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The Business of Writing that Matters

New Age Stories Blog By Angela Terga | | May 18, 2021 Writing & Publishing Services | Online Bookstore

Storytelling business matters

Storytelling makes us think of stories in a book or movies, but have you realized the power of storytelling in everyday business. That’s what articles and blogs do. They bring your business to live action. Hiring a writer pays off. I want to share with you the story of how I started a writing career (my third), and how it ties all my ends together.

This beach is my favorite place on Earth, and I would rather be there than anywhere else in the world. But I know I will eventually want to head back and do something creative, that’s what the beach did for me. That’s where I got to ground myself and enrich my creative spirit. Thar’s the reason I have included it in my logo. The Power of One is my slogan because I believe the power lies within each one of us to create our destiny even if it may seem impossible. Nothing is. Believe in your dream. If you have accomplished your dream or survived the tempest of your life, write your memoirs for the world.

A few years ago, I started writing and publishing some of the stories I had created along the way while teaching language arts. This turned out to be a life changing experience. I published several books and made a movie. Got an MFA in Creative Writing and a MS in Media Management. But, far from what we would consider “success” to be, I became an educated derelict and a starving artist having failed at marketing my works and my writing skills. Not to mention that I was past the intern stage. It was so frustrating that I got sick and pulled myself out of the work force for three years. During the time I survived writing blogs and articles.

Now, I’m picking up the pieces and reclaiming my position in the world as a writer. I don’t need to show 18 different novels or screenplays (I have 3 novels, a poetry book and 7 screenplays, plus dozens of blogs and articles) to consider myself a writer or get the respect of other writers who have the greatest audiences. I write, and that’s what makes me a writer. Fiction, or non, memoirs, sci-fi, articles, blogs, case studies summaries, and last but not least, screenplays.

Storytelling is the most important skill in the world because it shapes humanity’s destiny.

What we do and where we go depends on the stories we have in our minds. How they impact our lives depends on the strength and frequency of the message. I learned this during my course in Media Management at the University of Arkansas. I also learned to support my writing with sources. Writing and research go hand-in-hand.

What kind of stories would you like to disseminate among your audience? Whether you are a tire business or an architect, your clients will be connected to your services through the power of storytelling. Let TAT Productions write the story you wish to tell in your own words with your own voice, and you will be the author.

SOME of my stories have to do with time in 360 degrees, hybrid beings, and magic rocks. But others have to do with real life people who came to this world to enlighten us. Perhaps that’s what makes me a new age visionary and magical realism writer. To learn more about my stories visit my author page on Amazon. I am also working on an online bookstore where you can find stories of a similar kind.

But… tell me about your story. What makes your business special?

I want to know about your stories, and how you want to tell them. I want to know about your business dreams and how you will achieve them. I’ve seen the writing on the wall. You will need a blogs, articles, newsletters, and/or e-books to convey your message loud and clear.

Perhaps you are ready to give the world the power within you through your memoirs. I can help you formulate a plan, stick to it, and accomplish an end product.

Whether you are a handyman or an architect, writing for your business means a business blog, web content, newsletters, ads, and product descriptions. They need to be crafted carefully for your type of business. Trust me, I have written many different types of industry articles and web content. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed!

But first let’s talk about your keywords. They’re the key to your success. Contact me, Angela Terga @ TAT Productions. We write everything.

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