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Screenwriters Rock The World: Giving Thanks for the Being-ness of Screenwriters

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Without these creative heroes of the screen, we would not be able to laugh at ourselves, cry with ourselves, or see how life is unreal.

Discover an alternate way of building an audience and monetizing screenplays before they're produced

Did you know that on the number one bookstore in the US, screenplay books are selling for up to $60, in both print and digital formats. There also aren't as many choices. In other words, it is an untapped market that could result in a minute piece of the pie, more like crumbs. But with a 99% chance of zero earnings even a 0.01% share in the multi billion dollar publishing market can make a huge difference.

So don't be discouraged by numbers. Just go for a tiny bit at a time, like mice. (Of mice and men).

An advantage of publishing screenplay books is that the market is not saturated. So an author's screenplay can show up on the same page, next to a famous screenplay or film of the same genre and similar topic.

Imagine someone looking for a horror story and selecting one next to a more popular one already watched. There's something about the cover and the tone of the new title that captivates their imagination. Here's an author's chance to capture an audience. Just like perusing through movies of the same genre and similar premises, audiences take chances on unknown titles when they're on the same page as the great ones.

Here are a few tips on what you can apply to catch a drizzle in the wind from the publishing deluge:

1. Lower the price of your screenplay book and choose category words that match the same genre, topic, and audience as that of popular screenplays and movies of your screenplays. Take a leap of faith, throw an ad on Friday nights when people look for vanguard products online.

2. Connect your book's Point Of Sale link or Landing Page to Social groups, directories, search engines, e-zines, digital book fairs, live readings, radio shows and podcasts. Then sit and write another screenplay or adapt one to a graphic novel or a TV pilot. Get your portfolio together and keep feeding the audience.

2. Campaign A/B- Create two different ads for the same screenplay book or product. Use different catch phrases for each, such as 'sci-fi screenplay books sale' and 'buy sci-fi screenplay books,'

3. Target your audience. Be where your competition is at. Every writer must make its stand among its peers or be oblivious to the world. Connect directly with your audience. Where, when, how are your kind of books selling the most to?

4. Then go write another screenplay while looking for opportunities to pitch an agent. Submit your new book to agencies soliciting submissions and let them know you have self-published. This may be a plus. A a few pages of your unpublished work is all they'll want to read before deciding whether it's worth the drag. Agents think everyone's first book stinks. Publishing different editions and versions even if it is the same story may be beneficial to become a better writer.

You don't have to pay more than a few hours of work for a good screenplay coverage

Ask around for rates. You'll find that coverages start at $300. Why not just get someone to read your screenplay and tell you what they think? Sure, that's great! The more people that read a screenplay the better.

However, although your audience is not made of scriptwriters, they can only give you a limited amount of information about the screenplay story. Check out these screenplay coverage rates and sign up for continuous feedback. In other words, after receiving the coverage you can continue to receive feedback on future rewrites and edits.

Will authors of screenplay books run a greater risk of being plagiarized:

Protecting Your Rights with an NDA is always smart. Those horrible nightmares circulating indies' groups! Some even mention Disney. No one worth suing will sign an NDA in the industry. But how are authors then supposed to protect their property from being stolen?

"A similar screenplay is already on file," the production companies' first rank of soldiers sent out on the field will say in reply to your NDA request. They'll go flat face at your story but pitch "a similar one" to the insiders as if theirs or someone they know. Boom! Someone on the "in" writes the screenplay in three days since the story is already written. Just an example of how creatives collaborate.

While a Non-Disclosure Agreement will protect your screenplay, so will copyrighting it with the Library of Congress, and so will publishing it under your name. You can have an NDA ready to sign BEFORE submitting the screenplay; if it is signed they'll probably buy it and you have a damn good agent.

Let's ask a lawyer. Ring? Read the next episode of "Screenwriters Rock the World" in which TAT Productions will present the Copyright Law explained by a lawyer.

Join the Screenwriter's Rock the World community and receive a complimentary 10 minute read of your script— any genre. Ten minutes should be ten pages. In the first ten pages the standard is to have introduced the hero's world, the problem, and the decision. It's something like "Someone wanted to --- but----," The adventure begins.

A screenplay coverage helps scriptwriters tap into the readability and biases you may not even know are there. When we live in a world in which we must be sensitive to other people's feelings, we take care in not projecting biases in our work.

Likewise, formatting a screenplay is a bit tricky. So, there are some stringent and not so stringent rules new writers should follow. Seasoned and produced writers may be able to personalize their writing style to whatever they want. But when it comes to presenting a work such as when you pitch to a company or individual and place the screenplay on their lap, you don't want to show any formatting mistakes on your work which will make you look like a novice. And you don't want to have any typos or spelling errors, either.

A professional script writer will give your screenplay a thorough dramatic and technical summary analysis so that you can polish the diamond. You'll not only be able to keep true to format, you'l see where your turning points are throughout the script, and be able to set the characters' arc aligned with them.

Get ready to pitch with a coverage that can bring you closer to your dream and protect your rights.


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