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Rank It Up with On Pointe Content

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Digital Marlketing Components Overlapping Circles
The Integrated Elements of the Digital Marketing Universe and Content Writing Services

As you can see from the above image, in digital marketing there are many overlapping elements that put together make-up the whole enchilada of content marketing.

Content is an integral part of Digital Marketing. Ranking on Search Engine Results Page is a matter of publishing the right content at the right time, in the right place. Free tools like Google Trends not only let you see a keyword's volume and geographic exposure but also compares the keyword with others of similar intent, per various locations.

But posting expert content—the right keyword usage and beefy facts, is not enough. There are many other elements involved in ranking at the digital marketing universe. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the art and science of utilizing (not stuffing) longtail keywords to rank in the first 10 places of search engine result pages. SEO has two components.

The easiest SEO element to understand although that doesn't mean you'll rank, is keyword generation and its relationship to user intent. Yes, a person doesn't just search for ice cream, that would be such a broad and generic term with dozens of SERPS to go through. From Z'ers to Baby Boomers, everybody wants to get there (rank) faster and easier.

According to marketing experts, content marketing has been around since the beginning of the 20th century. "Content marketing is the #1 marketing strategy that can create new fads now everywhere on the internet, on blog posts and web articles as well as e-zines and eBooks," right?

We see the same idea replicated today over and over, but it was the magazine Furrow, “A journal for the American Farmer,” established in 1895 by John Deer, (a manufacturer of farming equipment and other products), which most marketers agree was the originator of the content marketing ideology.

The takeaway? Furrow has proven to be excellent crafters of brand loyalty and becoming part of the consumer’s family.

An example is how Affiliate marketing uses content writing to lure buyers by offering valuable content in the form of lists, how to's, reviews, definitions, and questions.

Video marketing is one of the most successful types of content marketing there is nowadays, but it can be costly. Especially so, if the content has high production value. You can find the best free tutorials on YouTube and it's all about the clicks per view and more, Even one on how to make money on YouTube.

Perhaps the concept of not selling products to sell products is as old as Poor Richard’s Almanac. With this yearly publication by Benjamin Franklin started in 1733 that travelled around the world and was translated into several languages, Franklin came to status and fame. By providing entertainment and educational information to thousands of people, he became part of the consumer’s home and branded himself.

Zig Zigler quote on helping people.
Selling is not about selling.

Content marketing is a strategic communication marketing strategy that focuses on publishing

· Blogs – great for time sensitive topics, industry updates, listicles, how to’s, c