Years of Solitude, published in 1967, he is crowned with defining the socio-political saga of Latin America’s history.


Translated into 44 languages and compared to the Iliad and the Aeneid, Marquez resolves the controversy of who is the patriarch of the magical realism novel by setting in stone the elements that comprise the genre’s current definition and giving way to a socio-political movement.[4]


However, in honor of Truth … the universal essence of magical realism existed before Latin America’s “lo real maravillloso” (a term used by Carpentier to differentiate Latin America from Europe’s magic realism as defined by Roh).


To be honest, many international authors who meet today’s accepted magical realism fiction genre definition, wrote and published books of magical realism before they dreamed of a term that would be called magic realism, which was ever coined by art critic Franz Roh in 1925.  


Way before magical realism became a socio-political movement in Latin America during the decades of the 1960’s and 70’s, there was magical realism.


Way before the international doors of the Big Five publishers flung wide open to receive this category of artistic endeavor from writers of all ethnicities and geographic locations.


Way before all the other paternal candidates, there was Kafka. Had we looked beyond Kafka, we might find others, which only goes to show the universality of magical realism stories. The genre is natural to storytelling, in all languages and cultures.

  • rooted in reality
  • supernaturalizes any element
  • emphasizes a power struggle, a socio-economic or political critique.
  • nonlinearity is a key element - time is cyclical



One must point out, that the novel Metamorphosis, by German author, Franz Kafka in which a man wakes up transformed into a nasty cockroach, contains all the magical realism literary elements outlined here and was published in 1915.


You can access Kafka’s incredibly poignant book and read Metamorphosis for free below.[5]


What’s the verdict? Is magical realism fatherless? A bastardly son?

No one talks about the mother of Magical Realism. If we were to probe within its genes, in Latin America we would find magical realism to be the fatherless son of a world ravaged by colonization. In its aftermath geographically grouped descendants of rapists and enslavers broke into war against each other’s concept of national identity and religion. In the Old World, as besieged by Kafka's narrative, an ordinary man's ife can be so insignificant and lacking in opportunity that he feels like a cockrroach.



Today, Magical Realism is a widely accepted genre under the wider umbrella of Science Fiction, interconnecting with transgressive fiction and historical fiction. Books of magical realism are set in everyday life anywhere on Earth. There are fantastical elements in the plot: A man with wings, it can rain for years, there may be magic directly used, there may be superpowers given to people, to name a few. But the supernatural element is matter of fact.


Every magical realism novel involves socio-political issues that play out as part of the plot.

In magical realism novels there is more diversity, different ethnicities and social classes are interacting. Time flows nonlinearly, perhaps cyclically. And we are called to participate in its multiple dimensions.


Five of the most important elements of the magical realism fiction genre are:


1.    Realistic Setting – The supernatural realm blends with everyday life in a non-dualistic way.  In any town, city, house, or space in which life happens to be. This is not a make-believe world. Magical realism is rooted in literary realism.


2.    Fantastical/Supernatural Elements – these could be psychological or physical. For example, an old man could have wings, someone can turn into an animal, it can be phantasmagorical.  The characters could experience telekinesis, telepathy, levitation, or metamorphosis naturally as part of their real life. And however magical, it is very real, and not questionable at all because it is marvelous reality, “lo real maravilloso,” as labeled by Alejo Carpentier, who gave the term a socio-political Latin American stamp.


3.    Political Critique – Magical realism Is also grounded on politics and draws brings attention to social issues and political/military forces acting on society. They may give mystical interpretations to acts of horror and inequity committed by powerful entities against the populace who can only “supernaturalize” reality. For example, in Rushdie’s, Midnight Children, the British army opens fire into a multitude. The main character in Marquez’ El General No Tiene Quien le Escriba, Aureliano Buendia, a war veteran, never ceases to expect his retirement check in the mail. Magical realism serves to reflect the consequences of negligent and corrupt governments whose consequence mold society’s psyche. [6] [7] [8]


4.    Hybridity[9] [10] - Magical realism includes different cultures, it has a multicultural approach, and layers of disparate cultural values and constructs. Indian-born Salman Rushdie’s novel Midnight’s Children (1981) and Nigerian-born Ben Okri’s novel  (1991) are perfect examples of literary hybridity. Inclusion is a more accepted term.


5.    Metafiction – This literary element of magical realism refers to the role of the reader. Inside the story, the reader creates a story within a story and becomes self-conscious as she/he gets embroiled and invades the reader’s reality. [11]

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Magical Realism:


In the following Part 2 post we will share a smorgasbord of the best magical realism books have been curated by magical realism enthusiasts to give you a round-the-world sampling of the genre.

Magical realism is universal. Its importance lies in the creation of awareness and the expansion of compassion, tolerance, inclusion, diversity, and the supernatural spirit within life that evolves and resolves karma.


Every magical realist author on the list will represent a different part of the world.  Their novels are bestsellers and they contain the elements of magical realism explained above: real-life settings, hybridity, the supernatural, and metafiction. 

Warning! Reading any of these books may have a metafiction effect on readers. Symptoms include feelings of embroilment with socio-political ideals and issues in a holistic way, that is through diverse perspectives and ethnicities.


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Published by Duke University Press (1995)


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<![CDATA[Manifesting World Peace: Unlocking The Power of the Collective Consciousness in the New Year]]>https://www.angelaterga.com/post/manifesting-world-peace-unlocking-the-power-of-the-collective-consciousness-in-the-new-year65bff36daf3eda25f75177e3Wed, 13 Dec 2023 23:22:42 GMTAngela TergaMay you be in Peace with yourself and your surroundings. May your Peace vibration wave resound throughout the universe. May our collective state of Peace manifest Peace on Earth.

World Peace is an idea of societal friendship and personal freedom within ourselves and among others. It starts with a kind heart, says the Dalai Lama in his book, How To Be Compassionate: A Handbook...

Many of us look away from the suffering of others and may both condemn and condone violence. We may feel it is helpless and go about our daily lives as usual. The Holidays are here waving the age-old shibboleth "Let there be Peace on Earth." But do you believe that our collective thoughts could influence matter and energies across the world and create Peace on Earth?

Do you avoid the news altogether? Are you appalled by what goes on in the world, the bombing and killing all over the world? Do you feel detached from the suffering that goes on beyond our neighbohoods? Is what happens in the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe just not your problem? Do you take sides? Do you feel like your favorite news media tells the truth whereas other news outlets make stuff up to make their agenda look better?

Can we stop for a minute and think about ways that we could help the world with our collective consciousness? Do you believe world peace can be attained? Would you like to understand how the collective consciousness can make World Peace a reality?

Just like the collective consciousness affects our state of being , we too have the power to affect the collective consciousness.

It all starts with one thought. The Power of One vibration stirs the wave. I invite you to take a peek at the power of our collective consciousness in favor of Peace and make world leaders conversations public and live. An honest conversation versus guns and violence to solve the problems of the world is all that is expected of an enlightened civilization.

Even though the power of the war machine stands in the way of Peace, Peace is the ultimate goal, and war is not the road to Peace but to the repression of passion which in time will incite more violence on its way to freedom from reppression. Just look at history and you will know how we are just going in circles. Samsara. But social evolution is possible.

This year and every year, I think of the world's most depressing and war torn societies in the planet and wonder why this is an unfair world but accept the premise.

This world doens't have to be unjust for most and good for a few. It can be what we imagine it to be. So start now to have those great good thoughts of yours. Thank you!

<![CDATA[Ain't I A Woman! Tracing the footsteps of a trailblazer ]]>https://www.angelaterga.com/post/ain-t-i-a-woman-tracing-the-footsteps-of-a-trailblazer-sojourner-truth65bff36daf3eda25f75177efSat, 02 Dec 2023 16:30:54 GMTAngela TergaThe Writing of I am Sojourner Truth. Memoirs of a mad teacher, episode 10. The time Sojourner and I met at her grandson'Thomas' home in Battle Creek. MI in 2016 was the beginning of the writer's journey as a for hire freelancer. But freelancers fall into the traps and end up in the gaps.

The first thing my friend Tony yelled out as though he couldn't wait to test my Sojourner trivia score while unburdening my back at MIA upon my arrival from Battle Creek, was:

Have you memorized the"Ain't I a Woman" speech?

I yelled back resented as I got into the car.


Who says I'm supposed to? and got in the driver's seat.

Is that all she is to you? Do you even know what she meant

If you haven't yet, indulge yourself. Jump into the skin of the Narrative of Sojourner Truth: A Northern Slave

The title of the original first edition has been shortened and eliminated Northern Slave. This Narrative of Sojourner dictated to Olive Gilbert, her amanuensis and friend at the Association of Education and Industry in florence Massachussetts. Olive may have taken more liberties than we'd suspect but have no proof.

To memorize the speech, listen here to the Audiobook "Ain't I a woman?"

I can do as much as a man.

I have as much muscle as a man.

I can sow and shred wheat, sorgum, or any other grain.

I can shear sheep and spin wool, make cloth, design-cut-sew together a wardrobe.

I can knit and crochet sweaters and afghans.

I can cut wood.

I can cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I can keep a veggie garden.

I can raise farm animals.

I am the best farmhand.

I am the best housemaid,

I am the best at anything I do with my body, mind, and soul.

I am sufficient.

I only need God.

And my children.

I am Sojourner Truth.

I speak as God's child.

I once was trapped by the evils of slavery.

I walk towards freedom on a journey of a million steps.

I call for justice.

I am the law from above.

I call for equal rights for man and woman alike.

I call for reparations to even out the ballpark.

"Our nerves and sinews, our tears and blood, have been sacrificed on the altar of this nation's avarice. Our unpaid labor has been a stepping stone to its financial success. some of its dividends must surely be ours. " Sojourner Truth

While the Homestead Acts of 1862 and 1866 gave away 270 million acres, few freedmen could apply for the grant, improve the land, and if the land had indeed been 'improved,' file for a title deed. Really, who would benefit from this in an era when few could even find out about it?

This three-step process was certainly not advertised to the freedmen who remained under custody in camps where they were still treated like animals, fed to become docile. To their detriment, they were also ignorant of how they were still enslaved and were being played by the government to control their fate. Sojourner told the truth, but they refused to listen and threw her out.

She helped create and run an employment agency in DC. It placed many workers on jobs all over the north. But the young and the old remained and black families were yet to be.

Sojourner was more than a trailblazer, she was the Libyan Sibyl, a prophetic priestess, whose higher consciousness made her the voice of reason among the people on her plane.

To carry out her mission, she had to memorize whole scriptures, defy the logic of the best-educated men and women of her time, and win them over with her wit and whim so they could see things another way. Once her audience surrendered to her logic, she had them. They roared laughing and admitted their sins and sorrows right there and then.

My month-long visit to Sojourner's last residence, Battle Creek, MI, where I conducted the research for the timepiece biopic script of their iconic activist resident Sojourner Truth, hosted by her sixth generation grandchild, Thomas Mcliechey (a real gentleman btw) was a writer's dream come true.

I was able to make contact with the subject, the one and only, Sojourner, that gave me the confidence to write the first draft of the script "I am Sojourner Truth," following a previously agreed, but tentative outline, Writing is courage.

Any writer would know that you not only need all the facts and take all the notes you can take during a month-long study of your subject. You also need a connection with their soul, and only Spirit can take you there. Together, Thomas and I established contact with her daily as we traced and embraced her life in all its splendor and darkness.

And what of the people who have helped and hindered her.? They are the ones that witness her transformation best. By also meeting her freinds and foes, we learn why and how they shaped her life and can feel the relationship's' joys and sorrows.

She grew up in the Catskills, a magic place for a mind as fine as hers to meditate and find the beauty of creation everyday.

That was in 2016 and the film hasn't been produced by anyone yet, although I completed the first draft and the contractor copyrighted it with my author recognition and then removed it, That is why I proceeded to copyright it myself and will start a case, if and when the film I am Sojourner Truth is ever produced. And how can I prove it is based on the screenplay I wrote? I am donating it to the Museum in Battle Creek that Thomas supported.

Freelance writers and independent authors and filmmakers like me lack knowledge and can have a great deal of confusion and ignorance when it comes to copyright law. I have researched and consulted counsel but still have questions. I wrote a book to help myself and help others.

Freelance contracts usually fall through when the first draft is handed over to the contractor. Revision and editing, (the best part of the game is the second half, don't you agree?) are then simply ignored and omitted. If the writer wants to continue working on their own, they really shouldn't expect any more compensation. That's it. Twice, that has been my experience. But never a third time.

At that point the contractor could end the contract by saying they don't like it, or questioning the writer's ability to paraphrase facts. When contractors falter on the deal half way through, the freelancer gets, if lucky, whatever upfront sum was agreed upon, 30-50 percent.

The real work on a script begins after the first draft with the revision and edit, then comes the rewrite. These two bad deals have dampened my experience with contractors. So, back to teaching, it was each time one of my contracts ended or was not completed for lack of contractor fidelity.

I have not memorized Truth's famous 'Ain't I a woman Speech,' but I do wish to record and upload it to Angelaterga's YouTube channel as another episode of "The Ride."

The speech, given at the Women's Rights Convention in 1851 changed the course of history for women in America, whether black or white, single or not, feminine or not. It is a symbol of what Sojourner represents to the world. Whether Robinson's or Gage's version of the speech is correct or a mix of the two, you gotta give it to her.

Ain't she a woman!

One who could ...

  • memorize the scriptures from listening;
  • win the best farm-hand contest of the Catkills;
  • walk away from slavery;
  • meet Jesus Christ on Pinkster Day;
  • win the first court case against a rich white man after her son was illgally sold across NY State lines to the south;
  • become a preacher leader of NY's Perfectionists society and the Kingdom of Matthias;
  • sue the wealthiest for libel and win to her name;
  • named Sojourned Truth by the Spirit;
  • become an itinerant preacher to warn about the falsehood of religious fanatism
  • publish her autobiography; a second edition included "The book of Life" a scrap book of her life written after her 80s.
  • tour the country speaking in favor pf women's suffrage, equal rights, and abolition.
  • become a homeowner;
  • join the spiritualists in Harmonia and eventually transfer to Battle Creek;
  • be escorted to City Hall by the National Guard in Ohio in order to have her right to speak her mind;
  • recruit Black Soldiers for the Civil War (although opposed to the war);
  • meet with two Presidents of the United States (President Lincoln and President Grant);
  • desegregate public transportation in DC;
  • counsel and volunteer at the Freedmen's Village and Hospital in DC;
  • create an employment agency for the Freedmen in DC;
  • tour the country speaking in favor of reparations in the form of land ownership in the west;
  • join the Equal Rights Association;
  • agitate for people's rights until the day of her death and beyond.

All this after walking away from 'that evil practice of slavery, where she had bore 5 children but was never allowed to own them, much less fall in love or have a choice at all in life.

As an itinerant speaker, she taught sensibility to the Millerites preaching the end of times, and used her superwoman skills to earn room and board. Along the way, she developed eloquent speaking skills that awakened souls, whose whimsical wit piqued the interest of the best learned. Although not religious, she was a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ, who appeared to her on Pentecost Day and washed away her carnal desire and become a bodhisattva.

Thomas was a favorite grandson of hers who lived for her, to see her shine.

Loss was no stranger to her previous self Isabella Baumfree. The child had lost both her parents, the first and only love of her heart, and was brutalized physically and mentally from birth, Although she had recovered her only son from slavery in the South, she would lose him to the sea where he went to expiate his debt.

No matter what, her spirit always remained pure because, from a young age, she had talked to God every day. The practice of self-awareness woke her up.

She would argue her point with God, then go on and try her best not to curse or get angry every day. God was always there for her at the shrine she created in the woods wherever she stayed. Sitting there in conversation with the God her mother said there was, she'd sing and talk about her good and bad thoughts. She'd then ask for forgiveness and replenish her love.

If she were here today, she'd have so much love to give that not even Oprah would get a chance to say hello. She'd beat any singer singing. And she'd be the fittest and strongest woman her age.

After having a stroke in her 60s, she even turned her hair black again and got rid of her arthritis from eating so many blueberries, a strong antioxidant. She would grow them, pick them, and make all kinds of by-products for sale. This enterprise got her on the road and in front of audiences again.

Even after Congress passed the 13th Amendment, she joined the ERA and went on agitating to wake people up about the mass incarceration of Black folks, as the unemployed and homeless increased among the Black population unable to make a living wage. She predicted the Exodusters' holocaust and called for equality in education and business opportunity.

Even after her abolitionist friends had deserted her, (after all, slaves were free!) and her two-year-long speaking crusade along the Northeast gathering hundreds of signatures in favor of making reparations to the Freedmen with lands in West. had proven fruitless in Congress, not even heard! she went home sick again but her voice continued to exalt the cause for equal rights from her home in Battle Creek,

Journalists flocked around her everywhere she made an appearance, being sure to get a Sojourner Truth story published, for great was the audience who followed the ageless priestess, Sojourner Truth, who defied even old age and spoke in favor of equal rights for all folks.

Today, her legacy and direct orders are to 'Drop in, Don't Drop Out' and agitate, speak out and speak up, and bring awareness to human rights across the globe.

If she were here today she'd say the natural environment and humans are one interconnected system of life and renewal worth preserving and deserving of life. She would also say it doesn't matter if you are gay or straight.

In my research, I found reason to believe that Sojourner had at least one same-sex experience at Mathias' kingdom. It is unclear but likely that Sojourner may have carried John Dumont's child, Sofia, her youngest when she walked away from slavery. Sally, the Mistress of Dumont, would make her bathe her and caress her but despised Isabella for having a proud spirit and took revenge on her and her son, Peter, a boy of 6. But she protects the innocent in the Narrative.

During the following months, Thomas in Battle Creek, and I at my country home, in Florida, between jobs, we continued to work diligently on her behalf, on getting her message out, and on furthering her interests. I organized my notes and followed an outline that begins in the middle of her life when she publishes the first edition of the Narrative of Sojourner Truth, a Northern Slave.

The storyline started with the conflict between Douglass and Truth when she refuted him out loud, yelling, 'Douglas, is God dead?

With his family, Thomas continued to visit the sights where his Grandma's statues were being unveiled across the US, and to create more memories of her in sketches, dolls, and T-shirts for collection. He was a member of the Sojourner Truth Memorial Organization of Battle Creek and hoped to see her picture on the big screen one day before his death.

Once the last word was written, I took a lonely two-hour drive in the countryside and was so filled with emotion that I couldn't let go. In the final scenes of the screenplay, the audience continues to discover parts of her life from the interviews and headlines she made, down to her last words from her deathbed.

Beecher Stowe was right when she described her.

When I agreed to write the biopic, screenplay on the life and work of Sojourner Truth as a work for hire with copyright rights, I stopped everything and dropped in for her. This was my dream. But my teaching seniority was on the line. In the following years I would become an itinerant teacher and a 'starving' artist caught between screenwriting contracts and the school year. After a few years, my health caved in.

It was by taking a leap of faith, one that would cost me my hips, and with great expectations, that I researched Sojourner's life by making anotations and summaries of every biography and story published about her and the people behind her that helped her move forward and those that hurt her cause.

In Battle Creek, I spent the days immersed in America's 1800s, from before her birth at the end of the 17th century to the end of the 18th after her death. TheAmerican period before and after the Civil War, when the loss of life and dissilusionment in politics brought the nation to this day.

In the wintry evenings of December in Battle Creek, I'd reread my notes and select passages to discuss with Thomas. Our talks about the events in Sojourner's life moved me closer to feeling her spirit in the writing while hearing her voice aloud in my head. Next to me, Thomas, with eyes wide open and sharp as the wind that blows in Michigan, would give his take on every matter of interest every day, as I wove togeter the web of her existence.

Thomas, what do you think she'd want me to say about this (whatever the issue would be)? He always replied, she'd want you to say the truth.

The first draft of I Am Sojourner Truth was a work for hire with copyright rights that was not honored by the contractor, In my exprience, once a contractor get a first draft, that's it. No more dough is left to revise, edit, and rewrite. The contract is broken, and the freelancer gets half the money agreed upon, if lucky.

Now I know what they mean by a starving artist! exclained Thomas when he heard about the broken deal. That has been my experience, twice. A new law to take the work of freelancers seriously went into effect in the State of NY. But in Florida…..

One thing no one can take away is the intimate knowledge of the writer who has thoroughly researched and uncovered the details, the nuissances, and the innermost feelings of the subject or hero with whom the writer lives during the span of time it takes to reconstruct a life from letters, newspaper articles, books, and pictures.

My stay with Thomas was everything a writer could wish for. I thank Thomas for making my dream come true. Semi-retired, Thomas made his rounds at the school where he worked part-time as a janitor while I read and wrote all day long, surrounded by his collection of Sojourner Truth dolls, books, photos, tapes, hats, drawings, article printouts. Always, there was coffee and good food for me thanks to her children's generosity. I am thankful.

From the eartly morning hours until the day expired, I read, spoke, wrote, watched, listened and thought of nothing else but Sojourner's daily life, the clothes she wore, the way she braided her hair, how she sounded when she sang and spoke in that funny low Dutch accent, her songs and prayers, her speeches, the people around her, the social customs of the era, the shibboleths used in daily language, her strength in body, heart, and soul, and her eloquence and magnetism as an itinerant talk show personality. What a privilege! Everything was discussed with Thomas while thecontractor never showed up once to get the inside scoop on his work.

Sojourner spoke no nonsense. People flocked en mass to hear her loud and strong roguish voice in such high places as Faneuil Hall, City Halls, big Churches, and in the open. People flocked to listen to her tell it like it is. Using metaphors and personal experience to prove her point, there was no one who could refute her logic. Many times, the authorities showed up to shut her down, but every time they did, someone would help her and she triumphed.

Especially just before the Civil War broke out, everywhere Sojourner went to talk. Angola, Ohio, is a good example, she was arrested twice for attempting to speak about abolition.

But she would not desist. On one occasion, the National Guard itself escorted her to City Hall where she did speak her mind only after singing the Star Spangled Banner accompnied by the Guard's trumpeters. That must have been quite a sight!

I can hear that thunderous voice of hers singing "...and the land of the ffree.'

Like spectators, Thomas and I visualized his Grandma's journey from enslaved to emancipator, from ignorance to wisdom, from disemfranchised to land owner, from obscure to turning down Queen Victoria's invitation to visit the Palace of Buckingham.

