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A Ghostwriter receives a fee to produce content for which it usually receives no credit. The Author under whose name the work is published hires a ghostwriter to produce original content following the author's idea and direction.

Author your fiction or non fiction book. Publish online or share as a digital download. eBooks, or paperback. Write your first novel let a ghostwriter follow your guidelines and ideas from beginning to end.  Together, the ghostwriter and you will take a journey of writing a book, novel, screenplay, short story, memoir, poem, as you please.  Well, of course, there will be some language mechanics and editing formats that the ghostwriter will suggest and give you all the more information about formatting, editing and publishing that need. 


No matter what type of writing format or style a ghostwriter agrees to perform, whether Blogging or Article Writing services, Novels, Screenplays, or Music, an agreement should be in place before work starts.  Clear expectations and outcomes are necessary.

There should be clear expectations for the end product, and the relationship between the ghostwriter and the author should include


  • copyright,

  • confidentiality,

  • schedule of payments,

  • revisions, and

  • deadlines.

  • Also, add termination of agreement when either party wants to pull out.  


A professional amanuensis, better known as a ghostwriter, or "writer for hire," will follow the instructions a client provides plus the genre-specific guidelines of a professional writer. There could be some murky areas that need to be clarified before work begins. 

The Ghostwriter JOB  

  • Researches and provides notes in an organized format.

  • Plans and outlines before writing.

  • Interviews the author throughout the process.

  • Writes and shares with the author on a consistent basis.

  • Revises and Edits.

  • Is true to the author's voice.


The Author

  • Gives clear directions

  • Provides clear and specific feedback

  • Stays in contact with the writer as needed

TAT Productions works with the very best talent and guarantees 100% satisfaction on all writing services. We want to help you grow your business as this will help us grow together. 


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