Authoring a work of literature or any web content does not mean writing it word for word.

A professional amanuensis, better known as ghostwriter or "writer for hire," will follow the instructions you provide meticulously and help you refine them to your desire.

 A Ghostwriter Skilfully And Under Your Command

  • Researches and provides notes in an organized format.

  • Plans and outlines the entire job and piece by piece.

  • Interviews the author throughout the process.

  • Writes and shares with the author on a consistent pattern.

  • Revises and Edits with the author.

  • Formats job for publishing.

  • Is true to the author's voice.

TAT Productions partners with worldwide talent through the very best platforms to minimize cost and save time for clients needing blogs and articles, or something more involved such as memoirs, novels, children's literature, self-help, and other fiction and nonfiction writing genres.

  • Write, edit, and proofread.  

  • Publish and distribute.

  • Start Marketing your content.

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