I cherish the time spent with Thomas, listening to accounts of his life and how he came to be Spjourner's number-one fan in the world. His life entwined with hers, tells the story of Battle Creek.

Besides being where Sojourner Truth lived from 1856 until her death on November 26 (Michigan's Sojourner Truth Day), in 1883, Battle Creek is the birthplace of the cereal industry and an important way station for the Underground Railroad.

Although her specch "Ain't I a Woman" is her most notorious, it only shows the tip of her essence.

On that day in 1851 at the Women's Rights Convention in Akron, Ohio, this formidable woman implied she was self-sufficient and didn't care for being carried across puddles, that she could work and eat as much as any man, that Man had nothing to do with Jesus, it was between God and a woman, to let woman try to turn things right side up again if it was all their fault, and that she was entitled to her own intellect as small as that might be.

But to me, the writer of I am Sojourner Truth, after evaluating her thoughts and actions, the most profound message she disseminates to this day is that whether man or woman, we all have the same rights.

Thomas! I'd ask from behind my laptop at the small round dining table cloaked in red, surrounded by Pepsi and Kellog memorabilia (Thomas was quite a collector),

What do you think Sojourner would say to ......(whatever the issue was), Thomas always said, "the Truth, she'd want you to say the Truth.

When she was ripped away from her mother's bossom, at 9, and auctiones with cattle, the low Dutch language she spokr gave the new dictators of her life an excuse to flog the child mercilessly until the blood ran from her back like a river in the snow. All for failing to carry out orders she could not understand and hiding behind the curtains.

The one thing that gave Isabella hope while being brutalized was staring at the stars each night to talk to her mother, father, brother, and sister who were also looking at the same stars and the same moon. She called her father to her and he showed up to tell her of Mau Mau's death.

Her mother had talked to her about a God who listened and made her promise to obey her master's orders. She obeyed her mother. She talked to God every day and was the best worker in the land: wonder woman on the field, in the wash, at shearing and weaving, at the stove, chopping wood, cooking and bathing the mistress, you name it. She stopped only to talk to God, from sunup to sundown. And all along, God was listening.

For most of her youth, she would curse, eat, smoke and drink like a man, sing and dance like a star and performed every chore on a farm from wheat shredder to wool weaver, from chopping wood to bathing the mistress.

While the Millerites in the northeast were urging dozens of frenzied people to give up their riches and repent before the aproaching Doom's day, Sojourner convinced them to go home and pray in a quiet place.

Her famous speeches and lectures were published by the audience, as reported on journals of the times, some in favor others not so friendly towards the topics Sojourner Truth abrogated.

To me she was more than a woman. She is the embodiment of a boddhisatva, one who trnscends the mundane and becomes holy: an acclained guru of the West,

As social activist, Sojourner carved her way into the culture with her famous 'Ain't I a Woman Speech,' but her work had only just begun to unfold when she pronounced those words.

The life story of Sojourner Truth embraces the spirit of the overcomer, an emanation of light on this plane that elevates our souls from the mundane.

Sojourner Truth bust

But this is not the screenplay but a book that was written by compiling memorabilia in text and imagery of the goddess, his grandma, the world's first black woman of character in the US media. Her character was not religious but civic activism for the emanipation and reparation that should have and needs to happen in America for there to be equity of opportunity and leveling out the field for all new and upcoming sons and daughters of the community.

Community by community.

<![CDATA[How Non-Dual Thinking Can Lead You to a Higher State of Consciousness]]>https://www.angelaterga.com/post/why-non-dual-thinking-can-lead-you-to-a-higher-state-of-consciousness65bff36daf3eda25f75177c7Sat, 18 Nov 2023 02:32:06 GMTAngela TergaAdvaita is a Sanskrit word that translates as non-secondness and is known as non-dualism. Non-dualism is based on a Vendantic philosophy that contemplates the unity of God, Advaita teaches that self-realization can be achieved in a lifetime. If everyone achieved nirvana in a lifetime, society would be peaceful and people content vs angry and chaotic. Advaita is at the center of Buddhist philosophy. This utopian society is ne the sages and visionaries have proposed and dreamed about. But is it realistic?


Education reform is in progress to embrace and adopt non-dual instructional methods and setting peace goals within individuals and throughout the world. All it takes is the Adoption of the standards of compassion that make human rights and social justice possible, not just plausible. Through the ages, many authors and sages have proposed how.

Achieving a nondual mind perspective is as simple as talking to each other more and using less violence. Allow a neutral body (like the United Nations) to resolve issues without bullets. Would you say it is human nature to conquer, encroach, colonize, appropriate, exterminate, pillage, massacre, and torture? Is that what makes us human? What about love? And do we have a choice? Maybe our nature is also to nurture and protect, but only our own race and religion, failing to see the interconnectedness of the world.

And what about our competitive edge? Can cooperation and competition go hand in hand?

Can we awaken to a new world? Awakening is the call to higher consciousness that typically shifts our world view from a egocentric perspective to a self-less or nondual one.

What will happen when we continue to exhibit activities of genocide and ecodide? Won't those actions lead to the death of the world as we know it?

Genocide + Ecocide = Ecotomb


What then? Will we survive to tell the story of how we somehow managed to develop so far that we exploded? And will we look for remedies in future worlds?

Why not now? Why not figure out how to avoid the ecotomb.

Fiction is the most useful tool to teach dondualism.

Nondual Taharai, a hybrid part human spider woman is born to the Yanomami grows up an outcast alone in a precious cave. However, once she hears the whirring humdrum of civilization and makes contact, her life will start spinning between persecution, freedom, and happiness at the mercy of civilization.

The series, Utopia, transformed from a short story into a novella. The novella "The Spider Woman From The Amazon," in which a nondual pure creature with a higher consciousness, half human, half arachnid, escapes her captors and runs amok into the modern cities before the ecotomb. The story of the spider Woman from the Amazon is a tale narrated by the Seer, an old woman survivor of the holocaust of humanity.


Utopia demonstrates the activity and implication of a new social order based on the principles of non-dual thinking in which there is no two, or good vs bad, but one. In One there is infinity. Spiderwoman Taharai exemplifies this concept by not thinking in terms of good and bad, by being detached and fearless. She uses higher order reasoning devoid of prejudice as she has not acquired any of the inherently transmitted action and reaction thought processes that got us here.

How does nonduality play a role in education and social development today?
Many schools of meditation and yoga have flourished since the 60s. Let's give peace a chance. Embark in nondual thinking

Buddhism in America

The Physics of Consciousness

<![CDATA[Whose side of history are you on? ]]>https://www.angelaterga.com/post/indigenous-people-day-whose-side-of-history-are-you-on65bff36daf3eda25f75177d6Fri, 13 Oct 2023 22:00:18 GMTAngela TergaIndigenous People's Day versus Columbus Day, whose side of the story has the power to determine which perspective is told?

This popular socio-political controversy spiking a heightened interest in history in October argues whose side of the story has the power to determine whose/which perspective is told by upholding the principles on which such symbol stands. This empowers the collective subconscious by drawing a line between factions thereby increasing hostility instead of conquering peace between and among them.

Such is the power of media.

Do you agree that Columbus Day gives homage to kings and imperial powers and European influence whereas Indigenous Peoples Day attempts to bring visibility to the indigenous peoples, of which there were many, many peoples. In some ways, it's like MLK Day because it brings visibility to an oppressed people's cause.

https://www.nytimes.com/2023/10/06/us/berkeley-indigenous-peoples-day.html?smid=url-share The facts:

In California, Berkeley was the first city to celebrate Indigenous People's Day in 1996.

  • Indigenous Peoples' Day is a holiday that celebrates and honors Native American peoples and commemorates their histories and cultures in the US on October 12.

In 2020, President Joe Biden issued the first-ever presidential proclamation of Indigenous Peoples’ Day, boosting a refocus from Christopher Columbus Day towards an appreciation of Native peoples.

That which is considered factual in history that we choose to celebrate as a national symbol of pride and accomplishment for generations to come comes under scrutiny. It sparks our emotions and makes us self reflect.

Are we by this act of reconning of the indigenous people's culture and acknowledgment of their holocaust being condemned for what Columbus represents or are we learning from it and developing a higher consciousness?

The stories we tell over unaware of the symbolic message legendary characters and events play on future generations ultimately guide our collective subconscious minds towards what we see manifested in the world around us and within each of us.

Without realizing what holidays stand for or whose side of thestory is missing, we condone and honor injustice, ignorance, lack of empathy, and hatred selfserviently. We do so even knowing it costs us life each day. Lives won't matter until they're close friends and family that look and sound like us.

You may argue it is human nature, and you're right.

Are humans able to evolve into a greater consciousness?

They can if they will to say "I am that I am."

These ancestors' words reach across centuries to help us live through the apocalypse today with courage and dignity.

This stunning collection of more than two hundred meditations introduces us to the Spirit Wheel and the four directions that ground Native spirituality: tradition, kinship, vision, and balance.

"I stand in the midst of creation's wheel

And watch in wonder the quiet majesty of its turning.

We are in the care of a love without limit or definition

Under the protection of a love that never looks away." by Steven Charleston

Notable Native People highlights the vital impact Indigenous dreamers and leaders have made on the world.

These ancestors' words reach across centuries to help us live through the apocalypse today with courage and dignity.

Has it ever been OK by anyone's reasoning to intrude into somebody else's livelihood and worship space and pretend they weren't there first, proceed to take their land and culture away, and impose their law on the land? A law against allowing the free spirit of the people on the land! But cities and bombs won't last forever. What new level of consciousness do you wish future generations to develop?

What side of History are you on? by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz: https://amzn.to/3ZSh9zl" Covering one hundred years of social conflict and progress across the twentieth century and into the early years of the twenty-first, this book reveals how protest songs have given voice to the needs and challenges of a nation and asked its citizens to take a stand--asking the question "Which side are you on?"

What better way than to express yourself with the many mediums of art!

What better way than to say it than a song?

Those who feel entitled to call others lazy for not wanting to keep on breaking their backs for nothing should think of the few lucky ones who do nothing but sign off check after check at a rate of thousands earned per day, while few social responsibilities hang over their heads. What entitles them? WEALTH +POLITICS = POWER = institutionalized poverty that creates wealth for service providers including small business owners.

Spanning more than four hundred years, this classic bottom-up people’s history radically reframes US history and explodes the silences that have haunted our national narrative.

What is wealth and how is it created? What historical social responsibilities and repercussions accrue amassing millions and billions, sending thousands to their grave, and bringing pain into the world?

Was Columbus (representing those who funded his voyage) saying, "This is our people's manifest destiny; so, move over; stay out of our way; off you go to the middle of nowhere reserved just for you. Let's give you a hand with food and shelter, we'll even make reparations and teach your children how NOT BE THEMSELVES?"

This was the plan put into action which HAS ALMOST annihilated paradisiac and utopian societies from whom we have yet a lot to learn. It's time we recognize their existence and wisdom. If we fail to, we will be failing our children's children and covering up the self-destructive forces of humanity on the wheel of samsara.

The International Indigenous People's Day was created by a proclamation of the United Nations on August 9, 1994.https://undp-nature.exposure.co

Columbus may have been just a poor cartographer and sailor trying to find a new route to commerce with the East (especially India), a forune seeker, funded by the Queen of Spain who was in need of silver and gold after 500 years of ousting the Moors. Her fiercest competition came from and the Portuguese credited to have designed the fast ships called caravel. The latter were, indeed, the first to colonize India in 1498, just six years after Columbus disembarked on the island of San Salvador thinking he had reached Hindustan.

Although other explorers had already reached the coasts of North and South America by 1492: Those who had traversed the Strait of Bering across the North Atlantic Ocean during the last Ice Age and settled the land in accordance with the natural cycles of early agricultural societies were the first known settlers we call indigenous people.

He discusses the accumulating evidence from deep-sea sediment cores, as well as ice cores from Greenland and the Antarctic, that suggests fast-changing ice age climates may have directly impacted the evolution of our species and the course of human migration and civilization.

Although there were already people on the land, lots of people, millions, we must recognize that this land we call America was unknown to what we call "the old world" kingdoms that pursued worldwide colonization and slavery everywhere they set foot,

The treacherous voyage Columbus and the three ships, l Niña, La Pinta, and La Santa Maria, to the island of San Salvador created a bridge for disease and loss of liberty for the indigenous people of the land. Honoring their perseverance, wisdom, and survival when we tell the story of the Americas, atones past injuries and moves us further along in the pursuit of peace.

To know about about the time times first learn why everyone wanted to trade with India and the Far East. Today, we are still trading with India and China, but what has become of the first Americans?

Detailed in the ancient history of Ireland, is the legendary 6 century, CE, story of a monk (Saint Brendan) who navigated to the coast of N.A. in a type of boat called the Currach with a canopy made out of animal skins.

In 1969. Congress designated October 9 as the Leif Ericson Day in honor of the Viking's Norse settlement in what is now Newfoundland, Canada.

In fact, 71 years before 1492, Zheng, a Chinese commander of a large armada explored Southeast Asia and traveled along the North and South American coast.

Really, no one can discover a place that is inhabited, they may find out where a place is located by chance, visit it, immigrate to it, colonize it, raid it, and invade it. Perhaps, just maybe one day, we could tell the story of how we share it with the original peoples of the land.

But it would be a very different story to tell if there were no sociocultural injustices or crimes made for the sake of riches and religion. After all, we all want to be that good guy, hero, or savior, but guns and bombs won't heal our hearts.

So there are only martyrs on both sides when peace on earth is never attained in our minds first. That's not the world our children deserve. The gift is peace.

As a civilization, learning from our past means improving future outcomes. And these can be measured in the level of personal, social, political, and financial Peace there is.

It's not so much whose day we commemorate that makes history but the symbolically values that represent atonement which set the course for a better world starting right here at home. Sacajewa or Columbus?

<![CDATA[Five Inspiring Sports Biography Movies to Watch this Fall ]]>https://www.angelaterga.com/post/five-family-friendly-movies-to-watch-this-fall65bff36daf3eda25f75177e4Sat, 02 Sep 2023 17:25:58 GMTAngela TergaThe following 5 "new and old" Sports Biopics recommended by TAT Productions can teach us life lessons worth learning and appreciating.
Besides, don't you just love real-life heroes? A hero is someone who overcomes negativity with laser-sharp focus and an ever-growing prowess in the process of creating change.

Any of the kids you can see in the above video snippet shot at a community sports park could be the hero in a sports biography movie one day!

People just love watching sports in general. Check out this story about a real team making history in a Nebraska town where 92,000 fans turned out to break a world record. Each one of the team members in the women's volleyball match must feel like a hero today.

In Nebraska, 92,000 fans turned out to watch the Huskers, a Women's Volleyball. play a match.

Does watching sports make us happier? Sports biographies are not just entertaining, though, they are enthralling for their INSPIRATIONAL, informational, and formational power in society and the young people exposed most of all. Here's a credible article about why watching sports makes us happier: Perhaps we could lead a happier life if we watched more sports and learned about their journey to find the power of the overcomer!

A continuación, enjoy TAT's own curated list of five of the best sports movies to stream selectively vs. randomly or 'same old-same old.'

Athletes mirror our journey to success and failure in our life's ascending and descending fortunes. In the end, what matters is the life lesson learned.

Making TAT's list are sports films ranging from General Audiences (G) to Restricted (R), including UNRATED (UN). Every film has a lesson or moral to share with the world. They are inclusive and motivational in the realization of our personal journey.

Additionally, the list of the 5 best (to TAT) sports biopics also meets the new "wokeness" meter standard for being inclusive, raising awareness, giving back, and enlightening.

Without further ado, here are the five best sports biography stories curated for you to brighten your path this going-back-to-school season.

1. An oldie but firstly, The Perfect Game, Rated P, is an international cooperative film partly shot in Mexico and the US. With a $12MM Budget, it only grossed $3.9MM, but its international appeal and social lesson legacy make it TAt's favorite.

The Perfect Game: After Cesar's baseball career ends in the USA, he moves to Mexico and is recruited to coach a rag-tag team and compete in the 1957 Little League World Series.

1,743IMDb 6.91 h 57 min2010X-RayPG,,Comedy·,,Drama·Emotional·Heartwarming

Click here to watch trailer.

Directed by William Dear with a budget of $12MM, it grossed $3.9 MM worldwide, This heartwarming true story about returning to our roots to give back hits home.

It is possible that athletes can be EASILY taken advantage of on their way to stardom as agents and producers steer them in any direction they please without equal representation. The lesson to be learned then is to first conceive equal representation Clearly, in the case of a minor, IT MATTERS MOST. Inspirational movies have a bonding effect with the heroic characters for their grit through thick and thin. The athlete's endurance, courage, dedication, and hard work to achieve success elate our spirit as we identify with the hero.

However, not all SPORTS biopics are made the same.

Take, for instance, The Blind Side, would you identify with Bullock's white savior role? Can anybody really go through that much ego-polishing to look perfect in every situation, every day, all day long? You gotta be an OCD nutcase. It was Leigh Anne's way or the highway 'cuz she was a member of the NRA. Not very democratic.

2. The Blind Side makes number 2 on the list for all the wrong reasons. Rated PG-13, this sports drama biopic was directed by John Lee Hancock, who also wrote the script based on Michael Lewis's book "The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game." However, the original story belongs and should have been recognined and included in the deal from pre-production to Box Office and Streaming deals made.

Click this link to watch The Blind Side.

With a $29MM budget, the film grossed $309MM worldwide at the Box Office, garnering Sandra Bullock "Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar in 2010. She also received the ASCAP award for MOST HELPFUL WHITE PERSON. (Didn't know that was a thing.) Bullock's upfront salary in The Blind Side was $5MM. But no one really knows or tells what the deals behind the door may have been. One thing is true, they didn't include Michael Oher, the hero. Well, in this movie, the "white savior" was the hero.

After years of dealing with the distortion of his character, Michael Oher, the youth whose life story the film is based on and should have been paid a considerable sum upfront for his original story rights, is suing the family that helped him out, alleging the film created a false representation of himself and furthermore asking for his share of the pie. Does this CNN article have all the facts?

Perhaps The Post does! After all, CNN has an all-time low credibility score.

Ex-NFLer Michael Oher of ‘The Blind Side’ makes statement on his bombshell lawsuit against Tuohy family

3. I, Tonya is a tragic comedy with an estimated $11MM budget grossing 54MM at Worldwide Box Office. Director and Writer Craig Gillespie created a dramedy out of this one.

Check out this film review of I, Tonya:


"Harding’s arch-rival on the ice, Nancy Kerrigan, on whom a vicious attack was orchestrated due to which Tonya was banned from skating for life in addition to a number of fines, said she never got an apology from Tonya."

However, some true stories end up a pretty bad mess, like the film I, Tonya, directed by Craig Gillespie based on the true story of a young woman whose greed was greater than her courage. How this film made the comedy category is a must-see. With an estimated budget of $11MM, it grossed $54MM worldwide.

Watch "I, Tonya" trailer. Click here

"Tonya Harding catapults to stardom at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships. But when her ex-husband intervenes to eliminate a rival, one of the most sensational scandals in sports history transpires."

Often, the painful vision of defeat propels even the best to lie. Athletes are known to hide their use of drugs to enhance their performance and risk everything for the gold, the title, the "fame and fortune" they have sacrificed so much for. But would you go as far as putting others in danger to get ahead?

What makes a story compelling is, of course, the high stakes involved in the plot's points. The greater the drama, the more emotion gathered. After all, Drama is America's favorite genre, according to Ranker.com. Here is a list of the best sports movies based on true stories by Fandango:

4. The American Underdog (2021), a Lionsgate production directed by Andrew and Jon Erwin, is #4 on the list of the best 5 biographical sports films to watch on your overseas plane ride or on a family movie night. Its inspirational power grows in proportion to the size of the obstacle. Overcoming the hurdles and crossing the line is what America is all about. This true story makes any of us a hero would be.

Kurt Wagner accomplished the unheard of; after years of setbacks and dead-end jobs stocking merchandise, he won the NFL XXXIV Superbowl title.

Furthermore, The American Underdog meets TAT's criteria for the best sports biopic based on a true story that you can watch with the whole family. Here's a film that shows us the spirit of the overcomer in all of us. This 2021 film was produced with a budget of $25MM, it grossed $27MM in the WW Box Office.

Watching a sports biopic movie is like going on a PERSONAL journey with the hero, we cheer for him or her and visit new places in our minds. Athletes are real-life heroes whose trials and errors make them the winning factor in their sports performance.

5. I am Durán , to top it off with another Hispanic athlete hero, this film shows true grit and endurance in sports.

I am Duran is a UR (unrated) documentary Biographical sports film directed by Mat Hodgson, known for The Four Year Plan, with a stellar cast including Oscar De La Hoya, Robert De Niro, and Robert Duran. There is no Box Office date for this film. Therefore, it must not have had a theatrical release.

I am Duran's filming locations include Florida, New York, Washington, and England. It was released in 2019 by Universal Home Entertainment, and "The Numbers" labels its production location as the United Kingdom.

Reviews on IMDB state: "If you ever need a people's champion...you will be off your feet."

Always on the lookout for ways to SHOW DON'T TELL opportunities in my writing, and as a mother, grandmother, and friend, these biopics offer lessons in Character education that we can internalize in our own lives.

To get the student in your life, or someone close by, exposed to content creation, you can start with storytelling elements and devices that inspire, The following writing activity books lend their support. One of the most used paradigms is a sentence completion exercise that goes: "someone wanted to......... but........."

<![CDATA[Back-to-School Round-Robin! Democracy + Education = World Peace]]>https://www.angelaterga.com/post/back-to-school-democracy-education-and-world-peace65bff36daf3eda25f75177f8Sat, 05 Aug 2023 20:57:56 GMTAngela TergaHow do we teach democracy and world peace instead of assuming we live in one and everything is fine? Changing one geriatric face for another in the Oval Office isn't giving us a chance to apply Round Robin to achieve peace within our lives, our communities, and the world at large. Worl Peace depends on all of us to act responsibly for one another.

The popular instructional strategy, Round Robin, by which everyone in the classroom gets a chance to speak, be heard, and listen to others, Round Robin, is used in computer programming and sports. Techtarget.com, a leading marketing service for tech companies, says it is "an arrangement of all elements in a group, in other words, " taking turns." That's one way of teaching democracy.

According to Thoughtco.com Democracy " .... provides for the separation of powers between governmental entities and ensures the protection of natural rights and civil liberties....

