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The End Is The Beginning

Updated: Jul 26

“I am Sabia Misa, and this is Utopia, a Neo-Shambhala society in the garden of Eden after the ecocide,“ the elder enters the void and travels to the end and their beginning.

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Under a storming sea a nuclear submarine crossing the Strait of Gibraltar hits rock bottom. The impact shakes the vessel from head to tail along the bottom. A nuke servicing the warhead in the control room under constant supervision tries to forget the beads of sweat rolling from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet. In the orange anti-radiation suit and red helmet he was an unrecognizable sight. The full weight of the nuke's body was thrust backwards against the control room door which was shut. and he landed on a lever beside it turning it 90 degrees clockwise.

At once, deafening sirens and flashing red bulbs went off. Such high level of danger would likely degrade the captain. The old USS life span dated more years than it should in the sea; its flanks were already cracked on both sides. Only a matter of time would tell when a mistake could cause the domino effect.

Once there is a probability, a negligent or unexpected cause could put the nuclear warhead into motion.

Captain Underwood nervously placated the President’s outrage on the phone. Below the captain’s cabin, the nuke had recovered his balance, but instead of shutting down the deadly mechanism, he locked the control door from inside, opened two more valves and sat against the door.

Years of training had prepared him for this moment alone. He took out a photograph hidden in his fire suit's inner pocket and strummed his finger over the outline of the couple at the altar looking into each other's eyes.

The single intercontinental ballistic missile enters the conveyer belt towards the final phase up the shaft where the gate of hell opens in 10 seconds. At 5,000 meters per second, the missile strikes several targets at 10,000 kilometers in distance. That is, unless it is intercepted.

The ecocide had begun.

A single NUCLEAR BALLISTIC MISSILE can hit several targets at the same time.

For a come-back blog, the dystopian scene I chose to start out with is a little eerie to say the least. But aren’t we constantly being threatened by such a reality? Although pushed into the back of the mind, the probability exists, and that means its turn will come one day.

Thinking about the end of the world during these times is unavoidable. Is the last angel of death honking out its song of fear and devastation to be followed by further wretchedness resulting in the reign of the antichrist? I don't think so. I think it's up to us!

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