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Life After Teaching —Selling Books—The Bottom Line of Writing

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

The Blog of Angela Terga Presents: Memoirs of a “Mad” Teacher (4)
Affiliate Marketing for Authors: Self-Help Books and Other Reading Gems Recommendations- because reading good books matter.

In the teacher's lounge, teachers are often heard counting the years, months, weeks, days, and hours to retirement. Many struggle financially. As a retired teacher who quit the profession due to personal and health reasons, finding a niche in which I can find joy and revenue has been a disillusionment. Still I write for pleasure and self development. Little by little it will all come together.

This blog post is about how hard and time consuming it is to complete the jigsaw puzzle of organic marketing, making "the bottom line"—monetizing as an an affiliate, as challenging or worse than optioning a book or screenplay.

Many marketing blogs say that monetizing—converting or expressing into the form of currency-to earn revenue from an asset or business activity such as digital marketing through YouTube, PPC, AdSense, affiliate sales, blogging, and similar efforts is a matter of SEO best practices which include consistency, passion, time, and promotion. This will draw the traffic needed to make conversions if you use the right words, of course. But without the knowledge and practice of social media channels' labyrinths it all goes very slow.

This little book has been helpful to get the gist of what it takes to monetize using Google SEO ranking for Amazon associate marketing. Actually, any affiliation would be the same.

Of these, Promotion is the toughest P of Marketing's 4: Product, Price, Promotion and Place. Only with the help of readers like you can it be accomplished. In the case of this blog, promotion attempts affiliate conversions of a digital nature–the visitor that lands on the page must like what it sees, click on one of the links or images and check out at a third party's site like Amazon. Clean and securely, the client walks away with a book or a product proudly and diligently recommended by the writer.

Marketing and at the same time expressing true feelings in the form of memoirs is a truly cathartic activity, one that can benefit all beings and never will any find recommendations based merely on financial gain because passion for writing is at the heart of every blog.

Although most challenging, the promise of monetizing is equally as enticing as having people read your writing. Just how you become a successfully monetized author, writer, and publisher is ALL this humble heart of a writer can do.

Here's one of the catchiest titles for independent authors: “How to sell books by the truckload.

  • Develop book descriptions that convert more browsers to buyers

  • Find keywords that help you connect with more shoppers

  • Increase sales through perfectly timed pre-order campaigns

  • Create Amazon ads that sell more books

  • Boost sales with strategic eBook marketing strategies

  • Capitalize on the secret Amazon relevancy score for your product

  • Get your book