Democracy strives to give each an equal chance to make it in life, from the highest to the lowest per capita people and nations across race regardless of geographic location. But there are thieves that take people's natural rights and civil liberties, and silence dissident voices.

Listening to and allowing people to express their side of the story is the only way to effect pressure on the thieves and restore rights, that's how democracy works. Representation, Recognition. Reconcilition. Three words that define democracy working on world Peace.

Smartphones and AI do not make us stronger, voices of Truth do. According to Britannica

a book about justice and education

The age-old questioning technique called Round Robin gives children the opportunity to express their individual awareness of the same stimuli in a group. In museum education, instructors ask three nonjudgmental, unbiased, open-ended questions to guide a neutral discussion about any subject.

Of equal importance is LISTENING. Oxford Academic Listening for Democary involves Recognition, Representation, and Reconciliation. At any age level, student success in life depends on being recognized, heard, and reconciled.

Reconciliation is the culminating step in the process of peace in which "the kind of relationship at issue in a specific context affects the type of improvement ...that might be necessary" whether in the classroom or in world issues.

Before learning takes place, a child must be reconciled.

a book about social learning

Every teacher knows that when a student is angry, hungry, scared, cold, sick, or unmotivated, he/she/they are unable to absorb information, organize it, and apply it at the same rate that a cheerful, well-slept, and fed kid can. Failing to address emotions and feelings in a classroom and in life will lead to subconscious anger retention. Prolonged distress may result in violence or other type of antisocial behavior by the individual or group, including nations.

We can work towards world peace by giving each nation representation, recognition, and reconciliation. Discussing and analyzing situations in the world requires using a nonjudgmental, unbiased approach. We must 'let-go-the-ego' (no one has to be right or wrong) and look at the big picture. That's compassion education, taking turns is the first step in providing the opportunity to become aware and mindful of a need.

VTS Strategy is used by educators in museum education schools in which children "look/see/listen" to a picture/text/sound and express their observation without biased prejudice.

1. What's going on in this picture?

2. What makes you say that?

3. What else do you see?

Take this pic, for example.

A baeball safe on base game action.

I see two separate team members engaged in the game of baseball. I say so because they are wearing two different label uniforms. I also see that one player is at a Base, and the other is completing a throw to the base. What makes me say that he has aslready thrown the ball is because his arm is extended forward and his leg is stretched in front.

What is going on in thsi picture? What makes you say so? what else do you see?

Students of any grade level, professionals, and enemies can benefit from applying the VTS 3 questions to start an unbiased discussion based on visual perception. Visual Thinking Strategy (VTS) can help you have a conversation based on facts instead of judgment, "This is good, and that is bad," or "I like this, but I don't like that." by asking: "What is going on i nthis picture? Why do you say so? What else do you see?"

a book about thinking visually

More than ever, it is necessary to learn how to make peace with ourselves and others when these desks are filled this fall.

ready for kids classroom in America

Are we teaching kids as early as K-5 how to analyze stocks and invest?

Are we teaching our kids Programming and Stock Analysis early as K-5?

We should be! Their financial well-being depends on it. Learning to be creative and informed about the value of stocks will help them make a sustainable home on planet Earth.

The Stock Exchange Game image of board game.
Most importantly, are we teaching our kids Peace? What is peace? How do we get there? How is mindfulness practiced? How can we process our emotions through love? It's never too early or late to teach kindness and acceptance.
a book about emotions
Teach a child to breathe like a bear and expand his capacity to learn!
a book about breathing
https://a.co/d/doGDFm8 Check Out SCHOOL OF MINDFULNESS


...peace in the world.


Welcome back to a new season of Memoirs of a "Mad" Teacher Blog encompassing the struggles of overcoming the stigmatizing life of an educator in American schools who dared have a dream, gave up grandfathering into the retirement system, and joined the hordes of freelance artists. It was the 2nd graders who uncorked the bottle and out came an artist.

While most students in Middle School and beyond would say, "What would she know? She' (s) just a teacher!" Can we rephrase that as:

"Better ask a teacher?" Right?

That'll be the day teachers get paid!

The season starting August 2023 includes a monthly newsletter sponsored by Global Learning Connections to create awareness of the need to work towards peace around us, inside us, and in the world; To increase acts of compassion and empathy across cultural expression through dialogue; Inspired by works of literature, film, and other art forms.
August 2023


In his talks, Sadh Guru suggests that Karma never lets us forget our beginnings, but an evolution from the past will liberate us. This makes sense and enlightens my view on liberation from past social strife. As a Cuban-born citizen of the USA, I wrestle with the development and evolution of the USA-Cuba relations that will lead to peace between the two nations.

When our family left Cuba, we were displaced and adapted, adopted, and assimilated into US culture according to our ability. Like most immigrants, we've kept our cuisine, music, and family dynamics and traditions almost intact. Likewise, some of our principles and judgments evolve but others won't, as we find our place in the world.

Upon our arrival in 1970, thanks to the state of Massachusetts, we received a plenitude of social services. But throughout the decades, the Cuban diaspora has held on to Cuba's former grandeur and freedom and has never reconciled with Castro's Cuba.

Neighborhoods like "Little Havana's Calle Ocho" exemplify a displaced society's melancholy. Many visit to feel the warmth of the homeland calling their name in music, art, food, and hang out every third Friday of the month on balmy nights in Miami.


A very dear friend of mine, Carmelo Luis Prado, "El Artista de la Calle Ocho" (The Calle Ocho Artist), never tired of condemning the oppressive rule of an imposed communist society that unjustly took 27 years of his freedom. His side of the story has become the only truth about Cuba mostly heard on this side of the puddle. On the other side, we don't really know unless we can listen without prejudice.

Full of cheer, every day of the week, Carmelo was at his corner on Calle 8 and 6th exhibiting his art to passersby. But with expletives and condemnation, you would face his wrath if you mentioned his nemesis' name. He'd say, "Sin comerla y sin beberla." Best translation of this shibboleth may be "without guilt."

Artist and visitor stand by a work of art.
A painting of a woman sitting on the ocean waves

Intransigence between the Cuban diaspora and the "communists" on the island is such that the topic of Cuban-US relations is not open to dialogue but only to negative criticism. Clearly, that's not the way to make peace happen and benefit families here and there.

"Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God." Matthew 5:9 KJV

In my opinion, after looking at the big picture, Voting for tougher economic sanctions denies all Cubans their right to equal opportunity to trade in the world. Doing so will continue to prolong the people's suffering. After 60+ years, can't there be peace between close neighbors?

Cuba deserves to be free from a financially oppressive reality caused by a 64-year-long embargo (the longest in history) on up to 70 percent of its potential world trade, including trade with its closest neighbor, the USA, and its allies.

"The ruling class takes it all and leaves nothing for the people," is no justification.

"El embargo es cuento," (The embargo is a telltale.), is not evidence.

While that may be true, is it not the right of nationals to exploit their natural and human resources in spite of their government's low human rights rank?

When you look at the big picture, a story changes perspective (POV). "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change, Wayne Dyer liked to say.

Let's look at another picture and compare.

Take Congo's Cobalt mining horrific exploitation, for example. Thousands of Congolese men, children, and women scratch the soil under infrahuman conditions at Chinese-owned Cobalt mines. However, without this precious mineral, Silicon Valley cannot do without, and we would not be able to run our precious smartphones and electric cars. The exploitation of cobalt under inhumane conditions is unacceptable human rights violations.

To name one corporation benefiting from the Congolese despair, Apple shares keep rising while Chinese factories keep assembling their devices, allowing the Congo government to look away from taking care of their people. How can we help the Congolese cobalt miners?

Who has the power to demand dignity for the Congolese? The world does, consumers do, the people who care do. But how? Education + Democracy =Wworld Peace

We can start with awareness.

Consumers have the power "To Buy or Not to Buy." The need for digital devices should not degrade our humanism. At the start of its life, every Apple phone touches the lives of the Congolese deprived of human rights in Cobalt mines to supply the high demand of digital devices, making corporations billions of billions.

The Congolese have the right to demand a living wage and education for their children. What if it was you in that situation? Think bout that every time you glance at your digital device.

What happened to fairness in labor and trade? Isn't that what democracy should extract from capitalism?

Carmelo's hate for Castro's regime was blind, and he died happily in exile, always creating art and as cheerful as a Buddha on the corner of Calle Ocho and 6th on any given day of the week.

Historically, both sides of a conflict unjustly kill, repress, and torture the opposing side and destroy and take private property. People run for their freedom. But humanity keeps on "making a killing" with war, If not for war, the Stock Market may have collapsed ten times more than it has in the 21st Century.

I believe we can learn to make peace instead of war among the nations of the world. But it begins WITH DEMOCRACY AND EDUCATION. The first step is to see the bigger picture. Reconciliation among neighbors with common history, like Cuba and the US, requires discussion and proposing solutions instead of demanding conditions.

Give peace a chance. Talk peace!!


Peace in the world depends on how aware and mindful we are and what we do on a daily basis affects and impacts the world. Take, for instance, the case of the Cobalt Mining Communities where infrahuman conditions prevail for children and mothers exposed to toxins in a hellish existence which we here taking selfies on our cell phones cannot even imagine.

To buy or not to buy, to pressure the corporations instead of blindly consuming goods from inhuman exploitation.


https://youtu.be/25GHspyJ7L8 Listen to Siddharth as he narrates wht he saw: .....in Congo "millions of trees downed, water and air polluted, ...like the clock has gone back centuries ... on any given day, the dollar they earn makes the difference between whether they eat or not ....our world economic order has failed these people in the position of having to scrounge up for a dollar without proper protection, food or water, without sanitary conditions, where children as young as newborn are exposed to high toxicity found in cobalt as we turn on our apple phones and the top honchos bathe in gold.

a group of Congolese children scratch the earth looiking for cobalt

Do these children deserve to enter that ready-made classroom above in the introduction to this blog? Imagine having them in our classroom for a day. I bet you'll say they do, so why don't we do something about it?

<![CDATA[Therapy for Life: Gardening for the Soul]]>https://www.angelaterga.com/post/peaceonearthsavesearthharrybelafonte65bff36daf3eda25f75177faFri, 28 Apr 2023 03:57:30 GMTAngela TergaTo end the month of April observing the day of, week of, year of, month of, minute of, and breath of Earth, and for the salvation of our mother Earth through the raising of awareness, Gardening would be the most appropriate choice of a blog topic, given so much life is blooming all around us at the end of the month of April. Gardening is a therapeutic way of healing our inner child and shining from the inside out.

https://youtu.be/mGkLfmwbU84 Find out how we can pitch in to make this world less polluted and healthier for all, including how we grow our food, acts of war, deforestation, chemicals and derivatives from fossil fuels that damage our environment - plastics inundate us - let's stop using so much plastic. Recycle what you already have. Become your great-great grandma. We need to learn how to grow our food and clean our water. Learn more on how to recycle plastic in this short video. #recycle #reduce #earthday2023

Earth is our only home, our survival depends on it. Earth is nonrenewable. Once we deplete its resources by damaging its ability to sustain its harmony, its health, its reconstitution, its cyclical renewal system, adaptation requires and gives in to trial and error, causing great catastrophes that wreak havoc, such as when war and pollution destroy habitats and entire ecosystems, including man, the most disposable of all. There is a war against nature every time deforestation destroys the Amazon rainforest. There is a war on everybody when the Amazon Rainforest is being destroyed, for we all need air to breathe.

SAVE THE RAINFOREST.ORG Pitch in and help save the Earth rainforests today.


Gardening is therapy for the soul. As below so above, as inside so outside.

There's a type of gardening that rises from the earthen to the sublime, where we dissolve our obscurations. I feel like Louise Hay puts it well— that enlightenment is going within and shining a light to dissolve the darkness there. As Within so Outside. My consciousness reveals my reality. When I change my consciousness, so will reality.

a book about wisdom from gardening wisdiom.

Herbalism refers to the knowledge and practical application of age-old remedies based on a tradition developed through the practical experience learned in a community. Our cultural nature-based pharmacology has been truncated and replaced by the mechanized, geneticized, digitized, monopolized pharmacological industry that dominates modern medicine and finds it safe to advise the consumption of a pill but won't prescribe a recipe of herbal remedies from which the same capsules are synthetically and genetically engineered. Such is the world of today, our tomorrow will depend on to what extent we become digitalized.

a book about herbal remedies

Eating your way to good health and a positive attitude may just be a nutritional regime worth putting into practice. Just how to do it is another matter. Here's a book that might interest you and lead you in your journey to achieve all your dreams. Because you deserve it. Body, mind, and soul are all one. What you feed one, you feed the other. It makes sense.

A book about meditation with trees.

*It will help both your mind and body. It is a great stress reliever!" Coloring may be appropriate sometimes when we are stuck indoors or bedridden, but when we are able and willing to step outside, scratching the earth may be the most fun and stress-relieving pride for your work feeling you'll ever experience.

When we hoe, shovel, dig holes, till, trench, fill, drain, and explode the Earth, the Earth feels it. When the Earth cannot keep up with the demand, it is limiting our lives' supplies of oxygen, water, sunlight, and soil with which to live upon this land forever. Are we not smarter than gloom and war? Are we not better than war and gloom? Are we equal? Is peace possible? Peace is possible when peace is practiced.

In the words of Harry Belafonte, RIP, "If man does not put an end to war, war will put an end to man. " Listen to HarryBelofonte's Peace on Earth song and his Island in the Sun

The Muppets and Harry Belafonte

But my favorite peace song is Unity's Peace song, here sung by Vince Gill, I wish someone could transform it into a hip-hop-salsa-regetton-rap and get splattered all over time Square.https://youtu.be/5AH_BMw5axU

War starts within just like peace starts within. In the words of Unity's Peace Prayer

Whatever you want to call it, counseling, psychotherapy, or just therapy, the upsurge of psychologically affective states since Covid has created a quasi-movement in the medical field of psychotherapeutic treatments available to individuals and families going through any type of trauma or difficult experience in life which is affecting their mood and could even affect their immunology.

a bok about gardening therapy

Life is traumatic from birth on. And then there is talk therapy to make you feel better. But just how does this talking help people with psychological issues to solve or work out? Gardens forthe senses brings us close to earth and nature as it is universalized in unity with our Self.

Back in the day before there was talk therapy, people were likely to have a prejudiced opinion towards psychological states of mind that would require you to seek medical assistance. But not in today's world. Once considered a privileged lifestyle, talk therapy has become mainstream and accessible on tele health.

a book about therapy through nature.

Today many people talk openly about their mental illness without the fear of being cataloged a crazy. Hopefully–especially if you're woke.*

How would it feel to be in control of your mind, your thoughts, your actions, your wishes, and your desires? Would it feel empowering to have no more cravings of any kind? That high that only gets you so up so far and then drops you off at the steps of desire that keeps you wanting more doesn't have to have the last say. You, the real you can. Get in touch with it.

Welcome to Talk Therapy! We, at TAT Productions are not therapists, but we practice talk therapy with our friends and family. Talk Therapy has been around for ages. Everyone needs someone to talk to sometimes, some find it easy to talk, others don't, some have secrets they keep in a dark place that hurts, and others talk about their heartaches to someone who listens with empathy. It's just that we can't talk to just anybody about everything, and only to a very few about certain things that may have to do with trauma (sex. love, and/or addiction).

I believe the month for LGBTQ awareness is also Spring. or was it March? A lot of the trauma survivors of child abuse and sexual abuse within the LGBTQ community are no strangers to those types of experiences growing up no matter where you're at, it happens all over the world, not just around underprivileged populations of children experiencing poverty levels.

According to the NATIONAL SEXUAL ABUSE RESOURCE CENTER 1 OUT OF 3 WOMEN AND 1 OUT OF 5 MEN experience sexual abuse during their lifetime, being the most prevalent between the ages of 11-17.

a book about child sexual abuse

While Reality may be all we need to be fulfilled and happy in life, only living your reality at will lets you create the space of peace and harmony in your life that takes you to the peak. To explain, if you are living in the past or the future, or a make-believe today, you're in a delusional state of mind that makes you feel disconnected to reality and the life you are leading. This is known as unhappiness and about 70% of people feel unhappy or wanting to be and do something other than what is.

a book about child abuse

Someone suggested Buddhists commit suicide because they give up being human by giving up desires. On the contrary, Buddhist philosophy will lift you above the realm of hungry ghosts to the land of nirvana on Earth, where bliss is always attainable.

So there can be multiple sources of talk therapy, and they each can have a positive effect on the psyche, the body, and the soul. There's always a bestie, your mother, an aunt, or a cousin; sometimes it's a workmate, even your teacher can be someone you 'can' talk to.

However, if you have no one to talk to, start looking for someone to listen to. It is in giving that we receive, first and foremost. Secondly, when you do listen, notice how you tend to judge, Stop yourself! Listening requires an open mind. Once you know how to listen, you can even be your own talk therapist.

We have a blueprint in our soul— the right-from-wrong template that is pretty much the standard code of conduct in society. Of course, crime and punishment will continue to be. But everyone has the power to control their thoughts and sensations, especially if we receive training and treatment. Talk therapy does just that.

Don't we basically work things out for ourselves using our own critical thinking once we traverse the emotions that handicap our reasoning?

What is the psyche?

How does talk therapy help?

What is the history of talk therapy?

What are the different kinds of talk therapy?

Who needs talk therapy?

How does talk therapy work?

In the next episode of Memoirs of a Mad Sad Badass Teacher I will answer some of these questions.

<![CDATA[Can You Keep Up With All the April Awareness Day/Week/Month Of? ]]>https://www.angelaterga.com/post/can-you-keep-up-with-all-the-april-awareness-day-week-month-of65bff36daf3eda25f75177c6Thu, 20 Apr 2023 03:29:00 GMTAngela TergaNot me! Phew! The month of April boasts more than 100 Awareness Months, Days, and Weeks, making it difficult to select which ones to give attention to. You may end up distressed to see how much need there is in the world to be aware of. But have you ever asked yourself or wondered what you could do about it?

hands palnting trees
Newsletter, The Blog of Angela Terga from angelaterga.com, April 18, 2023 aims to share books about April Awareness Days, Weeks, and Months as well as dig a little deeper into 3-5 special Awareness Days of April. This is another Episode of "Memoirs of a Mad, Sad, Badass Teacher"

Would you agree that Earth Day must be the Month of April's most popular Awareness issue or cause? Have you ever celebrated or observed Earth Day, Earth Week, or Earth Month? The entire month of April is the perfect time to serve the one and only "Our Mother Ship," Earth. Now more than ever before, we can show gratitude and loving kindness as we absorb the gift of Spring's splendor.

THE RAINFOREST ALLIANCE - https://heroes.rainforesttrust.org/-/NYYUVFMT?member=SZYZCMLR visit the Rainforest Alliance for more information on my fundraiser. The goal is $500. Your commitment to a sustainable Earth begins with community actions such as making a donation. No amount is too big or small.
Consider donating to the Rainforest Alliance this April, Earth Day, or any time you feel grateful that someone is watching over the Earth to protect it and enhance the relationships between man and plants without extinguishing them or polluting them. This only makes sense when we realize we depend on them and that we take nature for granted.
The Raoinforest Alliance seal

The best memories of my teaching career are speckled with Earth Day events in the intermediate grades, of which the 4th and 5th in the 3-10 grades spectrum, were the majority. For kids at heart, Earth Day is the time to plant a seed and watch it grow, Nothing quite like planting trees together to see the miracle of life and creation at its fullest. Kids are responsive to experiential activities. Everyone wants to participate. it has been proven that experiential learning helps everyone learn better and apply multiple modes of intelligence and learning styles– a lot more than paper and pencil.

Book 1 - experiential learning and learning styles - Learning by doing

Learning by Doing: A Handbook for Professional Learning Communities at WorkTM (An Actionable Guide to Implementing the PLC Process and Effective Teaching Methods)
learning by doing book
,High-Quality Outdoor Learning: Evidence-based Education Outside the Classroom for Children, Teachers and Society
,by Rolf Jucker (Editor), Jakob von Au (Editor)
,Experiential Peacebuilding Paperback – October 19, 2019
,by Ana Patel (Author), Flavio Bollag (Author), John Paul Lederach (Author)

Experimental learning and compassion are society's only hope to OVERCOME VIOLENCE AND CRIME by educating the "whole" child. Once a buzzword in the teaching profession, Whole Language is an educational method that meets students at their instructional levels throughout ALL learning modes. Diverse and Multiple intellectual, emotional, and physical modalities of learning activate all the types of intelligence of an individual and a group. This includes the application of Bloom's Hierarchy of Needs from basic to Self Realization. Thus, Whole Language is the portal to achieve this through compassion and peacebuilding.

It means that we must take our children's dreams into account and stop cookie-cutting education. One does not fit all, but if all apply the spectrum of educational methodologies that develop the entire individual's ability and aptitude, our harvest will be happier, more harmonized individual and family groups.

The Whole Language approach will not flourish unless there are fundamental changes in the system's foundation as they implement dysfunctional curricula and administrative rules that jeopardize instead of promoting the whole being's ability to develop and reach self-realization.

If you have experienced moments of joy, as I did teaching in an outdoor classroom, how our own mini-farm behind the school made such a difference in student outlook and participation as I watched kids learn how to get along, how Earth makes food grow and how to help instead of damaging, how hard it is to keep the bugs away organically by being smarter than a bug, all by taking pride in our work as a team and as a contributor, then you know the meaning of education is to have a practical purpose, an immediate application, and a string of activities that arise from the observation and measurement of the elements of nature and their combination.

This whole language experience requires breaking down the whole into small bits and attaching all the learning styles and multiple intelligences to each hypothesis through action and reaction, observable and measurable activities that engage inquiry, and curiosity. Furthermore, they develop an understanding and ability to manipulate relationships between the elements being tested. The progression from preschool to real-life should be seamless.

Pre K-8 Environmental Education Activity Guide 4th Edition
by Project Learning Tree (Author)
4.9 out of 5 stars 56 ratings
environmental education activities book

But this is rarely the case. Instead, a high percentage of these kids occupy one of the highest sources of employment in the USA, not as laborers but as inmates.

Book 2 - Earth Day Activities

One reason to revise a Month's Awareness Days might be out of curiosity or to learn something new. Better yet, you could contribute to spreading its awareness. In such case, you may want to take a look at the list below and pick 3-5 Awareness Days of Weeks that hit a tender spot in you,

Thinking of Nature: A mindfulness book for kids Kindle Edition
by Amy Mucci (Author) Format: Kindle Edition

Endangered and Extinct Trees have no special book written about them. That needs to change in the publishing market. Lots of endangered animals, but not enough talk about trees.

But Earth Day is no longer my favorite awareness. I would have to choose Arbor Day as April's most important Awareness Day. I feel and hug trees, hear their song inside my head, and watch them dance to their own tunes. Trees provide, produce, and enhance life on Earth.

Forest Walking: Discovering the Trees and Woodlands of North America Paperback – April 26, 2022 by Peter Wohlleben (Author), Jane Billinghurst (Author)

Whether plant or animal, trees house and feed us all. Sadly, we've cut them down to create shelters, pyres, and crop fields from the beginning of time, yet, only now, we seem to be unable to sustain the fragile balance between need and nature. As need turns to greed, there is never enough wood to go around, and are not able to replenish what we take.

Book 3 Endangered and Extinct Trees

Trees: Between Earth and Heaven Hardcover – November 20, 2018
by Gregory McNamee (Author), Art Wolfe (Photographer), Wade Davis (Introduction)

We've burnt and cleared the land of millions of acres to find precious metals and gems. So much have we taken from our Earth that we have caused the extinction of thousands of tree species. At the moment 17, 500 species of trees face extinction on Earth.



Book 4 - How Trees Communicate

The Hidden Life of Trees: The Illustrated Edition (David Suzuki Institute) Hardcover – Abridged, August 28, 2018

Coppice Agroforestry: Tending Trees for Product, Profit, and Woodland Ecology

a book about agroforestry

Perhaps you know of someone who would benefit from the celebration or observance of one or more of April's awareness days. Feelings of altruism or helping a cause, as is the case Arbor Day, we elevate our compassion and increase our connection to the earth. Planting a tree can be a profound experience, do it with care.

One is baffled by so many issues in the world that month awareness days, weeks, and months attempt to bring to the public attention!

Rare Trees: The Fascinating Stories of the World’s Most Threatened Species Hardcover – March 21, 2023

by Sara Oldfield (Author), Malin Rivers (Author)

a book about trees in history

The Complete Language of Trees: A Definitive and Illustrated History (Volume 12) (Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia, 12) Hardcover – Illustrated, March 28, 2023

by S. Theresa Dietz (Author)

How do trees communicate book

Fantastic Fungi: Expanding Consciousness, Alternative Healing, Environmental Impact // Official Book of Smash Hit Documentary Hardcover – Illustrated, August 27, 2019

by Paul Stamets (Editor, Introduction), & 8 more

However, these 3 are important to me.



The Independent Bookstore Association

Independent Bookstore Day celebration falls on on the last Saturday of April and is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. On April 29 the world of independent publishers, writers and boksellers will pay particular attention to all the independent bookstores around the U.S. and celebrate their unique contribution to the fabric of society.

Books constitute the thought foundation of our civilization needed to achieve industrialization and the space age, as well as most of man’s architecture and financial knowledge, Books have transformed over the past few decades, to the digital age, which now allows an infinite number of titles be to be accessible online. Whether we realixe it or not, books still have great importance and value.

From books, we learn all that history has recorded, and they will never be on the decline.

The rise of libraries across the ancient world led to the acquisition of books and private book collectors around the known world took pride in their librarie.

Book publishers and bookselling became a flourishing trade. Collectors would travel to exotic locations far and wide to secure rare and coveted tomes for their libraries.

During Rome's golden era, its elite society took great pride in hording prestigious collector's titles giving rise to the commercial book trade in Western civilization, The book business which started over 2,000 ago has allowed every citizen around the world to access books and a bookstore with titles available in almost any language.

Historically, only the most powerful members of society had access to books, but that changed with the advent of educational opportunities for all, and illiteracy rates dropped.

Over the millennia, bookstores have evolved in variety, shape, and form. However, at their core, a bookstore is a place where a wealth of knowledge lives. While the idea of a library has been around for thousands of years, a bookstore as we know it today is much more recent.

As an independent enterprise offering writing and production services, TAT Productions, through the Blog of Angela Terga and our new independent digital bookstore, newagestories.com, brings to the public's awareness relevant books and authors that inspire and shed light on Truth. Based on factual and intuitive knowledge of history and science, including metaphysics, and through conductors such as writers, these books are not only nonfiction and fiction, they are woke.

The bookstore Newagestories.com by TAT Productions offers an awakening to compassion, empathy, and nonjudgmentalism through the power of literature, knowledge, and logic. Based on the history of mankind, religion separates us and makes us blindsided when we profess to know Truth without evidence and pragmatism. The reason why we are endowed with critical thinking skills and abilities is to search for Truth, although we may never quite grasp its entirety. Please, even when you are not willing to use your critical thinking tools, won't you be so kind as to let others use theirs? Thank you!

Woke and wokeism relate to the state of being awake to all sides of a story in a nonjudgmental way, weighing the fairness of it, and allowing a higher consciousness to broaden the scope according to the rules of humanity that allow us equal rights under the law. For a professional explanation of wokeism you may enjoy the blog post The Psychology of Wokeism by Michael Carso, P.H.D., J.D.

Here is another definition of Woke and wokeism: ​[transitive]wake something(literary or formal)to make somebody remember something or feel something again.

  • The incident woke memories of his past sufferings.

But not only self-improvement, metaphysical philosophy, and esoteric knowledge books will you find in newagestories.com digital bookstore. There is also fiction, lots of it. Especially, magic realism. Magic realism and sci-fi plus other fiction books such as historical fiction—my favorite to read enlighten us by expanding our reality. Besides, fiction books also contain a great deal of truth within.


,Benefits of Silence

Silence helps us get into the practice of mindfulness, which helps us meet the world serenely. It can reduce anxiety and calm racing thoughts. Mindfulness allows us to sit in the present moment. It also stimulates the brain.

Silence gives us the opportunity to observe our thoughts and feelings. As you become aware of your body and mind, you may find the compassion to understand your feelings without judgment.

Silence: The Power of Quiet in a World Full of Noise

by Thich Nhat Hanh | Jan 27, 2015

A book about the benefits of silence by Thich Nhat Hanh

The Cleveland Clinic proclaims an ode to silence benefits which include:

  • More profound thoughts.
  • Stronger relationships.
  • Increased creativity.
  • Improved communication skills.

Unbeknownst to many, there is a GLSEN Day of Silence to awaken the world to the sensitivity of LGBTQ silence. On this Day of Silence, registrants take a vow of silence and break the silence with a virtual rally to build momentum and show commitment to inclusiveness.

The silence that accompanied the LGBTQ community for generations is now a way to bring awareness to its own need for a voice and inclusion.

The Savvy Ally: A Guide for Becoming a Skilled LGBTQ+ Advocate Kindle Edition

by Jeannie Gainsburg (Author) Format: Kindle Edition

4.8 out of 5 stars 255 ratings

A book about how to be an ally of the LGNTQ


Lastly, this is a very sensitive topic, as one might expect. The culture of rape, sexual abuse, and the silence around it, is also one that deserves an awareness day. You might ask yourself, if this is now, how was it one hundred years ago when women were expected to remain quiet and well-behaved, were not allowed to own their lives or even a bank account, and remained silent about their needs for redemption during a lifetime would lead to depression.

Both men and women are victims of an assault at diverse times in their lives, such as during childhood, adolescence, in the military, at the workplace, on a college campus, in athletic organizations, the boy scouts and girl scouts, and just about any other place you can think of.

She Said: Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story That Helped Ignite a Movement Kindle Edition

by Jodi Kantor (Author), Megan Twohey (Author) Format: Kindle Edition

4.5 out of 5 stars

A book about sexual assault

Unbound: My Story of Liberation and the Birth of the Me Too Movement Kindle Edition

by Tarana Burke (Author) Format: Kindle Edition

A book about the history of the me too movement

Did you know that the Month of April is also:

  1. National Parks Week
  2. World Autism Acceptance Day
  3. Day of Silence
  4. Earth Day
  5. World Malaria Day
  6. Arbor Day
  7. Independent Bookstore Day
  8. Alcohol Awareness Month
  9. Arab American Heritage Month
  10. Autism Acceptance Month
  11. Cushing Disease Awareness Month
  12. Earth Month
  13. Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month
  14. Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month
  15. National Adopt-a-Greyhound Month
  16. National Cancer Control Month
  17. National Counseling and Awareness Month
  18. National Donate Life Month
  19. National Frog Month
  20. National Garden Month
  21. National Heartworm Awareness Month
  22. National Oral, Head, and Neck Cancer Awareness Month
  23. Paralyzed Veterans Across America Month
  24. Parkinson’s Awareness Month
  25. Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month
  26. Sarcoidosis Awareness Month
  27. Sexual Assault Awareness Month
  28. Stress Awareness Month
  29. Testicular Cancer Awareness Month
  30. National Wildlife Week
  31. International Dark Sky Week
  32. National Parks Week
  33. Fashion Revolution Week
  34. National Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week
  35. National Oral, Head, and Neck Cancer Awareness Week
  36. Porphyria Awareness Week
  37. National Dog Bite Prevention Week
  38. Animal Cruelty / Human Violence Awareness Week
  39. National Minority Cancer Awareness Week
  40. National Volunteer Week
  41. Lab Animal Week
  42. Lesbian Visibility Week
  43. World Primary Immunodeficiency (PI) Week
  44. National Deaf LGBTQ+ Awareness Week
  45. Earth Week
  46. GLSEN Day of Silence
  47. World Aquatic Animal Day
  48. World Rat Day
  49. World Stray Animals Day
  50. Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy Remembrance Day
  51. Bohring-Opitz Syndrome Awareness Day
  52. National Siamese Cat Day
  53. National Library Day
  54. International Beaver Day
  55. World Health Day
  56. National Alcohol Screening Day
  57. Zoo Lovers Day
  58. Pygmy Hippo Day
  59. Cushing Disease Awareness Day
  60. Teal Day (for Counselors)
  61. Day of Silence (for LGBTQ+ Youth)
  62. ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Day
  63. National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day
  64. Parkinson’s Disease International Awareness Day
  65. National Pet Day
  66. World Breathing Day
  67. World Hamster Day
  68. Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) Awareness Day
  69. National Dolphin Day
  70. Save the Elephant Day
  71. Bat Appreciation Day
  72. World Hemophilia Day
  73. National Transgender HIV Testing Day
  74. Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Action Day
  75. Nonbinary Parents Day
  76. Cannabis Justice Day
  77. Tuna Rights Day
  78. World Curlew Day
  79. Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) Awareness Day
  80. Earth Day
  81. International Pallas’s Cat Day
  82. National Lost Dog Awareness Day
  83. World Meningitis Day
  84. World Day for Animals in Laboratories
  85. World Malaria Day
  86. World Penguin Day
  87. International Day of Lesbian Visibility
  88. World Tapir Day
  89. Marine Mammal Rescue Day
  90. International Hyena Day
  91. International Guide Dog Day
  92. Global Pay It Forward Day
  93. World Wish Day
  94. National Siamese Cat Day
  95. Arbor Day
  96. National Animal Advocacy Day
  97. National Therapy Animal Day
  98. World Veterinary Day
  99. Save the Frogs Day.
  100. National Library

<![CDATA[Tips for a great 2024 trimester: "Do what is most important first." ]]>https://www.angelaterga.com/post/template-the-ultimate-guide-to-writing-the-ultimate-guide65bff36daf3eda25f75177d1Sat, 15 Apr 2023 03:07:55 GMTAngela Tergahttps://youtu.be/7opl5m4TsMo

Welcome to the first post of the Blog of Angela Terga in 2024. Presenting: "Memoirs of a Mad Teacher, an episodic writing event that takes place with every blog post published.

"Do what is most important first," were the words my favorite Principal used to usher us into another 'impossible to get it all done' mission. As we left the meeting in despair deciphering what that meant for each one. Our every exhibit installation at the museum magnet (every 9 weeks), launched us into stress metastases.

This new year 2024, his words of wisdom resonate even more poignantly with his passing. It's as if life hasn't changed a bit for me in spite of having the left the professi0n. I'm still having to figure that out every day.

1. Organize Your Thoughts
  • I hope you have made your Vision Boards and To Do Lists in sight and on your mind. May your dreams come true this year, 2024. Think your wishes into being by feeling it. Use visualization and and practice the feeling.
  • This year marks a new beginning for TAT Productions as a 501C3 nonprofit private fund corporation, CAMP (Conscious Arts Media Productions). What is different in your year? What is the same? What would you life to change?
  • The learning curve of a new entity formation and management while product packaging and pitching, and seeking production funding, can become a health hazard very fast. Stress, we know, motivates us and also finishes us. Ask my hips. They both had to be replaced when I decided to embark in a new direction as a writer. Out of fear? Perhaps. We disease when we are not at ease.
  • So take it a day at a time. Set and follow an ideal schedule that includes exercise and nutrition. Pace yourself and keep track. Keep a Journal, make To Do Lists, write in your Diary.
  • If only we could. We've done that before and it didn't work. We lost track, got involved and lead away from your main focus. It felt good so you basked in the light. But soon you knew it was only a mirage. What to do? Look forward. Start new.

What is most important for you to do today, every moment of the day?

  • Three of my earthly guides have passed on to another dimension this past year. Time is of the essence, therefore, I vow to pour into this year's basket, all the wisdom and courage possibly mustered to refine the process and show its value to the world.

Why Conscious Arts? Consciousness reveals itself through art. It lets out the pain, the unfulfilled wishes, rejection, and other sufferings of the mind in a non violent way.

are healing arts that help us focus on the dream, build bridges among cultures, shorten distances, and harmonize with our environment. Media Productions are any type of publication medium disseminated into public exposure and adoption, i.e. music, film. illustrations, theatrical performances, writing.

Media entertains, teaches and sets trends inadvertently, creating separation or togetherness, understanding or confusion. It is the most important industry for the transformation of society.

Some Quick Guidelines on how to start a nonprofit

Don’t make your guide longer than 2000 words. In an ultimate guide, you also have a lot of space to use your SEO keywords. Put 2-3 keywords around in the post, in the H2 headings, and in the text itself. Add Anchors Links much like a table of contents where readers can click and go to a section of the post. To add them, click on Link in the toolbar above, select Section and select one of the headings in the post.

Heading #1: Why Is This Topic So Important?

Heading #2: What are the Nuts and Bolts of Your Guide?

Heading #3: Is Your Reader Feeling Empowered?

Heading #1: Why Is This Topic So Important?

In this first section, you set the stage for your readers. This is where you remind your site visitor, in greater detail, about the topic at hand. You can offer a brief history of the issue as well as when and how it became so popular or vital; describe the geographic location or setting if your guide is travel-focused; relay the possible mishaps that occur (or can occur) to someone who doesn’t stay up-to-date with current trends; and explain how practical implementation of your recommendations is simple.

This is your chance to get your reader excited about the guide and appreciate the real value behind reading the post in its entirety.

To boost the post's SEO, be sure to include keywords in the heading and format them as Heading 2 or Heading 3.

Heading #2: What are the Nuts and Bolts of Your Guide?

Get ready to explain everything! Start with a catchy introductory sentence or two to get the ball rolling, and then begin sharing your insights with your audience.

Decide from the start of this section if you want to write your detailed explanation of your expert guide (i.e. Parisian Restaurants or Vitamin and Mineral Supplements or SEO Steps) as a list or separate subheadings. The most important thing is to be consistent. Each entry should be clearly distinguishable and you should offer your reader concrete insights throughout.

Explain with examples and anecdotes. Try to give different perspectives so readers with different backgrounds understand. Think about your audience. Are you talking to beginners or more advanced readers? Do you need to use a more professional writing style, or a friendly and casual tone that is more relatable?

Remember that this is the largest section of your guide. Add images to make the post more dynamic and interesting, and include links from other sources or to one of your previous posts. You may want to include something personal or funny along the way to lighten the load and make the read more enjoyable.

Heading #3: Is Your Reader Feeling Empowered?

It’s time for your readers to start applying what they have begun to master. Leave your reader feeling like they learned a lot. In this last section, you can write one or two paragraphs that remind your audience what they have learned; what are the first steps they can take to apply all your advice and coaching (i.e. make reservations to the perfect restaurants in Paris for an upcoming holiday; purchase vitamin supplements or make an appointment with a nutritionist; or check their SEO search engine rankings and keywords). Provide them the needed links (can be an affiliate) to get going and encourage them to soar.

You can also remind them of other resources you have on your website as well as paid services or events that you offer. Don’t be shy. They may have more questions after reading (or in the future). Invite them to leave comments below the post so they stay engaged.

<![CDATA[A Leap of Faith: Episode 1: Memoirs of a sad, mad, badass Teacher ]]>https://www.angelaterga.com/post/memoirs-of-a-sad-mad-badass-teacher65bff36daf3eda25f75177deWed, 15 Mar 2023 02:38:25 GMTAngela TergaSo it's Women's History Month and everywhere you look, digital posts show Teacher appreciation during women's history month, the month that celebrates women's accomplishments and what it means to be "Woman" (which can manifest in so many ways). Most teachers are women, I believe nurses too, are women majority and essential workers, but rank in the lower half of the income pie for professionals. Why? Is it because they are women majority jobs?

What does it mean to be woman?

Today, March 14, is Women's Equal Pay Day. It symbolizes the day women would receive their year's pay or "how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year," since women must work longer hours to receive the same pay. However, when it comes to professional women, there is no such thing as one year but many.

A teacher should not be making less than $250,000 a year. But they don't even make it to $100k. Sad, right? Neither do nurses, although they make more than teachers. It's not just about glamour but being essential what matters what should count.

This month, teachers, parents, media outlets, everyone is talking about Women's struggle

for equality. Hurry and learn before the history is banned or burned like in Ray Bradbury's book, Fahrenheit 451. This award winning author shows us an apocalypse of the mind.

I recently caught the film Women Talking, based on a novel by Mirian Toews about a Mennonite community where women were made to believe that the brutal sexual abuse they reported was imagined, self-inflicted, or satanic curse instead of perpetrated by the clan's men.

Here' a story worth looking into based on facts, which hasn't been brought to the screen. Many women's stories are yet to be told and brought to screen.

My favorite women's history character, and a biopic I have been developing on my own, first as a ghostwriter and then as the copyright owner, is Sojourner Truth. The screenplay I wrote in 2016 was based on The Narrative of Sojourner Truth, the autobiographical account of a woman who found freedom, real freedom of the mind and soul, and became a prophetess and seer. But biopics are very challenging for screewriters.

Sojourner Truth sitting down with her hands on her hips instead of knitting.

Boy has this image of Sojourner Truth changed compared to the ones below! It's been photoshopped to show a different attitude, one that is more in-line with the times. However, I'm not sure Sojourner would agree with the polka dots. I will create a blog strictly for her biopic and novel adaptation before Women's History Month is over.

But today's Episode is my story. "A Leap of Faith," is a mini series about how a teacher's feud with the system set an example.

What is a leap of faith?

Is it making a sacrifice for something you want to achieve?

That's what Viola did when she made the decision to stop running and get on the world stage and shed the labels society had given her to wear. She took a leap of faith on her self.

It's all part of finding yourself!

It feels really good to walk out of a place that only seeks to keep you down!

I left the only job I had known for 25 years. Being a teacher was the only means of sustenance I had known for over 20 years. The men that had shown up in my life were actually looking for me to save them instead of helping me cope with the demands of being head of household with teenagers. I believed I was doing something wrong. And I was, but not exactly the way I thought.

First, I imagined God would bring the right person to me if I went to church and was faithful. Then at church I found hypocrisy and bad advice for my troubles with my teenage child. Never put your child on the street for you might lose them entirely. No matter what, make your child a bowl of homemade soup, sit and listen to them and be there as a rock for support without judging or expecting them to be and do what you say. But that's a topic for another episode.

Years later, when I was leading a class in TV production, the task was literally impossible. I had no planning period, no help during class time, so much equipment to be responsible for, and the administrator would take it out of the cage and not tell me. Plus a regular language arts class, actually, 3 of them, all in different levels and programs.

How was I supposed to do the job single handed? There was favoritism, too, only one or two children got to do special projects with the equipment per the vice Principal. That goes against my rules And kids that didn't "make it: in another elective, meaning the teacher didnt want them there, were sent to TV Production out of the blue. Besides all that was going on at school, the TV network just wanted to make their anchors popular, so they sent them to tell their story and teach the same thing every time: The 5 W's and the 4th power—the Press.

But the actual skill of shooting and editing was left entirely to me. With just a few kids you can do it but as the class grew, it really was not even near the ideal that had been painted to me when I agreed to the position. The editor/cinematographer from the network visited only twice in almost a whole year. Meanwhile, every week they sent another pretty girl all made up, to talk about the 5Ws over and over.

Additionally, there was one more class that I would have to be responsible for grading even though I did not teach it. There was no way to get out of it! And the key to the elevator was a mystery joke. Only those that had been grandfathered in had one. If you asked for one, it would have to wait, fill out a form online for the time and reason needed. Ridiculous Principal and Vice-Principal combo! I refused to be treated that way.

I was expected to become the 1000 hand goddess and do that many things at one time in one short hour, hour after hour, week after week. But I couldn't even find a better situation among peers. Teachers who frequented the teachers' lounge during lunch time would complain about the school principal, but come faculty meeting time no one spoke out. If anyone did, the faculty would not appreciate it because it would make them late to avoid traffic. Meanwhile, they counted the years, months, weeks, days, hours, to retirement.

A few teachers in that school were battling cancer or other diseases and mortgage foreclosures. The happiest person in the building was the Psychologist, she had a great time not having to make lesson plans for 4 different classes and do the grading after hours for lack of planning or grading time. All she did was fill out IEPs and schedule meetings. There were also some cases of sexually abused children in the middle school which were pretty serious. One girl was a prostitute already. That's the type of environment teachers face every day.

I had already lost my house to foreclosure, had no more than a rented room close to the job to avoid getting old in traffic, so when I got the offer to write as a ghostwriter for someone who wanted to make a biopic, I saw the heavens open and a voice in me said. "Let's go!"

So I packed the few personal belongings I had brought with me to the position and rolled my cart down the stairs (because the key was forbidden) and took the keys with me. Before leaving, I wrote a letter to the powers that be explaining why I was out of there just like that!

Many things happened after I finished that ghostwriting contract. I got a job at a charter school that didn't pay teachers their summer checks (those that had part of their pay saved for the summer). I was driving 120 miles a day and getting horrible neck pains throughout the day. I was always sore and in pain— ended up with a case of osteoarthritis and had both hips replaced. I realize that it was my doubt and lack of self assurance that made me ill.

Luckily, I am pain free today and have moved into my family's old home in the country where I work as a freelance writer, ghostwriter, and blogger. I took care of my dad until he passed away last year and have been fixing up this old house. Regrets, I have a bunch, but leaving that school of thought, that school of overworked, under appreciated and overlooked needs unmet by infra human conditioning that teaching has become? Never.

This is the year of my comeback as a filmmaker. Taking flight with my projects and those of my ghostwriting assignments IS my deliverance!

<![CDATA[Back to Filmmaking with a Series PITCH, PROPOSAL & BIBLE TEMPLATE ]]>https://www.angelaterga.com/post/seriespitchproposalandbible65bff36daf3eda25f75177f3Fri, 17 Feb 2023 22:50:22 GMTAngela TergaWelcome to TAT News, I’m Angela Terga

Blogpost category: The Metamorphosis of An Idea

The GOOD NEWS is that I’ve been hired to create an adaptation from a Film Screenplay to a 1-hour TV Series for a client. But I can’t share any more details. Subscribe to this blog to find out how that goes and if I get any of TAT Productions projects placed. Through this affiliate blog, TAT Productions recommends books based on research, hoping to enrich your life with new age knowledge and insight. Subscribe here to our blog. Dreams do Come True! This call to work for hire came right after showing “Hybrid” at Savor Cinema during Ft. Lauderdale’s Arts & Design Week. It’s like the stars lined up! With renewed impetus, I refurbished my Utopia Series Pitch and now changed the title to Utopia 101 for the Series title and Taharai the Hybrid, for the Pilot Episode.

While doing research for Utopia 101, I revisited several industry books from the MFA program I partook in back in 2014 at Full Sail. These books’ authors are screenwriting experts with industry experience who each have their own way of presenting the process of creating a Treatment, Bible, Pitch Packet, Proposal, and Pilot. You must develop your own from their advice and using your own experience and talent. Here’s the list: · Writing Treatments that Sell by Kenneth Atchity and Chi-li Wong.

A book about creating and selling film treatments.

· Crafty TV Writing by Alex Epstein

A book about creating shows for television.

· Christopher Vogler's mythic "The Writer's Journey"

A book about applying mythic structures and psychological archetypes to modern writing.

Adding a more recent find to the list with Orlando-L.A.- based entertainment experts Phil Zizza and Wade T. Peña and their book Save the Writing.

After several days locating the specific topics within these books and processing the material, I took notes and added my own take. Having carried out several screenplay adaptations, thus far, makes me feel like a little connoisseur and gives me encouragement. So, I irked myself into eking out my own template, and I’m sharing it here to guide those confused with the terminology's ambiguity who’d want to know what all is in a Series Show Bible. For example, the terms pitch, treatment, synopsis, are used so loosely by the big wiggers and us wingers, that every deal can be different, even just written on a napkin, (that’d be real power).

Indies must be more consistent with the norms used by professionals in industry circles or at least know about these norms for pitching purposes and to be able to bring other creators along. It's not just industry jargon. It is academic and universal knowledge about storytelling effectivity.

Back To Filmmaking thanks to Broward County's Film Commission Initiative

At the First Annual FTLADW Filmmakers Showcase

The FTLADW 1st Annual Filmmakers Showcase where I watched my movie on a big screen again after almost ten years, motivated and inspired me to refurbish and bring to light the film Hybrid, which stands as the unfinished Pilot of the Series Utopia 101, Ep. 1- The Hybrid once premiered but never released as Spyderwoman, a spinoof of the student short Spiderwoman, based on the short story SpiderWoman, an Amazon Legend. The universe rewarded me, including meeting the ultimate cinematographer, the one and only Laszlo, the acclaimed creative Cameraman and Director of independent Film and broadcast commercials. I'm keeping an eye out for his next premiere in the South Florida Filmscape. By the way, Broward County is one of the most film friendly counties in the State. We shot the Hybrid’s Amazon Scene sequence in one of their public parks early in the morning for FREE! I caught up with old friends at the Showcase and the spirit of “Yes, I can” caught up with me! at Cinema Savor in Ft. Lauderdale. Thank you FTLADW2023!! Hope I can bring back the Hybrid as the finished Pilot of Utopia 101, the Series- about how society can be a peaceful world without sin.

Without further ado...

When starting out mapping a 1-Hour TV series... A series is a world that a creator builds with all the backstory and setting details of a novel, in episodes instead of chapters. Whether you have drafted the story yet or not, you can situate the idea within one or more genres and develop several loglines to choose from. These should be part of the introduction of every document you create for your series. Choose the most straightforward language you can. Avoid passive voice. This template contains three different sections that can be presented individually at any time during the developing stages and the dealmaking; so each stands alone and needs a heading and tittle as well as the projects: Title, Author, Logline, and Genre. It identifies the material at once. Keep it consistent.

Identify Genre, Keywords, and Audience The keywords used in genre categories for similar series are used to attract specific audiences which will help your series be listed under these series, expanding the project's marketing potential with crossovers. There are several genres Utopia 101 fits into. It’s a mouthful to tell them all. Utopia 101 is a 1-Hour Sci-Fi, Post-Apocalyptic, Magic Realism, Feminist, Survival TV Series. Explaining that it is also a ‘tale within a tale’ or two stories in one played out across three seasons non-linearly, further describes the show and places it within a niche audience. Study the beats of Sci-fi nonlinear post-apocalyptic survival shows with female protagonist or supporting actor that are streaming now and the all-time most popular, and you will arrive at your audience.

Every genre has 3 key elements that identify it.

  1. a hero willing to explore the unknown
  2. the creation of an authentic, unique world in which something is unknown, first of a kind, or rare.
  3. a relationship with scientific theory and universal laws that make events plausible instead of fantasy.

Compare the Series with Same Genre Shows Past and Present Make a list of the shows titles and briefly describe how they are similar and different. Hanna, Station Eleven, Carnival Row, The 100, The Last of Us. The Snowpiercer.

Why is Utopia 101 a feminist series? Both protagonists of Utopia 101 are women in non-traditional roles. 1. Sabia, is the last standing survivor and a skilled telepath who conduct the neo-Shambhalans’ astral travels. 2. Taharai is the first of her kind—a venomous Amazon hybrid surviving in the asphalt jungle. How is magic realism grounded and not fantasy? 1. Survival on Earth after a Nuclear Holocaust is technically possible and a plausible event. 2. Taharai, is a spontaneous hybrid, a parahuman— also scientifically plausible. After showing the basic elements of the series, title, author, and genre comes the Series Logline followed by the Series Synopsis. The second part of the pitch is the description of the Series including mood, tone, settings, SFX, and comparable financials. Devising this straightforward Template that anyone can follow, makes it simpler to create an all-inclusive Pitch Packet with Pitch, Proposal, and Bible. It’s like getting a Fill in the Blanks ditto at school, only you can’t copy from a friend. This tool keeps me organized and focused on each element until all requirements are filled in. After completing the template, you may further edit your document without the labels and present an even more polished packet. In any case, the pitch, proposal, and bible are working documents that continue changing until they’re recorded. These past few years, I’ve been writing screenplay adaptations and SEO articles. Writing adaptations from screenplay to book and book to screenplay has kept me in two waters honing writing skills for each type. However, it all begins with being able to tell a short story. A working TEMPLATE for the Series Pitch, Proposal & Bible

INTRODUCTION: Anyone can have a relevant story idea; some even a great one! But turning your idea into a TV show series can take years! Reach out to a ghostwriter for help, look for industry experts in books and IMDB, network, read, watch, write, and try. So…. I VENTURE TO SAY that the two preliminary elements you must have in mind before you start mapping out a TV Series are the hook and the inciting incident. These dramatic elements need to be in place as they will set the basis and become the foundation for the entire series arc. A series is but a film script broken down into parts and expanded into windows through which you can look at the ramification of the trunk or plot into chapters or episodes— much like a novel. Getting someone, a ghostwriter, to develop your idea professionally and create a Pitch Packet, then place the script in the hands of the attentive ears of decision makers interested in the genre—that is the ideal, for the right price. Even if you have an MFA in screenwriting or have been to film school and produced a feature as an indie and guerrilla filmmaker, like me, you need an industry insider who gets the attention of decision makers to be guiding you by the hand. If someone with industry experience says your project is likeable and doable, then, a big wigger might look at it and take a risk on it. You will be so grateful, so feel that way already. Meanwhile … and for the DIY guerilla filmmaker whose chances of breaking into the industry can be the toughest thing ever, like mine, don’t quit learning and doing just because you feel FAME AND FORTUNE are inaccessible.

Make whatever is accessible to you happen, and that is enough! When the door of opportunity opens, be ready to pitch, but Your Idea only has a few minutes to persuade someone else of its value. Make your Pitch stand out and matter. Own your story! Tell it “Every which way” you want and from different points of view. Change, add, take out, and give it away for others to love. Why will anyone want to continue to read after a few pages or watch that show to the end? Making adaptations from one format to another, book to series, for example, may be particularly challenging but when there is “STORY,” there is a way. Turn your story into as many formats as possible. Comics and graphic novels are in high demand. They each require a different type of writing skill and have a specific format. To create a Pitch Packet for a 1-hour TV series, start by knowing everything about the requirements of the format.

What is the difference between Serial and Episodic TV Shows? The main difference rests in that the Arc of the series encompasses all the seasons of the series as one consistent story sequence told across many episodes season by season—grouped according to plot point spinooffs. Episodic shows are stand-alone, so the arc does not extend across more than one episode. Even though the Set and Characters are recurrent, the story lines change from episode to episode. In contrast, in a serialized show, every episode moves the plot forward to the next plot point in the series arc and there is a resolution to that episode although not to the entire series.

A serialized TV show is unlike episodic TV in that although both are written in episodes, Episodic TV is not serialized, or its plot is not continued, therefore each episode stands alone. Characters may or may not be recurrent in an episodic TV Show. But in a serialized TV Show, often called a Series, episodes have their own arc, and at the same time, they are part of a grander plot arc across several episodes and seasons.

Teaser Scene Act One Act Two Act Three Act Four (Sometimes) Act Five, plus a Tag The duration of the drama series 1-hour TV show structure allows 15 minutes of ads to be placed in between the acts. Required by networks before the streaming fever took over America, it is no longer the norm. Done away with forced Cliffhangers every 8-10 minutes, there is further freedom for writers to create shows of any duration. Streaming has changed the landscape of the 1-hour TV drama series allowing for a more holistic development of the Story Plot. The first plot point doesn’t have to come within the first 7-15 minutes or pages in the script.

The Logline: Tell your story in one sentence. When …… Elements of a logline: · Protagonist · Inciting incident · Goal · Central conflict · Don’t give away the ending What is a movie Tagline? Taglines are catchy phrases that sell a point. Ex: “Who you gonna call?” From Ghostbusters movie.

What is in a story? Someone wanted to ………. But………. Character Place Problem Action Resolution Moral The 3-Act Story The Arc – From resting place to resting place The Dan Harmon Story Circle– this journey is often viewed as circular WHAT IS A SYNOPSIS?

Once you have arrived at Story, it is time to summarize it. What is in a synopsis. Firstly, a synopsis is a brief summation of a story. A synopsis must include all the elements mentioned above that make up the story plus the mood and tone. Namely: 1. Characters in pursuit of a goal. 2. Events reveal purpose (the inciting incident, turning points, plot points) 3. Obstacles, conflict (the antagonist) 4. Tone, mood, theme (revealed through feelings and settings) Every synopsis no matter how short or long has three main parts. · Characters – any archetype combination · Conflict – stakes are higher and higher · Arc – narrative from beginning to end In screenwriting/film, a synopsis is best when only one or two pages long and has all the information about the genre, the title, and the logline, followed by a 5-paragraph storyline narrative highlighting the major plot points and key characters.

What’s the hook? Let’s look at that closely. It’s not about what the story is about. Ask yourself “what’s the point?” What’s going to make someone want to stay up all night, episode after episode, until the end? What’s the buy-in? Before I lay out the template that will list and categorize all the elements that tell a story in a show, (which is all of them), ask what the million-dollar question is. “What’s the Hook?” Be ready to give this up at once. Anecdotally, this strikes an antagonistic chord in me. I am a rebellious storyteller who tries to be above the hero-driven and dualistic plot problem/solution of the elementary brain I tried so hard to bring into the third dimension of critical thinking. Professor Rosenberg at MIU’s short-lived Film Production MFA program used to ask that question a lot. So much so that I remember it quite clearly. My reaction was, “Do I have to have a hook?” followed by “What if I don’t want one?” Being able to answer that question readily when Prof. Rosenberg asked, left a dendrite on my brain. The first thing I do when I watch a TV show is ask myself “what’s the point? I would like to say to him: “Thank you “Profe”— you were my favorite at MIU’s Film Production Program (Miami International University); your creativity was outstanding when you made it snow in the Keys for your movie about escaping Nazism in a train. You also have real-life big production experience with cranes and all that. You are also a weird artist because you are the only Diorama Artist I know. However, dioramas and film go together simply perfect so I think I will start to create my own, too. Hey guys, check out Aleks Rosenberg’s Art Gallery and ask him “What’s the hook, Profe?” He’ll grin while looking at you over his spectacles waiting for you to reply to your own question.

THE HOOK brings you back… Simply put, every story has a problem which someone tries to solve. The hook is whether the stakes are high enough to merit watching. How much does it grab you in the gut, the spine, the limbic brain? The hook is not the inciting incident. But it can be imbued in it. Everyone knows that a hook is an attention grabber. What will your audience want to find out or discover when they watch an episode, and how big are the stakes? The Hook can be a rhetorical question. An example of just what that may be in a series or play… From Shakespeare’s, The Merchant of Venice: If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh?” MasterClass.com explains, a hook is……. “Language designed to motivate, persuade, or inform. Rhetoric is the art of persuasion in communication.” Ask someone to share with you what their favorite show is about, and you will arrive at the hook. Binge watchers won’t stop until the resolution. they want to find out what happens to their favorite character and how the problem was solved because they got caught on the hook. An old “Fill in The Blank” story starter teachers often use: “Someone wanted to… but…” implies there is a need to fulfill in every story. Likewise, wanting to fulfill the psychological need for closure takes viewers identified with the protagonist on a series-long journey.

Why would viewers want to know whether the Hybrid survived and made it back to her jungle? Will viewers identify with the Hybrid? Would viewers want to know what a perfect society might look like? How will viewers identify with the survivors?

Characterization Matters The first word in the sentence above is “Someone.” Nothing happens unless there is SOMEONE. That someone must be the right one for the job. Characters must be real. The protagonist has a bio from birth or even before, if it fits the plot and their history matters somehow. The web of ‘character-action-reaction’ that a story can weave is endless when there is backstory. Characterization is the art of creating a multi-dimensional character the audience buys into, even if it is a parahuman (in the case of the Hybrid). Dialogue and actions, as well the actor’s ability to embody the character, can be achieved in three ways: · Directly, that is explicit physical appearance, profession. · Indirectly, through actions, opinions, and thoughts, what the character says, interactions with others. The audience infers · By reference, what other characters say about a character or how they feel about that character‑3rd person It is important that your character fails, finds help, re-connects with the conflict or problem, then continues to try and have some measure of success or failure to the end.

There are many Character Archetypes: outsider, caregiver, rebel, mentor, professor, warrior, hunk, wise, orphan, hero, jester, seducer, bully. Trickster, damsel in distress, knight-errant, jock.

”There are forms or images of a collective nature which occur practically all over the earth as constituents of myths and at the same time, as individual products of unconscious,” stated Carl Jung, whose theory of human symbolism influenced branding archetypes in marketing, literature, and multi-media communication:

Innocent, everyman, hero, rebel, explorer, creator, ruler, magician, lover, caregiver, jester, sage.

In his acclaimed book, The Writer’s Journey, Christopher Vogler recommends using eight archetypes for characterization in a story: hero, mentor, threshold guardian, herald, shapeshifter, shadow, ally, trickster.

What launches a story? Answer: The incipient Inciting Incident! The inciting incident is not the hook but its consequence, its inspiration, launch pad, and feed. An example could be when the Yanomami mother gives birth to the hybrid in the Padua River. This creationist event implies the rhetorical question: Can a human be born venomous? Let’s investigate the most popular TV series in the sci-fi genre that match Utopia 101, a post-apocalyptic, non-linear, feminist, magic realism series: For example, Station Eleven, now streaming on HBO Max— the vanguard. Ingenious in several ways, for one, you could even shoot it guerilla style on a shoestring budget and just make sure your cinematographer is the best and you have Shakespearean quality actors. Its inciting incident? When the first victim of the pandemic collapses and dies on stage. Turning Points and Plot Points A plot point advances the action to the next level but is not the point of no return in the plot. Example: Someone hiding a gun and ammunition in a safe place at home is not a turning point, but it is a plot point. After witnessing a mass murder, sending the gun back to the manufacturer and picketing against gun violence is a turning point.

What is the Mood and Tone of the Series? Example: Station Eleven is one of the most popular series on HBO. It is rooted on a plausible reality, one that seems increasingly probable. In this TV sci-fi show, a great pandemic destroys human life to the point of extinction. A troupe of survivors travel the countryside experiencing PTSD as they bring whatever is left of culture to other survivors’ groups along the way to nowhere. Similarly, Utopia’s survivors practice life as a sangha where everyone has a voice, a choice, and a chore to do in a One for ALL commune. Their focus, however, is not on the past, however, but on a future enlightened society in which there can be no suffering.

The mood in these two shows is different. One is optimistic and regenerating and the other is lost in its painful memories and stranded in their present lives.

In Utopia’s world, a tepui is the natural environment. A tepui is a huge rock formation that juts straight up from within the Earth in the savannahs of the Amazon Rainforest between Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana. Its plant and animal life are still a mystery to us.

Let’s make the magic happen! STORY! is King, not just “content,” as they say in marketing.

Story is but a complementary set of elements in a plot of possibilities that moves a character from point A to B, for a purpose. That’s the hook, the purpose. And what happened to set off the action? That’s the inciting incident.

The Pitch Packet Contents:

· Series Pitch · Series Proposal · Show Bible

The Series PITCH leads to the PROPOSAL:

“Pitch” is a generic term that can refer to the 3-5-minute aural pitch known as the elevator pitch, in which an expanded logline sells the story idea. The Pitch Packet, on the other hand, has multiple documents.

The Pitch is a short, one-to-two-page summary with a brief description of the series. if you do a decent job of making the producers salivate here, you’ll get a chance to expand it in the Proposal.

The aural presentation of a story idea to a group of industry decision makers who can green light it—that’s a Pitch, the front page.

However, just because it’s short it doesn’t mean the information is not all there.

The pitch could be compared to an executive summary. It is part of a comprehensive packet with several components including the Proposal, the Bible, and the Treatment of the Pilot Episode. The Pitch Packet includes financials and even a shooting schedule and budget for the first episode. Keep in mind that TV Series don’t publish their numbers like Box Office films do.

The PITCH sells the idea

in as few pages AS POSSIBLE:


Based on

Series Logline

Series Synopsis

Series Description
Main Character(s) profile
Pilot Ep. Synopsis
Comparable Series


Target Audience

Why not give the producer a glimpse of the entire show? But don’t give away the ending or resolution. Whet their appetite. Let her know what the Story is and that you have all the series components. This document sells the series idea and the buy-in to the main character.

The PROPOSAL expands on the PITCH

A proposal is an expanded description of the show. It summarizes at least three seasons’ arcs, the main character profiles, the Series synopsis, the Pilot Treatment and the Script.

For financials, to estimate the budget, offer comparable genre series and research their budget to make recommendations. The production cost of a series episode can be 3 to 4 million dollars. Utopis 101 is a show that can be done with $300K. But never say that.

Alternatively, you could create a shooting schedule based on the first episodes’ pilot to propose an estimate of the production time length and the series budget size.

The Series PROPOSAL contains:

All the Above in the Pitch, plus:

· Series Arc

· Pilot Ep. Synopsis

· Pilot Ep. Treatment

· Pilot Episode Script

· Set Requirements for the series world

· Main Characters in-depth profile and Pilot characters short profiles.

· Comparable financials and audience analysis.

What does a SERIES BIBLE hold:


Character descriptions are lengthier, and the seasons’ arcs are described in more detail.

Broken down into Arcs and Arcs into Acts and Acts into Plot Points—the Bible keeps the entire series blueprint in place.

The Bible helps support the tone and mood of the series. This is the place to go when adding new characters and adding conflict to create the episodes in the seasons. If it doesn’t fit the mood and the characters’ backstories, it isn’t a good fit. Episodes must comply worth the story’s tone and mood. Unless…well, anything is possible in the movies.

What is a Treatment

Some people say they can shoot from a treatment because the treatment describes the scenes. But only in as few words as possible.

The treatment is a step-by-step replay of the pilot script. So is the outline, for that matter. It narrates the story with the intensity and depth that persuades. The language of the Treatment is a descriptive prose that brings the reader to the plot points and turning points by way of storytelling devices.

What is the difference between a Treatment and an Outline?

The language, for one, is the main difference between the Treatment and the Outline of a screenplay. While the Outline is a writing tool used by writers to plot out the script, the Treatment is a selling document presented during the dealmaking meetings and passed around from one producer to another and read by actors and investors on the project.

The language of the Treatment is a descriptive prose that brings the reader to the plot points and turning points by way of storytelling devices.

What is the difference between an Outline and a Beat Sheet?

The script outline expands the major beats into scenes. There are two kinds of beats, low and elevated level. A beat is the pause between dialogue, the minor and major actions. The beat sheet creates the backbone of a screenplay.

It has an intensity scale rating.

The Arc or curve determines the intensity of the ride along the journey from start to finish.
<![CDATA[You Are Invited to the Free Screening of HYBRID: Episode 1, Series: UTOPIA]]>https://www.angelaterga.com/post/you-are-invited-to-the-free-screening-of-hybrid-episode-1-series-utopia65bff36daf3eda25f75177d0Fri, 20 Jan 2023 16:58:13 GMTAngela TergaSave your seat. (Click this link): 1st Annual Fort Lauderdale Art & Design Week Local Film Maker Showcase Monday January 23, 2023 the red carpet opens at 7:00.


Episode 1

Series title: UTOPIA

Genre: Magic Realism

Themes: Evolution and Utopian Society.

Based on the novel: Utopia

Writer: T.A. Terga


In a post-apocalyptic Earth, survivors of the nuclear holocaust of humanity in a remote location are building a neo-society based on the principles of Shambhala by developing mental powers.

During camp-act, one of the legends from the past they vicariously experience through telepathy and astral travel is the story of Taharai, the Hybrid—a legendary spider woman who wreaked havoc in the cities of the modern world.

When mad scientist, Steve Goldberg, discovers Taharai’s coordinates in the Amazon Rainforest, he captures the venomous parahuman and confines her to Labsys for genetic testing and cloning.

But Taharai outsmarts security and escapes into the city lights. While scavenging and killing to survive, the Hybrid meets Ana, the link to her forest friend, Alan, a gold digger in Brazil who plans to rescue her.

With Ana’s help, Taharai becomes a conscious woman and proves she can control her instincts. But on her last night in town, the Hybrid becomes sexually aroused at a Night Club where Ana takes her for a treat. This time, it is the club owner whose lights go out while trying to seduce her.

The Hybrid runs from the scene chased by bad cop Tony, the Fed who wants to take out the rare Hybrid. There's a good chance Taharai’s friend Max, the good local cop, may arrive too late to save his karate pupil.

Wounded, the Hybrid disappears into the night.

To be continued....

Background of the Film:

This film was premiered at Cinema Paradiso on March 22, 2013, as “Spyderwoman.” It was the first feature by T.A. Terga, "Angela," of TAT Productions, writer of the book, Spiderwoman, on which it was based. Most of the crew included FT. Lauderdale filmmakers and actors. Broward County long-time resident, award-winning photographer and filmmaker Ronny Cush, who helped her direct, shoot, and edit the film, and Angela, worked together to adapt the original to screen during and after attending MIU's Film Production Program.

However, after writing and publishing Utopia, which links the exploits of the "Hybrid" to a future dystopian Earth where survivors struggle to control their minds through the teachings of Shambhala, T. A. Terga, "Angela" is moving heaven and earth to cut Hybrid's film footage into a new series.

The TV Series UTOPIA is based on a tall tale that evolved into a book series and continues to be adapted to several formats, titles and languages.

The Series UTOPIA, shows us the world of the neo-Shambhalans who tell the story of the Hybrid throughout 6 episodes as their life unfolds inside a tepui where the survivors migrated during the nuclear holocaust.

Genre specificities: Magic realism is part of the Science Fiction umbrella, but it is rooted in a plausible reality with social criticism overlays.

Contemporary Comparable Series: Station Eleven (2021); The Rain (2018);

Opportunities to Join the cast and crew (above and below the line):

Series: Utopia, Episode 1-6

Company: TAT Productions is looking to engage several professional and student filmmakers who wish to be a part of Utopia to help us produce a few new scenes (the future) and a new cut with special effects in 2023.


Director, Assistant Editor, Video Editor with FX experience, Producer, Wardrobe and Set designer, Illustrator, Marketing strategist.

For more information call or text Producer/Writer Angela Terga (786) 768-1455. Send email to info@angelaterga.com.


TAT Productions is a SAG-AFTRA Producer of student and feature films. All cast and crew associated with SAG-AFTRA membership requirements will receive credits.

Filmmaker’s Bio:

T.A. Terga, “Angela” is a life-long rebel teacher who wanted to learn filmmaking and writing so she ended up a guerilla filmmaker and self-published author. After getting an MFA in Screenwriting and an MS in Media Management, she realizes the best degree is a hands-on experience.

Her stories are multicultural with future/past unfolding of unlikely sheroes, of survival, evolution, and enlightenment.

To order her books, visit: https://www.bitlylinks.com/RBZvI-6nI

To subscribe to Angela Terga's Blog visit: https://www.angelaterga.com/social-critique-author-teacher-me-too-woke

Act 2 - The Blog of Angela Terga Presents:

THE METAMORPHOSIS OF AN IDEA: From tall-tale-to-series

You are invited to attend the screening of "Hybrid," Episode 1 of the nuclear post apocalyptic survival series, Utopia, for a special showcase of film at Ft. Lauderdale Art & Design Week's 1st Filmmakers Showcase. This free event is held at Savor Cinema. the red carpet event at 7, movies begin at 8 PM. See above.

How does a story evolve from a quick tall tale to a film short, a novel, a book and streaming series, a graphic novel, a video game, and a comic book, yet keep its original story plot intact?

One such tall tale now celebrating its tenth anniversary, is the 49 minute film series pilot, HYBRID, which is having a screening in its home, Ft. Lauderdale's Arts Theatre Savor, previously Paradiso, where the film's debut took place before it was adapted to series or even published as a book.

"Hybrid" premiered as "Spyderwoman" on March 22, 2013. Since then, the story has metamorphosed into a book series and has been adapted to different screen formats. However, through it all, yes, the tale of the spiderwoman remains intact.

She, Taharai, the spider woman was born to the Yanomami people in the Amazon Basin between Venezuela and Brazil. But she didn't have to cross the border to get here. She was kidnapped, captured, forced to be a lab rat.






By the way, not apologetically, IF you are one of those people who cringe to nudes unless they're Greek or Roman art, the cover of the first publication of Spiderwoman is an original painting by Calle Ocho Artist Carmelo Prado who is a "naíve" artist who exposes natural environments including people in their purest form.

This first edition of the story is based entirely on the hybridized human and doesn't include the future Shambhalans telepathic and astral travel technique. It only narrates the saga of an outcast hybrid being whose longing for human contact leads her to civilization. Of course, as an outcast, this contact came from outsiders who went to exploit the rainforest lands.

This cover depicts a second painting by Carmelo Prado the Calle Ocho Artist, in which the silhouette of a woman and the glistening light of a spiderweb silk intertwine. It feels like the dance of the spider woman, a ritual Taharai followed during the hunt on full moon nights.

The next version includes the future but not as developed, yet. The survivors were only starting out and the Spider Woman had not been rescued. We don't know what will happen to the world yet. Legends From the Future: Spiderwoman Taharai-an Amazon Legend.

Legends went on an expansion phase and is now a multi format series. In its storytelling evolution, it has been adapted to many formats. Telling the story from an omniscient point of view, the holocaust of humanity became a writing challenge. How and where would survivors make it? NO cover art on this one.

Then... on one of those bike rides, the beginning came to fruition in the imagination and later black and white.

UTOPIA was born. A perfect being, one that lives in consciousness and aware, She is the product of training in detachment, surrender, and love.

The Amazon Rainforest again becomes the setting for the survivors of the nuclear apocalypse. The jungle would survive the blasts—part of it would. In case of a nuclear apocalypse, would you bet on the survival of the rainforest?

Series Synopsis

The story awakens humanity to the possibility of a society based on the principles of Shambhala where there is no competition or leadership. No authority. No rules. Only applied principles in connection with the natural environment guide the survivors. The neo-shambhalans' values are open ended and inclusive, non judgmental, and based on love and compassion.

A non-stealing society as such means there is no personal property to envy. The need to survive against the world by acquiring and storing has been replaced with the feeling of belonging reminiscent of the ancient civilizations of the Americas.

Namely, the Yanomami of the Amazon Rainforest, Taharai the Hybrid's people, inspire the neo-Eden concept of creation found in Utopia. If everything belongs to everybody, will there be a need to take or have more? Of course, the world has ended so the survivors have no choice but to shed the old skin and grow a new one. Evolution costs us. Knowledge hurts.

Instead of a materialistic society the neo-Shambhalans have no other recourse given their location in a Tepui—the only place left on earth where oxygen exchange continued to take place.

Theirs would be a conscious society developing mind powers and achieve greater capabilities than ever imagined, including advanced telepathy and astral travel techniques.

How does Hybrid the spider woman from the Yanomami fit into the neo Shambhalans UTOPIA?

Mental powers develop through practice. During evening camp-act, the neo-Shambhalans share a meal, chit chat about their day and "tune in" telepathically for the night as they vicariously witness the exploits of Taharai the Hybrid spider woman who wreaked havoc in the cities of the modern world before the eco tomb.

In turn, the potential power of Taharai's story power is in fathoming a simply pure being for she is neither good not bad, a non-dualistic parahuman. She follows her instincts and kills to survive but her greatest wish is to become a fully conscious woman.

Check Out Contemporary Books of Post-Apocalyptic Sci-fi and Utopian stories:

Is Agartha or Shambhala, also known as Shangri-la a real place in the Himalayas where there once existed a magical land of non-duality?

A book about the Kingdom of Shambhala.

To learn more about telepathy and astral travel read the experts in extrasensory perception.

A book about the fifth dimension.
A book about the mltidimensions of humans.
A book about how to do astral projection.

Act 3


The jest of ANY Story doesn't just jump at writers from an ideation unless you are writing formulaically. While, good versus evil and good cop/bad cop, stories of dualism have been proven to be commercially sound, they may lack the freshness of non dual creativity.

In holistic writing the evolution of the protagonist can develop throughout the story as the main character traverses the new world into which they are cast.

A book bout storytelling.

Immersive storytelling: A story develops along the way.

Such has been the case with Utopia, the book, Hybrid the series pilot, Spyderwoman the first film, and Legends from the Future, aka Spiderwoman Taharai, the original tall tale. The plot developed over time just like the being on which it was inspired.

Getting to the crux of the problem?

In the end, Utopia is a wake-up call to humanity—one of many but never enough. In each version there is a slight difference that the format itself demands. Such is the case in every adaptation. A version doesn't have to include adaptations of format. Adapting to format requires being able to write for a specific purpose of which visual is the most adaptable to any medium. Visual writers are not just screenwriters but all writers who master the art of "show don't tell."

This time the story tells itself by creating a "brave new world" built by the survivors of a plausible nuclear holocaust where there are no rules—only principles, a true utopia.

However, the neo-Shambhalan society in their infant stages has zero ideological competition, not yet, anyway.

Where was Hybrid shot?

Not shot with a gun, no, that doesn't happen until the end when bad cop vs good cop fight over the survival of the Hybrid. The film was shot in people's homes, at city parks, in medical offices, at the NSU Biology lab, on the streets of Overtown, at North Beach, in Hollywood, at a Brickell Restaurant, in the Shops at Sunrise, at the Art Gallery Artopia, a Jazz Club—all located between Broward and Dade counties

The cast and crew involved with the project's first film phase may recall its origins as the story of an innocent hybridized human from the confines of the rainforest, an outcast of her people running rampant from Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood to Miami after escaping from the Lab at NSU, a favorite location.

Are there previous versions?

Yes, go back in time several years to the moment of the story's creation. Before producing the short film, Spiderwoman (7 min.), at MIU, in Miami/FT Lauderdale and before the 49 minute version was premiered as Spyderwoman at Cinema Paradiso—a product of guerrilla filmmaking, way before these films, there was...

....just a Tall Tale.

The fact is that the original short story titled Spiderwoman started as an oral story-time tall tale told by a teacher in a 4th grade classroom after lunch to get things to quite down. It's a good time to hear each other's tall tales.

However, the backstory is that it was inspired by the true account of a romance that was lost to the Amazon Rainforest during the late 70s.

Writing as therapy works!

In its fabric —(a story is what ,Carol King suggests, a ,,Tapestry)—was the feeling of awe that the Amazon Rainforest inspires. Having grown up listening to Carol King's songs may have made the author a natural (holistic) writer.

So, the story goes...

There once was a girl from America and a guy from Brazil whose destinies crossed when they met in Caracas. He went on to plant coffee in the Amazon and she to teach school in America.

Then what happened? She became obsessed with saving the Amazon and he to exploit it. In the end, the Amazon triumphed. And when the lovers met again, they were strangers to each other. By then the spider woman fantasy had already been written and premiered.

Perhaps the rainforest has the power to heal itself as marimbeiros and other exploiters presume, but the speed with which it is being consumed is destroying that knowledge as it ceases to evolve naturally, without being raped by man-king's ego.

Why the Hybrid being?

There are some interesting tales of spontaneous hybridization (organic magic beings) similar to Taharai, a venomous hybridized human, in the folklore of the native inhabitants of the Amazon rainforest. Visualizations of the creature came in spurts and were embraced by the imagination creating opportunities for character, place, and plot to form and develop.

Is creative manifestation for ego satisfaction or a greater cause?

Visionary writing is writing that has a purpose. Writers may not discover it until they separate themselves from the story and witnessing its impact—it organically warns and inspires, motivates change, and exposes truth.

As the creator shares the vision, the story guides readers and viewers to take up causes and shows how the world can be steered one way or another. It reveals the need to understand, to act, to believe—not judge and command. It is a process of self discovery.

Only to honor such creed is the job of a creator!


,Utopia Opportunities for Filmmakers and Actors:

To be part of the production team, crew and cast of Utopia, the series that will shock the world with a zen future and organically hybridized human diversity, you must be between 18-35 years old, be coursing a bachelors, trade school or high school program dedicated to the arts or media, and have a portfolio with proof of experience.

The project, Utopia, is ready to expand into video game, graphic novel, and comic book formats. If you are an illustrator, submit a pencil sketch of the main character, Taharai, the Hybrid—a natural woman with parahuman abilities.

Directors, Illustrators, Wardrobe designers, Video Editors, Producers, and Animators: send your resume (include headshot) and a letter of intention to: info@angelaterga.com explaining why you want to be part of Utopia and your experience in the field.

A unique opportunity to create a film cooperative following the showcase is available to all interested parties in the filmmaking arena.

Thank you for your attention and interest in celebrating new voices in film and literature.

<![CDATA[Three Authors | Tres autores by TAT Productions]]>https://www.angelaterga.com/post/three-authors-tres-autores-by-tat-productions65bff36daf3eda25f75177f0Sun, 01 Jan 2023 01:44:03 GMTAngela TergaTo all my Family & Friends, Social Media and website followers of ,angelaterga.com, to each and all, I hereby pass on the special message that my very good friend Sharon bestowed upon me on her cat and dog, John Lennon stamped card this holiday season, bringing me lots of joy and laughter as I reminisced our exploits in the jungle from my bed-ridden covid-manifest festive quarantine. (See Spanish version for each segment below).

The following books are available in print and digital here.

Happy New Year 2023!

“Whatever is Beautiful

Whatever is Meaningful.

Whatever brings you Happiness.

May it all be Yours this Holiday Season

and Throughout the Coming Year.

Happy New Year Dear Friend!"

Cat on Dog in holiday red bows
Musician John Lennon known for "Imagine".

During this special Holiday Season, TAT Productions is proud to present Three Authors | Tres autores and their special books which have made our life more meaningful and beautiful.

As an indie producer, TAT Productions writes, edits, and publishes genre-specific books of multicultural interest including Hispanic authors.

These three authors presented below in order of appearance in the TAT Productions’ clientele stratosphere, have made our publisher’s debut a reality.

TAT Productions will continue to reach out through the Blog "Angela Terga Presents," "Lessons From a 'Mad' Teacher," and "The Metamorphosis of an Idea," for your support in the coming year. Please make sure you subscribe to our blog and find good books to read and gift through our research of authors and top-hat topics

Our projects:

  • "The Spider Woman from the Amazon Rainforest" aka Spyderwoman, Hybrid and Utopia, will be making a Book 2 publication announcement in the summer. Looking to also shoot the second part of the film —the future, and this time distribute.
  • "Isabel III," our screenplay has been edited and will be assessed in competitions,
  • "I Am Sojourner Truth" makes its debut as a historical fiction book in competition.
  • "Max Found a Meteorite", the children’s book finds a publisher while the TV show finds a producer.
  • "Mario Jorge y las Muchachitas en Julia", a book of short story memoirs may find its way out into the world, too.
  • "Los maridos de la tia Ines" may be the next book after that.

A hefty work-year ahead awaits. Blessings!

Happy New Year from TAT Productions!



A toda mi familia y amigos, ya sean seguidores de redes sociales o del sitio web de angelaterga.com, amigos personales de la infancia o nuevos conocidos, a todos y cada uno, por la presente les transmito el mensaje especial que mi muy buena amiga Sharon me entregó en tarjeta de gatos y perros con sello de John Lennon (ver más abajo).

“Todo lo que sea hermoso.

Lo que sea significativo.

Lo que sea que te traiga Felicidad.

Que todo sea tuyo en estas fiestas

y a lo largo del próximo año.

¡Feliz Año 2023 queridos amigos!”

En esta temporada festiva, TAT Productions está feliz y orgullosa de presentar a tres autores y sus libros que han hecho nuestra vida más significativa y hermosa.

TAT Productions es una pequeña editorial de KDP que se esfuerza en brindarle contenido valioso incluyendo temas Latinos con sustancia multicultural que transmitan un mensaje positivo de paz para todos.

A través de estos autores, que les presentamos por orden de aparición en nuestro mundo empresarial digital, hemos debutado como editorial y esperamos continuar brindándoles las mejores voces nuevas de las artes literarias en inglés y español.



In his book POEMS FROM ONE HUNDRED STREET, Tony, who was born in Cuba, remembers his native land with love and respect However, he would grow up in Hialeah where like many other kids on the block, he combined American culture of the 60s and 70s with his vernacular one. This is the multicultural essence of his book.

Just like he is there to help All his friends, Tony has been there for me on my filmmaking journey. The least I could do was sit with him for hours going over every word, comma, and image in his poems to make his message pure and flowing.

A troubadour of modern times, Tony’s poetry is an ode to life, his friends and family, the country he left behind as a child, and the philosophy of life he has realized.

Tony is a SAG_AFTRA actor, accountant, and pet lover. He devotes his time to friends in need, his pets, and his new artistic phase— author, Anthony Correa.

A book of short stories for children is in the editor’s room waiting for treatment.

Book 1


,Tony's bilingual book is available in Print and Digital. Click the image to see purchase options.


En su libro, “Poemas de la Calle 100,” Tony, quien nació en Cuba, recuerda su tierra natal con amor y respeto. Sin embargo, crecería en Hialeah donde como muchos otros niños del barrio, combinó la cultura estadounidense de los años 60 y 70 con su vernáculo. Esta es la esencia multicultural de su libro.

Así como Tony ayuda a sus demás amigos, ha apoyado a TAT Productions desde el principio de nuestra incursión en las artes cinematográficas. Lo menos que podíamos hacer por él era sentarnos durante horas a su lado repasando cada palabra, coma, e imagen de cada una de sus poesías para que su mensaje fuera puro y fluido.

Como trovador de los tiempos modernos, la poesía de Tony surge de la canción siendo una oda a la vida, a sus amigos y familiares, al país que dejó atrás cuando era niño y a la filosofía de vida que ha realizado.

Tony es actor SAG-AFTRA, canta-autor, contador y amante de las mascotas. Dedica su tiempo a los amigos necesitados, sus mascotas y esta nueva etapa artística: el autor, Anthony Correa en la cual vierte el contenido de sus vivencias en forma de poesía.

Su próximo logro como autor incluirá la publicación de un libro de cuentos para niños.



Although we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Santos in person, we perceive from his writing that he is a gentleman who has dedicated his life to introspection, learning, and helping individuals and families live a more peaceful life.

“Palabras Clave para la Paz” translates as Keywords For Peace. It was the first manuscript TAT Productions edited and published for Dr. Santos. In the category of Self-Help, this book offers reader fourteen positive terms that are easy to apply to ordinary situations. Its contents serve as a guide to getting along with others and with yourself.

Published in Spanish, “Palabras Clave Para La Paz” is as vast as it is unique in propositioning to its readers a more peaceful life within and in our surroundings.

Book 1


,By Ismael Santos Cabrera. Available in Print and Digital formats. An English translation will be made available with your support. Recommended to advanced learners of Spanish.

Libro de autoayuda para alcanzar la paz.

The second book TAT Productions had the pleasure of editing and publishing for Dr. Santos has a totally different genre. “Mi Prima Leonor” is a historical sketch of the life and personality of one of Cuba’s most renowned women, Leonor Pérez Cabrera, the mother of Cuba’s national hero of the war of independence against Spain. The internationally celebrated poet, philosopher, and journalist, José Julián Martí Perez, the son of a determined woman.

Book 2 by Ismael Santos Cabrera


Una mujer con coraje ante la vida.

Through a series of letters that Doña Leonor wrote from the onset of her teen-age son Marti’s imprisonment until after his death, readers will have a wholesome picture of the life and personality of this woman in charge of a houseful of young daughters bereft of her only son’s support.

In spite of being sentenced to live in exile at age 16, Martí studied abroad and created a revolutionary movement as he gained worldwide renown as a Cuban nationalist.

In exile for 24 years, Martí’s work of poetry and his children’s stories sprung passionately from an unconsumed and absent love.

With your help in diffusing this book, its translation will be made possible.


Aunque no hemos tenido el placer de conocer al Dr. Santos en persona, se desprende de sus escritos que es un caballero que ha dedicado su vida a la introspección y a ayudar a las personas y familias a vivir una vida más pacífica.

“Palabras Clave para la Paz” fue el primer libro editado y publicado por TAT Productions para el Dr. Santos en la categoría de Autoayuda. Su contenido sirve como guía para llevarse bien con los demás y consigo mismo. Publicado en español, “Palabras Clave Para La Paz” es tan vasto como único en proponer a sus lectores una vida más pacífica dentro y en nuestro entorno.

El segundo libro que TAT Productions tuvo el placer de editar y publicar para el Dr. Santos tiene un género totalmente diferente. “Mi Prima Leonor” es un bosquejo de la vida de una de las mujeres más celebradas en la historia de Cuba, Leonor Pérez Cabrera, la madre del héroe nacional cubano, poeta, filósofo y periodista de fama internacional, José Julián Martí Pérez.

A través de una serie de cartas que doña Leonor escribió desde el inicio del encarcelamiento de Martí hasta después de su muerte, los lectores tendrán un panorama completo de la vida y personalidad de esta mujer a cargo de una casa llena de hijas jóvenes privadas del apoyo de su único hijo.

Condenado a vivir en el exilio a la edad de 16, Martí dirigió el movimiento revolucionario desde el exilio siendo mundialmente conocido como nacionalista cubano. Sin embargo, permaneció físicamente separado de lo que más amaba: la patria, su madre y luego su hijo. Tal vez por eso la obra poética de Martí y sus cuentos para niños surgieron tan apasionadamente del amor no consumido.

Con su ayuda en la difusión de este libro, su traducción será posible.



“Décimas, Fruto de la Inspiración.” This book of poetry is the work of genius. Not just expressing feelings for people and places but perfectly rhyming verses by Tens, is this style of poetry called Décimas, which originated in Europe’s Middle Ages.

Not just rhyming verses by tens but also portraying images of locations in them, makes this poetry book uniquely crafted and designed.

Every student of Spanish and lover of words should own this book. Beyond its poetic congeniality and imagery of places across the island of Cuba, this book is reminiscent of the simple life in the patronage of mankind.

Book by José Arias Díaz

,,Décimas, Fruto de la Inspiración

A book of folkloric poetry from Cuba.


“Décimas, Fruto de la Inspiración.” Este libro es la obra de un genio. El estilo de poesía llamado Décimas, que se originó en la Edad Media europea, no solo expresa sentimientos por personas y lugares cotidianos y allegados, sino que rima perfectamente las sílabas terminales en estrofas de diez versos cada una.

Todo estudiante de español y amante de la Rima debe leer este libro. Más allá de su simpatía poética e imágenes de lugares cual si atravesáramos la isla de Cuba, este libro nos recuerda la vida sencilla bajo el patrocinio de la humanidad.

<![CDATA[How IV Infusion Treatments Play a Role in Recovery: PART VI of The Road to Recovery]]>https://www.angelaterga.com/post/how-iv-infusion-treatments-play-a-role-in-recovery-part-vi-of-the-road-to-recovery65bff36daf3eda25f75177ccWed, 14 Dec 2022 00:30:44 GMTAngela TergaWhat are the benefits of IV Therapy treatments for detox and recovery? Which vitamins, minerals, and amino acids support SUD rehab?

We can not heal if our bodies do not have the elements necessary for its recovery. IV Infusion Treatments nourish our bodies with the right kind and amount of nutrients for optimal function

Vitamins & Minerals in an IB bag.

A brief history of IV Vitamin infusion therapy

In 1954, Dr, John Myers was the first to create an IV infusion recipe of vitamins and minerals tailored to each patient's needs. The original "cocktail" which has become ubiquitous over the decades as a potent enhancer of overall wellness consists of B12, B complex, Vit C, Calcium, and Magnesium. These substances help regulate the optimal function of nerves and muscles, aid metabolism, prevent cell damage, and improve the immune system. In the 1970s, Dr. Myer's Cocktail had become a staple of the rich and famous.

IV Therapy infusions generally take anywhere from 20 minutes to several hours, and can take place in a medical office or in the comfort of your home with a licensed medical professional observing the infusion.

Our bodies are limited in how much can be absorbed through oral supplements and ingested nutrients (up 50 percent). However, the body absorbs vitamins, amino acids, and minerals given through an IV drip at a much higher rate (90 percent).

Today, Infusion Therapy has earned a place in alternative medicine and among rehab patients making it an alternative medicine option not just for millionaires, movie stars, and athletes, but also to treat the side effects of cancer treatments and addiction patients, among other conditions such as asthma, fatigue, low immunity.


IV Push

IV push is when the vitamins and nutrients are injected directly into the IV line. This method is usually used for smaller doses of vitamins and nutrients.

IV Drip

IV drip is when the vitamins and nutrients slowly drip into the IV line over time. This method is often used for larger doses of vitamins and nutrients, allowing the body to absorb them better.

Hope always finds a way, reason why HEALING from addiction MOTIVATES patients and family to look for alternative medicine options and wholesome treatments. IV Infusion therapy is not a new kid on the block such as Ketamine for Depression is. And it is now more affordable than ever.

This book provides a practical introduction to the use of intravenous vitamin and supplement infusions to support cellular vitality with the goal of reversing many common conditions and making disease less likely to occur. Vitamized health supports the body's incredible self-healing power.

Everyone deserves a Tune Up!

Addiction recovery is not a myth! There is hope; when you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, it gives you more impetus to keep trying. Once the patient is ready for change and has taken the first step in the 12 step program , opportunities to heal show up in many forms.

Addiction recovery patients in an outpatient or inpatient program can and do benefit from NAD+, Vitamin and Amino Acids treatments before, during, and after detox and beyond recovery.NAD+, VITAMIN, AND AMINO ACID Infusion Treatments are an integral part of a healthy lifestyle among athletes, movie stars, millionaires, and baby boomers. However, IV Treatments ALSO have a history of helping addiction recovery patients recover wellness.

IV Therapy with vitamins and or amino acids are trending but how much do they mitigate the effects caused by aging, chronic illness, daily stress, alcohol and substance abuse taxing your body’s natural RENEWAL processes.

IV Therapy offers additional support to rehabilitation efforts. Detoxing from substances take a take a toll in your organism can be doubly taxing, why not invest in your overall health with infusion therapy cocktails that boost your metabolic rate.



Alpha Lipoic Acid - A potent antioxidant useful in enhancing mental functions.

Arginine - converts to nitric oxide, vasodilator improves blood flow and oxygen/nutrient delivery to muscles.

NAD+ - Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is found in every living cell, as a compound necessary for molecular machines (enzymes) involved in fundamental biological processes. Initially discovered in 1906, NAD+ has seen a resurgence in research continually showing that NAD+ is critical for maintaining the health of our cells, tissues, and bodies.

Several things can decrease the levels of NAD in your body, especially work burnout, and addiction. When you have low levels of NAD, your body has a harder time repairing damage and functioning on a cellular level. By raising your NAD levels, you can support your body, so it can heal more effectively.

As we age, we see a gradual decline in cellular NAD+ levels. This decline in NAD+ is linked to numerous age-associated diseases, including cognitive decline, cancer, metabolic disease, sarcopenia (age-related loss of muscle mass and strength), and frailty. Many of these diseases can be slowed down or even reversed by restoring NAD+ levels.

Glutathione - An antioxidant consisting of L-glutamic acid, L-cysteine, and glycine which combat oxygen free radicals and peroxide. Glutathione depletion is present in neurodegenerative disorders and aging.

Taurine - an amino acid that supports physical function and performance with anti-oxidant properties that protect the body from oxygen free radicals.


B-complex - B1, B2,B3, B5, B6. All B Vitamins assist in converting carbohydrates to glucose, help metabolize fats and proteins, necessary for the synthesis of melatonin, B5 or dexpanthenol, is also an important sleep and anti-aging agent.

Biotine - Vit 7, needed for energy, skin, hair, and nails.

Calcium - maintains the hardness of teeth and bones, aids in muscle function ans helps release hormones and enzymes involved in all body processes.

Choline - promotes lipolysis, helps transport fat to cells for energy .

Inositol - Vit. B 8 helps the liver break down fat when combined with other B vitamins.

Magnesium - involved in 350 enzyme systems , needed to keep metabolized Vitamin D in circulation, helps maintain muscle and nerve function, preserves immunity and heart rhythm.

Riboflavin - Vitamin B2 may prevent migraines.

Vitamin B6 - known as pyridoxine, produces energy, helps synthesize serotonin and norepinephrine while influencing mood. Melatonin, derived from Serotonin regulates circadium rhythm and sleep.

Vitamin B12 - cobalamin plays a key role in brain function and red blood cell metabolism which produces energy.

Vitamin C - ascorbic acid is necessary for collagen formation and tissue repair, promotes infection resistance and vessel integrity, prevents osteoporosis, reduces incidence of coronary heart disease in women, and prevents Alzheimers.

Vitamin D - is a fat soluble vitamin which helps the body absorb calcium, magnesium, and phosphate; it modulates cell growth and neuromuscular and immune function as well as reduces inflammation.

Zinc - vital to cellular and immune functions.


Toradol - non steroid anti inflammatory drug (NSAID)

Pepcid - a histamine blocker that relieves heartburn and allergy symptoms.

Benefits of Intra Venous (IV) Vitamin Therapy

Anyone who wants to feel and look their best can benefit from a Vitamin and amino acids boost. IV infusion treatments are the The benefits are numerous:

  • improved mental clarity,
  • immune-boosting,
  • defense against viruses and flu,
  • body and mind fine-tuning, and even
  • clearer, smoother skin.
  • Other reported benefits of IV vitamin drips include burning fat, fighting jet lag, and getting rid of a hangover.

Get Back to Feeling Good Again

If you are suffering from age-related diseases, addiction, chronic fatigue, or metabolism issues. NAD+ and other IV infusion therapies that can help you on your road to recovery and wellness.

Contact a highly experienced team in IV therapy treatments that provides a safe, private, and nurturing environment that know how to create custom IV therapy solutions that address your specific needs and ailments.

Be aware of the Potential Risks of Vitamin Therapy IV

  • In 2018, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charged iV Bars, a chain of IV cocktail clinics, with making false and deceptive claims about its products, including the Myers Cocktail, could treat serious conditions like cancer, multiple sclerosis, and congestive heart failure.
  • By taking IV vitamins, you bypass your body's normal digestive process that has built-in safeguards for absorption, meaning you could end up with too much of some substance which you might urinate excess of
  • There's a slight risk of infection whenever the skin is broken—a risk that's increased when an unqualified person is administering the dp.
  • Treatment is costly and not covered by insurance. Prices vary greatly depending on the clinic and the location and can cost hundreds of dollars.
  • The effects of IV vitamin therapy can be expected to last up to two weeks.

Other Considerations Before Trying Vitamin Therapy IV

Even if you don't experience any complications, IV vitamin therapy might not offer any more benefits than a sports drink with fluid and electrolytes. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals prevents illness. Foods that contain lots of vitamins and minerals are also rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals, which help support the immune system better than vitamins alone.

On the other hand, if you have a digestive disorder that prevents proper absorption of nutrients, IV vitamin therapy can be a great thing—but it's something to be discussed with a doctor. Naturopathic doctors always begin with the least invasive treatments but don't hesitate to recommend it when a patient presents lower than adequate nutrient reserves.

We cannot heal when we don't have the materials we need to be healthy, however, IV Therapy should always be done carefully and correctly by suitably qualified experts. Properly administered vitamin therapy is quite safe. In rare cases, an allergic reaction may occur, but those trained in administering nutrient therapy should also be trained in quickly responding in such scenarios, and have the appropriate supplies to manage such a reaction immediately accessible.

There are times when our bodies need more than the typical amount of a given nutrient. For example, when we come down with a cold, our bodies burn through much more vitamin C than they do when we're in a healthier state.

Vitamin infusion should provide what you need and nothing else. Injections should consist of just the nutrient or nutrients required and sometimes a saline solution, all carefully blended to ensure safe dosing and osmolarity.

Most doctors will require results of a micronutrient analysis before initiating vitamin therapy. This typically consists of a bloodwork panel which will spell out specific quantities of individual nutrients already in a person's system so that the need for nutrient therapy can be accurately determined.

For starters, the vitamins that pose a risk of overdose (such as the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K) are much less commonly given via shot or IV, which drastically reduces the risk of toxicity due to overdose.

Like anything to do with your health, the best starting point is a chat with your healthcare provider who can advise whether vitamin therapy is safe—and necessary—for you.

A supplement bottle of NAD
HPN NAD+ Booster (NAD3), Anti Aging Cell Booster, NRF2 Activator, Nicotinamide Riboside Alternative, True NAD Supplement Cell Regenerator Provides Natural Energy, Longevity, and Cellular Health (60 Veggie Capsules, 1 Month Supply)

A less invasive option is the supplement capsule form of NAD3.

What can I expect during my NAD+ Infusion Therapy?

Each patient receiving treatment for NAD+ infusion therapy needs a preliminary valuation by a trained clinician. NAD+ formula is customized to a treatment plan. It is very important that patient does not interrupt treatment. Once the NAD+ IV has begun, it is slowly administered over the course of 4-8hrs. The prolonged exposure to specific amino acids combined with NAD+ bathes the damaged nervous system in an abundance of repair materials. The brain is then able to rapidly employ these natural materials to speed up healing, repair damaged neurons, and replenish depleted neurotransmitters.

The total treatment time varies for each patient. A general course of addiction treatment is approximately 10 days (administered over 2 weeks). Longer treatments are sometimes required for more severe patients.

What Results Can I expect? NAD+ Infusion therapy assists neurological repair of the addicted brain. It is designed to rapidly assist the addicted brain in restoring neuro receptor function to normal levels. The patient’s cravings, anxiety, and depression are reduced or eliminated, once the body’s neuro receptor functions have been healed. This allows the physician to remediate any underlying conditions that may have led to the substance abuse to begin with.

Mind, Mood, or Sleep altering substances damage the nervous system by artificially stimulating the neurotransmitter receptors. Constant stimulation will dull the receptors and cause a need to maintain the use of substances in order to feel normal. When one tapers off from a substance or stops completely, the receptors may heal with time, but that is often not the case. This may lead to symptoms such as anxiety, emptiness, brain fog, physical pain, depression, lack of motivation and/or insomnia.

After completing NAD+ infusion therapy, patients report improved sleep, increased mental clarity, little to no cravings, elevated mood and boosted energy levels.

NAD+ infusion therapy was pioneered by Dr. William Hitt in the 1980s. Research using NAD+ show SPECT brain scans performed before and after treatment, showing significant improvement in the function of the damaged brain.

NAD+ Infusion therapy assists neurological repair of the addicted brain. It is designed to rapidly assist the addicted brain in restoring neuro receptor function to normal levels.

The patient’s cravings, anxiety, and depression are reduced or eliminated, once the body’s neuro receptor functions have been healed. This allows the physician to remediate any underlying conditions that may have led to the substance abuse to begin with. Mind, Mood, or Sleep altering substances damage the nervous system by artificially stimulating the neurotransmitter receptors.
Constant stimulation will dull the receptors and cause a need to maintain the use of substances in order to feel normal. When one tapers off from a substance or stops completely, the receptors may heal with time, but that is often not the case. This may lead to symptoms such as anxiety, emptiness, brain fog, physical pain, depression, lack of motivation and/or insomnia. After completing NAD+ infusion therapy, patients report improved sleep, increased mental clarity, little to no cravings, elevated mood and boosted energy levels.

Author's note:

In providing information about Vitamin IV Treatments I did not find any government or Pub Med studies or statistics to cite. I did find articles and blogs written by IV Therapy providers which are not covered by Medicare or any other type of insurance. Therefore, patients are on their own. The risks are low and there are few vitamins that can be overdosed on. If it doesn't help, at least it won't hurt. You may end up spending an unnecessary amount of money for vitamins that you can ingest in regular diet and supplement with capsules and powders. sports drinks, and such. However, if tailored to the patient, I am willing to bet on its benefits by tryin a cocktail myself at any of the IV Therapy centers near me.

<![CDATA[What is Politics? How do you choose who to vote for?]]>https://www.angelaterga.com/post/how-do-we-decide-who-to-vote-for65bff36daf3eda25f75177cfMon, 31 Oct 2022 01:39:03 GMTAngela TergaHISTORY HAS ITS EYES ON YOU! VOTE!


When deciding "who to vote for," there are many VARIABLES to consider.

Definition 5a of Merriam-Webster's DICTIONARY for the word POLITICS is: T,he total complex of relations between people living in society. A discussion or dialogue that openly shares sides of an issue should be happening regularly in every city hall in America; that's how you build a nation of transparency and trust in social service. But if small-town America (where about 63% of people live) DOES NOT provide the foundation for a true democracy where political dialogue and public service institutions are transparent, American society will continue to be among the highest rates of incarceration despite spending so much per pupil, while math scores don't rank average worldwide. However, the US does rank in the top 20 ed systems in the world!

Why then, are there more incarnated people than anywhere else in the world?

Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty. Plato
How will we be able to improve on today's political divide and DIScontinue the dark handling of PEOPLE's tax money to suit a specific clique's agenda (as we are experiencing now). Undemocratic behavior by elected officials or authoritarianism leads to political unrest. Frightened of losing traditional undemocratic ways to avoid a greater mal is not good enough for democracy. If you think the country may be taken over by the forces of communism, think about the reasons why people have justification for wanting plularism and equality. It is after all, the sweat of the brow that ensures the passing of the buck from hand to hand that creates wealth for some and continued misery for many. When there is little respect or appreciation of a job that doesn't appreciate labor, only keeps society at the edge of drug abuse and depression. Do you need more statistics than the rate of incarceration?

To have a chance to live in a true democracy where equality is not undesirable to the upper rungs of society who hold power over the bottom 92%, equality needs to be a proven profitable enterprise.

Political discussion is definitely ongoing but it is not transparent. Regardless of the boss they serve, every candidate must be given a chance at City Hall to speak on their plan to benefits society.
  • It's important to KNOW what Strengths you're looking for in a Candidate. WHO DESERVES YOUR VOTE FOR THE POSITION THE CANDIDATE IS VYING FOR?
  • Take you time to Research their stance on issues you care about. Learn about their leadership skills. Does the person listen? COMPARE, ASK, LISTEN TO CANDIDATES.
  • Recognize distortions in the information and opinions they express. Look up other sources of information to fact check. DO THEY COME IN PEACE?
  • A study has found that ethnic and economic variables are minor features of voting that do not influence how people vote. (I do not think that is true). PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW CANDIDATES HAVE WORKED FOR WHAT THEY ARE (NOT WHAT THEY HAVE) AND HAVE A PROVEN RECORD OF BEING WHAT THEY CLAIM.

Electoral psychology, the field that studies the psychology of voting, studies the factors that may influence an individual in their voting choices and whether or not they choose to vote at all. Such factors may include questions of personal identity, ethics, and emotional responses.

children's book about voting

How a person chooses "who to vote for" is a process of socialization and inquiry that is influenced by friends, media, and family tradition.

https://www.usa.gov/voter-research Studies on how people decide to vote or the process of selecting a candidate, the act of choosing one name from among the list on a ballot is a subject matter and topic of great significance. Since our future and present are molded on these mechanisms of the human brain to transfer social norms from generation to infinity, Your vote, it matters!

Therefore, becoming aware of what we are creating on a long term basis, the big picture, the why and how, makes us just smart enough to accept instead of fight change. Why? If we can see clearly how the now affects the then, our voting trends will take us where we want to be heading.


So we may not know how we got here— all the way.

First we came from Europe, took out the ones already here, appropriated the land that belonged to them, and called it "Manifest Destiny." Then institutionalized the European culture and called it "mainstream."

We purchased human beings to work for generational enslavement at capitalist enterprises that created generational wealth which continues to control politics, production and productivity.

Once there was blood! And slavery was abolished. But there has been more and more blood shed over and over over the centuries. Yet, the only ones who receive reparations are those who finance the wheels of destruction, the multiverse of corporal entities whose tentacles make and break the world into pieces at the whim of capitalist ideas no matter what's at risk as long as it's to preserve their own from losses at the sake of humanity.

Throughout the 19th and 20th century and with much sacrifice, workers, laborers. handicapped, disabled, women, LGBT, indigenous people, humans of every ethnicity and condition, the earth itself, have each and all fought for and earned some small, medium, and large gains of respect. In a country where state is promised to be free from religious dogma, the media's agenda go to the highest bidder and that includes the ultra religious factions of every country. In a world where interdependence is also inter-responsibility, the vote is the one tool which can make the world a more equitable and fair "cho-a-sis" (chaotic-oasis) because justice does exist if you want to allow it to be served.

Now, not just the freedmen and women of un reconstruction, but immigrants that continue to arrive across rivers, oceans, and lands to vie for a splash of the shower of plenty, become "We The People" who can vote in 5 to 7 years. Immigrant's vote

To all new and old "citizens" of the US, know your country deeper and deeper, know who is who and what is what. Dig in and believe no one and nothing but make your own conclusions based on intelligent facts and analytical unbiased vision.

So, here we are, trying to blot out the sun with one hand, banning the truth from that which can't be hidden: TRUTH. What do you think the future holds? More of the same? For how long? How would you like your society to function?

Ask yourself why you get up in the morning every day and earn your wage, or are you one of the 10 percent who instead watches over your golden eggs? Whatever the case may be, it behooves us all to know how it is we bring about our COLLECTIVE present.



We believe democracy is built on transparent information. By aggregating democracy’s data from every level of government and making it actionable via accessible products, BallotReady works to enable all constituents to fully participate in civic life.

Florida Voter Demographics with charts- check out the way people vote.


Can we believe in democracy again?

Can we believe in democracy again?



This book is for those who love to see the irony of things. Doesn't this image remind you of the tribal nations of this land before Europeans came to manifest their destiny here?

So, if you're from a big city where democrats are the majority but you despise liberals, what does that make you? Sane or Insane?

A lot of us may turn away from the majority in our lives, but we don't have to hate. we can see the other person's point of view without veiling of the facts by the media and making assumptions, generalizations, and other prejudices.

Empathy starts with putting yourself in other's shoes. Empathy is the precursor of justice and peace and of the golden rule.

The changing racial and ethnic makeup of the U.S. electorate

In all 50 states, the share of non-Hispanic White eligible voters declined between 2000 and 2018, with 10 states experiencing double-digit drops in the share of White eligible voters. During that same period, Hispanic voters have come to make up increasingly larger shares of the electorate in every state. These gains are particularly large in the Southwestern U.S., where states like Nevada, California and Texas have seen rapid growth in the Hispanic share of the electorate over an 18-year period.1

These trends are also particularly notable in battleground states – such as Florida and Arizona – that are likely to be crucial in deciding the 2020 election.2 In Florida, two-in-ten eligible voters in 2018 were Hispanic, nearly double the share in 2000. And in the emerging battleground state of Arizona, Hispanic adults made up about one-quarter (24%) of all eligible voters in 2018, up 8 percentage points since 2000.

Voting Rates by Age

Two-Way (Democrat vs. Republican) Support for Democratic Candidates, 2012-2020


Hendry County Supervisor of Elections Website

Palm Beach Supervisor of Elections Website

Candidate Listing - Florida Division of Elections



Political rally.




If you're like Rubio, you'll be standing next to the 0'clock news gaslighting the world by saying that "he will not allow this country to be taken away like his parents' country (CUBA) was?" Be afraid, is what he means, someone is out to get your country and so don't vote RED (blue).

Yea! Someone IS out to get OUR country! The one that keeps the price of food going up—same ones that don't pay any taxes but profit BILLIONS and OWN the FOOD seeds of this world! They keep corrupt politicians in power!

Gaslighting like Rubio does is a strategy used by narcissists and misogynists to scare people into believing that the only way to stay free is to become a serf of corporate America OR OF THE STATE, yet they love their social security benefits, the 8 hour day, paid vacay and overtime! None of it would have been possible without the blood and sinew of those who struggle every day to put food n their table and a roof over their head.

The sad thing is to see that those who have achieved middle ground look towards labor movements and equal rights activists with disdain for the struggle thinking it's not theirs or them. Yet, they CONTINUE TO BENEFIT and receive the hard earned slack of the noose on those who DO INSTIGATE, INCITE, AND KEEP IT STIRRING for the cause of equality like a good SOJOURNER TRUTH!

<![CDATA[The Road to Addiction OUD Recovery, Part 5: Healing From Within ]]>https://www.angelaterga.com/post/the-road-to-addiction-oud-recovery-part-5-healing-from-within65bff36daf3eda25f75177d7Fri, 28 Oct 2022 02:43:55 GMTAngela TergaIn this article we discuss 1) the different types of talk therapy or psychotherapeutic methods that are currently in use to treat patients overcoming addiction, and 2) a review of the learning theories that can help us understand how the mind learns. By providing current curated information and making recommendations to support deeper knowledge, drug abuse can be more preventable, successfully treated, and dissolves the stigma caused by ignorance and lack of compassion thinking, "this is us and that's them" instead of "we are all in this together." Everyone plays a part.
an online virtual counseling session between patient and counselor.

Individuals struggling with substance abuse or any other form of addiction may need treatment for a long period of time before the change occurs in the behavior patterns that caused addiction in the first place. Going back in time even before birth is not uncommon. Much of our outlook in life is learned and passed on from one generation to another.

How is epigenetics connected to the development of addiction behaviors and addiction recovery?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, our DNA genetic make-up increases the chances of drug addiction as much as 50%. More risk and prevalence of addiction is found in individuals with more vulnerability due to lack of protective genes against certain mal diseases that manifest only due to extraneous factors such as environmental or lifestyle ones. This is the case with heart disease, diabetes, and addiction. The term for this is Epigenetics.

,Epigenetics ,is the study of functional, and sometimes inherited, changes in the regulation of gene activity and expression that are not dependent on gene sequence.6"Epi-" itself means "above" or "in addition to." Environmental exposures or choices people make can actually "mark"—or remodel—the structure of DNA at the cell level or even at the level of the whole organism. So, although each cell type in the human body effectively contains the same genetic information, epigenetic regulatory systems enable the development of different cell types (e.g., skin, liver, or nerve cells) in response to the environment. These epigenetic marks can affect health and even the expression of the traits passed to children. For example, when a person uses cocaine, it can mark the DNA, increasing the production of proteins common in addiction. Increased levels of these altered proteins correspond with drug-seeking behaviors in animals.

Therefore, disorders may go untreated for generations. But don't give up, The plasticity of the human brain is such and the power of intention so motivational that nothing is impossible. Healing is a miracle that happens daily.

,Reading this enlightening epigenetics book will help you:

,�� Find Out What Epigenetics Is & How It Can Affect Your Life

,�� Deepen Your Knowledge On The Science And Development Of Epigenetics

,�� Learn How To Take Full Advantage Of Its Mechanisms To Stay In Control Of Your Life And Change It For The Best

But there are steps to the process and SUCCESS depends on perseverance and motivation. We don't just become addicted from one day to another and we're not just victims of our genetic pool, nor of the environment. But combining the effect of these over time in a breeding ground for addictive behaviors and it becomes hard to break away free even after spending a several weeks in rehab.

Medication assisted treatment is important so that the body can detox from Opioids. Additionally, to start taking Suboxone you must have detoxed first. No one would be able to take both at the same time without major side effects and withdrawal symptoms or worse.

,You are not doomed by your genes and hardwired to be a certain way for the rest of your life. A new science is emerging that empowers all human beings to create the reality they choose.

Addiction Treatment Programs Treat the Whole Individual

When you or someone you know with a substance use disorder is not under a comprehensive addiction treatment program, the chances of recovery are not being maximized. Taking the next step in recovery to wean off the MAT Suboxone, in the case of OUD, make take time. But mouth than 12 month is not advisable. When you're at the third stage of recovery, will cause withdrawals and therefore needs to be weaned off a little at a time. . Talk Therapy is the most widely used psycotherapy method .
If doctors are just handing over a prescription every two months, chances are the individual is also vulnerable to abusing the medication administered under MAT guidelines and patients with underlying psychological disorders may use other street drugs like Xanax to get high or to assuage the side effects of Suboxone. They may also abuse suboxone. This may complicate their situation even further.
Additionally, the side effects caused by long term Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT), such as suboxone and co-occurring underlying conditions in the patient may in turn add a second or third drug to the scenario to mitigate the side effects and because the MAT is not abel to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression that may present as a consequence or as a root cause or both.

Unless patients receive mental health therapy, their road to recovery is dubious. Many choose to go the holistic way, Bravo! you are ahead of the crowd and you will be able to bloom as a whole human being faster because you will have more faith and greater wisdom. But holistic practices take time to work as well as perseverance and research study.

However, because medical insurance doesn't consider meditation or religious retreats as mental health therapies, yet (hopefully one day); so you must do your best with psychological methodologies for treating addiction related mental disorders such as PTSD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar Disorder II, Borderline Personality Disorder, Depression, and other more serious ones like Schizophrenia. Each can seriously endanger a person's life and well being. And guess what?

Mindfulness is a therapy that is found embedded in each one of the methods used in cognitive behavioral therapies. Mindfulnes, becoming aware, helps us unravel our brain.

Through Talk Therapy we can express our fears and hopes with the support of counselors trained to implement cognitive behavioral therapy. CBT strategies and modalities provides the structure that our brain can use to abstain and retrain, so it can then develop mechanisms to heal based on intention and mindfulness. Your genes will thank you.

When mental health disorders caused by childhood trauma, accidents, loss (grief), war, displacement and disease, to name a few, are at the root of addiction, healing starts by diving into the story you have been telling yourself about your life before you can start to change its narrative. Sometimes is this can happen through art therapy, writing exposure, and other occupational therapies used in combination with CBT.



Every journey has a beginning, middle, and end, just like every story. EVERY story is a journey, The journey of recovery from addiction starts with awareness and never ends as long as we are living in mindfulness. To find, tread, and stay on the path requires love. It alone can give us all we need to persevere and turn our lives around.

First of all, getting on Suboxone takes a lot of courage. This is and the decision to get well which constitutes the first three steps in the twelve step process—the first step. This is not an easy process as there is no clear cut way of getting off this medication while the drug seeking addictive behavior continues to cause discomfort which translates into anxiety and depression. Suboxone may subdue the mind and keep it from craving and increasing tolerance. But it needs a support system. Addiction patients recover sooner when they are not alone. The risk os using other drugs may come into play making the hike up the mountain of sobriety twice as difficult.

Once a a doctor prescribes Suboxone follow directions to the T if you are going to start at home.

How to Start Buprenorphine-Naloxone at Home (pdf)

,Buprenorphine/naloxone (Suboxone) home dosing: 3-day home dosing plan


How mental health therapy facilitates the addiction recovery process?

Recovery is a journey that requires guidance, introspection, and above all love, which is synonymous with will.

Is addiction a mental disorder or a physical one? Why do some people become addicted while others don't? Why do some people heal from addiction and others don't?

The relationship between addiction and mental disorder is described as having comorbidity by the National Institute of Drug Abuse , that's another way of saying they are codependent.

Mental health disorders and addiction are simultaneously present in patients. That doesn't mean one causes the other. The psychotherapy modalities, or talk therapies used to treat mental health patients with substance use disorders also vary.

What is talk therapy for addiction recovery?

What is Behavioral Therapy?
One of the most widely used of these therapies is the un-Jungian CBT and derivatives.

Behavioral therapy includes a wide range of therapies, including exposure-based, where you 'expose' the traumatic event through talk or writing, to overcome ones for anxiety. It utilizes relaxation techniques, assertiveness training, and more. Self talk is a very big part of talk therapy and the exercises in behavior will help you train your brain to think the thoughts that are necessary to feed the subconscious mind the right program. Although we are not animals in training, we must think of our brain as a machine that we can utilize for the greater well being of the self. Freedom from addictive behaviors is necessary to achieve freedom, and a healthy lifestyle starts with your attention to your intention, your behaviors and thought patterns.

Traditional Behavioral Therapy focuses on helping patients change their thought patterns for the attainment of better or more stable emotional states. Modern behavior therapy is usually part of a comprehensive treatment program that incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) strategies. Its aim is to reduce the symptom of various mental health conditions. This is the most common form of talk therapy used in addiction treatment. Patients work with a mental health counselor for a number of sessions.

CBT helps patients become aware of their negative thought patterns and analyze their challenging situations more clearly and calmly. The outcome should be the ability of responding to negative thoughts in a more effective way.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) 5 easy steps are:

1. make a list.

2. record unproductive thoughts

3. replace thoughts

4. read your list

5. notice more thoughts and replace

Self directed CBT can be effective. Studies have shown that self help reduces anxiety using CBT techniques.

Other strategies include:

1. Focusing on your thoughts. You may choose to discard the thoughts that hurt and suppress them. Instead, just watch the thought detached from its emotional hold on you as if you were witnessing your self. do this no more than 15 min at a time, two to three times a day.

2. Scheduling a manageable day. Wake up and smell the coffee or the tea, take 5 minutes to do at least one sun salutation (stretch your limbs and crouch and extend your body flat to the floor and back to standing on your arms and legs) (see below for a diagram)

3. Relaxation techniques (breathing exercises, meditation, music) at least three times a day. It doesn't have to be more than 15 min at a time. Just sit and listen to your favorite music, meditate, and/or simply follow your breath in and out slowly for 3-8 counts at a time. Breathing exercises can simply be noticing your breath.

4. Reframe thought patterns. When your mind goes to undesirable thoughts, catch it, replace them for ideal ones. You may think it doesn't work at first, but that's how we retrain the brains patterns of thought: we replace it with a predesigned one.

What is Cognitive Self-Talk?

Recognizing automatic thoughts

Automatic thoughts of catastrophe, shou and regrets, jumping to conclusions or making unfounded assumptions, and similar patterns of thought that may have been acquired from childhood are resurfacing from our subconscious mind and making us feel guilty, depressed, and/or anxious. First you learn to identify your thoughts and watc them wihout trying to change them. Then you learn to evaluate them. And lastly you learn to replace these thought for more accurate nes.

Replacing thought patterns

Self talk is a habitual way of responding to our experiences. We can be very negative and have a lot of prejudices against our own self. These are called cognitive distortions.

Based on the premise that how we feel depends on what we think, therapy offer a way to elf talk in a way that will support healing and making your goals attainable instead of just dreams.

Our thought patterns can be undermining our ability to succeed:

  1. Catastrophizing - nothing turns out right - things are expected to be worse than they really care
  2. Mind Reading - assuming - you think people are against you.
  3. Shoulds- regrets and remorse
  4. Polarizing - the world is black or white, good or bad, no middle ground..
  5. Personalizing - everything is your fault, it only happens to you. You blame your self and the stars that are against you.

The goal is not necesarily to have "positive thoughts", although that would be a lot better than the above. We can turn everything into0 a positive experience and that may be closer to realistic thinking than just wishful thinking. Replacing your thoughts for realistic ones that are based on positive outcomes may take time, and that's exactly what behavior therapy can help you expedite.

Self talk, your internal dialogue, can enhance your well being:

  • increased vitality
  • greater satisfaction in life
  • improved immune function
  • reduced pain
  • better cardiovascular health
  • less stress

Research suggests that positive self talk helps you solve problems, think outside the box, and have better coping skills.

"When you change the way you look at things the things you look at, change." Wayne Dyer introduced me to this model of thinkin . Helpful tactics include:

  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • Find the humor
  • Use positive affirmations to feed your subconscious
  • Identify negative thoughts as they surge
  • Check your feelings and turn them around as they arise

CBT Third Wave Therapies:

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy: usually indicated for people with intense emotions or those diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD), post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and co-occurrent drug addiction. It is a 6 to 12 month commitment that includes mindfulness practice, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, and emotional regulation.
  • Midfulness Based Cognitive Therapy: MBCT aims to cultivate mindfulness. Mindfulness is the practice of bringing awareness to what you are feeling through your senses, thoughts, and emotions through meditation. Combined with CBT, it helps patients see their perceived reality in a new light. It helps you suspend judgment and approach life with more kindness towards yourself and others.
  • Acceptance Commitment Therapy: This is a type o action-based approach to help you stop avoidance and denial, conflicting inner feelings and emotions. It helps to accept the hardship of your life and move forward by committing to change. This is aso a form of mindfulness based therapy. It addreses your commitment to change and sticking to your goals.




We may not be able to change our reality but we can change the way we respond to it. We can transform our reality into a postive learning experience and be in control of how we act, think, and feel.

  • Cognitive Diffusion: also known as deliteralization, is when you become a witness to your thought. It is a method used in accetance and commitment and other forms of cognitve therapies. When we detach feelings from thoughts we stop being the mind's prisoner. Cognitive "fusion” is an automatic human reaction of attaching feelings and emotions to thoughts. The opposite of this is “cognitive defusion.” This is the idea that we can be aware of our thoughts and emotions but don't have to attach ourselves to said thought or emotion.

The difference between behavioral and cognitive therapies is that one is focused on the exterior actions and the other in the interior motivation for the behavior. How we produce thoughts.

A book about the brain changing power of meditation
  • Mindfulness: Being present NOW, here and not in the future or the past. Not asleep but awake and aware, knowing I am and my position in the world is devoid of and in spite of social and personal prejudices. This is the practice of stillness and sitting that quiets the mind and lets go.
  • Acceptance: The act of accepting is allowing without resistance. Once we accept we can begin to change by defusing our thoughts from emotions and feeling. Instead observing the reality without being overpowered by it emotionally.
A book about enlightenment through acceptance.

With the help of a Talk Therapist, individually and in group

sessions, patients can identify their Negative Thoughts and practice: New Skills, Set Goals, Use Problem-Solving skills, and Make better Choices. Other CBT techniques include journaling, role-playing, relaxation techniques, and mental distractions or occupational therapy.

Occupational therapies include arts and crafts, music and writing.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and its clusters are widely practiced methods used for changing negative thought patterns and compulsive behaviors; it is used to treat addiction and its co-occurring mental disorders.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a widely practiced method of helping change negative thought patters and compulsive behaviors.

To train our mind to think the right way as to bring our actions in alignment with how we want to feel and create better emotions is not as hard as it seems. It all starts by going within and turning the wheel of karma from hate to love, from jealousy to gratefulness, from envy to joy, and from regret to hope, from pain to pleasure, from so on. This will make us calm. Once the storm subsides and we accept and forgive, give thanks and realize the grace we already are, our lives can ego up and down but our heart and soul will remain at peace, always vigilant.

One prerequisite is HONESTY. We can only get there by being honest with ourself and washing everything in the light of love. This is the journey of self love and walking towards the light.

Third wave psychotherapies' comprise a heterogeneous group of treatments, including acceptance and commitment treatment, behavioural activation, cognitive behavioural analysis system of psychotherapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, metacognitive therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and schema therapy.
Kahl, K. G., Winter, L., & Schweiger, U. (2012). The third wave of cognitive behavioural therapies: what is new and what is effective?. ,Current opinion in psychiatry,, ,25,(6), 522–528. https://doi.org/10.1097/YCO.0b013e328358e531
a book about writing exposure therapy for PTSD  and SUD
  • Prolonged Exposure: it may not be for eveyrone, but writing down your thoughts and feelings about events and situations that haunt your mind and deprive you of joy can be faced and dispelled to where they will no longer have any power over you and you shall be new, as if putting new wine i na new skin and shedding the old ski

When we master our emotions we can focus and realize our true Self. But without the ambition of the ego many don't keep trying. It is imperative to give up the ego in the process of self realization.

Five Organizing Developmental Themes There are five developmental life themes and associated core resources that are essential to our capacity for self-regulation and affect our ability to be present to self and others in the here-and-now:

To the degree that these five basic needs are met, we experience regulation and connection. We feel safe and trusting of our environment, fluid and connected to ourselves and others. We experience a sense of regulation and expansion. To the degree that these basic needs are not met, we develop ,survival styles, to try to manage the disconnection and dysregulation.

How does the brain learn? Can we unlearn and relearn?

OUR BRAIN'S PLASTICITY ALLOWS US TO LEARN: what is learning and why does it matter in the process of healing from addiction?

As a lifelong teacher, I would say, 'I know how people learn', but do we know the science behind it? To retrain your brain you must override old lessons and allow new thoughts to take over so that your behavior will fall in line with them. We learn with our senses and emotions. As a matter fact, learning can help us unlearn and retrain conscientiously.


Maslow's Hierarchy, (or Pyramid), of Needs is one of the central ideas in modern economics and sociology. The work of a once little-known American psychologist, it has grown into an indispensable guide to understanding the modern world. This film explains who Maslow was, what his pyramid is, and why it matters so much. These needs are universal.


Piaget's theory argues that we have to conquer 4 stages of cognitive development. Only once we have gone through all the stages, at what age can vary, we are able to reach full human intelligence.


Vygotsky’s Theory of Social Development argues that community and language play a central part in learning. Vygotsky believed that children develop independently of specific stages as a result of social interactions.


Erikson's theory of psychosocial development identifies eight stages in which a healthy individual should pass through from birth to death. At each stage we encounter different needs, ask new questions and meet people who influence our behavior and learning. #learn#development


The Bobo doll experiment is the collective name for a series of experiments performed by psychologist Albert Bandura to test his social learning theory. Between 1961 and 1963, he studied children's behavior after watching an adult model act aggressively towards a Bobo doll.


The attachment theory argues that a strong emotional and physical bond to one primary caregiver in our first years of life is critical to our development. If our bonding is strong and we are securely attached, then we feel safe to explore the world. If our bond is weak, we feel insecurely attached.

How can we use what we know about science to help us engage the brain and improve learning?

The brain is constantly restructuring in response to learning and the environment. This is known as plasticity. Plasticity involves creating and strengthening neural connections and weakening or removing others. Every time you learn, your brain uses plasticity to develop new neural pathways.


The zone of proximal development (ZPD) is the distance between what a learner is capable of doing unsupported, and what they can do supported.

TO LEARN .....

Repetition is key

How do we avoid losing the knowledge we want to retain? Well, the most simplistic way to put this is ‘use it’. If you don’t, you may lose neuronal pathways that haven’t been used.

So how do we avoid this? If you can, set your learners up with frequent knowledge refreshers. This could be a quiz about the information they learned, or a repetition of key information later on in the course.

How we remember

One of the most recognizable learning studies was one done by BF Skinner. In this study, animals were placed in cages with levers that would release food pellets if the correct item was selected. He concluded that complex tasks can be learned through practice when there is a reward for behaviors.

Similarly, people learn complex tasks quickly and more effectively with practice and receive rewards upon success. The patient must buy into the rewards of healing.

The overload effect occurs when a hefty amount of information is dumped at once on the brain and patients turn away may run into an effect called ‘cognitive overload’, which causes the brain to become overwhelmed.

To avoid this, chunk pieces of information into small sections (ideally, five minutes or less at a time) and avoid information that isn’t essential. Materials that are sectioned into separate, smaller learning sessions will allow the brain to fully process information and will avoid cognitive overload.

However this is over simplifying LEARNING; we need to build schemas around knowledge. A schema is like a map that allows us to structure and conceptualize the world including our selves. What you believe you are you become, how you see yourself you act, how you act attracts and repels, where you are in time and space matters too. if you live in the projects it's going to be harder for you to get out from behind the veils of poverty that don't let the real you out.


  • The brain is constantly restructuring in response to learning and the environment. This is known as plasticity. Plasticity involves creating and strengthening neural connections and weakening or removing others. Every time you learn, your brain uses plasticity to develop new neural pathways. Repetition is key.
  • The brain learns through a process of Sequencing: putting information into the right order; Abstraction: making sense of that information; and Organization: using the information to form thoughts. When the brain completes these three steps of processing information, this is called Integration.

https://youtu.be/_tdljIW86e8 - Watch Dr. Maté's conversation with Pathways to Family Wellness

Gabor Mate, MD, author of Hold On to Your Kids, is interviewed by Lisa Reagan for Pathways to Family Wellness at his Kids, Culture and Chaos talk in Charlottesville, Virginia, in the spring of 2011. The event was hosted by Belvedere Integrated Healing Arts.


Most discussions of PTSD focus on veterans to the extent that many people who suffer from PTSD are often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, especially among our children. Since PTSD can masquerade as ADHD, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, and even extreme stoicism, many


That resilience is one of the most important traits to have, is critical to their happiness and success, & can be learned.


Dr. Brené Brown is a researcher professor at the University of Houston, Graduate College of Social Work, where she has spent the past ten years studying a concept that she calls Wholeheartedness, posing the questions: How do we engage in our lives from a place of authenticity and worthiness? How do we cultivate the courage, compassion, and connection that we need to embrace our imperfections and to recognize that we are enough -- that we are worthy of love, belonging and joy?

WE LEARN FROM WATCHING OTHERS (Media, Family, Strangers) AND FROM OUR ENVIRONMENT (Tutors and Resources )

Our parents are our first mentors and tutors, our teachers, and friends come next.

Learning and substance use disorder and recovery are intrinsically connected. We have learned to be who we are through social cultural interactions within the environment. A great many of us have experienced traumatic events in the form of sexual, emotional, physical, and psychological experiences in which we were vulnerable and learned mechanism of coping that led us to drug addiction and despair.

To learn new habits and patterns of thinking, we must unlearn whatever is holding us hostage. We may have to go back to our childhood and face the feelings of avoidance and guilt we have been hauling behind us like a dead horse. We must let go of the old skin to create a new schema.

We must be honest with ourselves and commit to change in our lives. It starts with awareness. But this is not enough. A paradigm shift must occur. You must be motivated.

SCHEMA Theory of learning suggests that people group together the different types of organization about a person place or thing according to previous knowledge and associated ideas. A schema is a is the series of general expectations and knowledge of the world that we build in our mind which helps us make sense of the world. This may include generalizations about people, social roles, events and how to behave in certain situations. We build our own schema or map about persons, our self, and events.

All behavior is learned by practicing it. The reward systems of our brain make them desirable or threatening. Addiction starts as a behavior to fulfill a need or to experience a wow, but the wow only masks the need while it goes unfulfilled. The need your developmental experience left unfulfilled becomes the drug addiction.

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