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Unleashing Creativity: The Key to Human Development and Self-Realization



What is self realization?

What is creativity?

What is hope?

What is faith?

Who am I?

I am someone with grand faith that lives in hope and uses creative thinking to realize her dreams by helping others realize theirs too, an educator.

to open the mind

By linking creativity to self realization we understand that what we accomplish is not only bound to a routine and discipline but also to our imagination.

It's deemed nice to be neat and courteous, to show respect for others and self.

Nice! There's a lot said in that expression.

Does it take creativity for something to be DEEMED "nice" ?

Teaching Understanding by Design is an educational philosophy and curriculum alignment program implemented in educational settings K-12 and beyond to develop analytical skills devoid of prejudice and subjectivity of thought through the integration of the arts and sciences, arts and math, arts and language, dance, and and any and all other .

What is nice? One might ask.

what do we want?

We want to be happy, make the right decisions, choose the right profession, partner, and pet, to name a few of the most important steps we take during the short span of our lives.

We also want our children and their children to be fulfilled and find their place in society through their own talents, productivity and creativity.

We want to leave a legacy.

thinking creatively

Creativity develops thinking and expression. Our ergonomic life designs, advances in technology, and all the sciences originate in creative thought.

The arts foster creativity and open doors to compassion. To tell the story of times and weave our society's tapestry, challenge our intellect, infuse compassion accross barriers of communication, that's the role of the arts in humanity.

Animals also behave creatively when they build nests, hunt, and mate. Are they aware of their power as we are? How can we make the best of our imagination?

Do you agree that the consummation of artistic creativity and self realization in any discipline requires the development of a laser like focus, along with a gift of talent, and the perseverance to walk the line?

You might win or you might not.

On page 116 of the poem titled DREAM, it says: trying is what counts and what we learn from, striving to achieve is the one objective.

Thus, we develop our conscience and evolve holistically, a little at a time, or suddenly. How do we know we advance in consciousness and awareness, mindfulness and peace within?

Poetry is a way of getting in touch with our feelings and identity in timelessness.

This is the blog of Angela Terga, a natural writer since birth who went through life looking for her niche until she found it in the pages you are reading.

At middle-age, the language arts teacher of old dared to believe in the magic of creativity.

She opened her heart to her deepest desire and let loose the spirit of the overcomer. Her nature resurfaced after being dulled and/or over stimulated enough to prevent looking at something in a different way, until she witnessed her thoughts with compassion.

To be inquisitive and open minded about everything in the universe, including her own destiny, is her motivation. To evolve out of the stagnation of wanting something outside yourself in order to be, nice, cool, rich, famous, wise, intelligent. To know who you are.

Our education in self realization begins in our ancestral memories many of which are transmitted by genes, parent cultural habits, and society. Our personal and current collective and cultural reality allow us to adopt and adapt as we analyze their usefulness and deep lesson applied to modernity.

From these signals and our sensorial perception and awareness we develop our inquisitive nature into the arenas of the arts and sciences, industry and technology that we are exposed to.

As our civilization grows in knowledge and technical accomplishments within our home, school, and work environments, it does so to the detriment of natural non renewable resources in the planet, including people.

Fostering inquisitive minds through arts education

Role playing and make believe playing during childhood is a fun and wholesome way of expressing ourselves and learning. We may role play as doctors and nurses, even kind and generous. Our ethical and aesthetics education starts at birth. Within an environment that reflects the virtues we want our children to develop will conspire to lay the foundatiosn of a disciplined and balanced life in which we can realize our innermost dreams.

for parents

for mature adults

for inquisitive minds

I always wanted to have a book by Carl Sagan in my library and bring it along on every trip to read at the seaside,. Now I can, with KINDLE UNLIMITED. My reading dreams come true, now I can read dozens of books and magazines, watch prime video and more with Amazon International.

While coursing post graduate media management program at ASU, I conducted several interviews and focus groups that opened my eyes.

Ingeneral, most people prefer paperback and hardcover, but more and more awareness of the

Do you sometimes wonder where we come from, where we're going, and if we even are real at all?

"Creation is magic, spontaneous, and infinite," I say.

We experience human life with our consciousness.

It differentiates us from other species.

How do species evolve into new species?

How did we evolve and change from one cell to this form in this world and what about the many other worlds that are out there in the universe?

Can we create hybrids in a lab like Dr. Moreau, like Crspr does?

Can we spontaneously hybridize across species?

These and questions of consciousness, of awareness and non dualism guided the inqujisitive nature of the writer that create Hybrid, the Spiderwoman from the Amazon.

And, no, she hasn't finished the latest episodes. but it's in the making: Utopia, Part 2, the new generations.

how Loss brings creation


After my mother's death I was desolate, more than before, and couldn't find comfort in her so I turned to my imagination and as she spurred in me the courage to try, I did.


From Sandbar to Zenbar

At the beach

One day


Just thoughts, that’s where it starts. Thoughts wander off to realms beyond the past and future,  or the now and then, to a multidimensional state perceived, as if from osmosis to hybridization before gene editing was a thing.


The first episode of Spiderwoman Taharai, an amazon Legend, as told by the survivors of the nuclear holocaust of humanity in the Utopian society they were building generation after generation. They were in their third generational pattern.

Many habits had to be developed. The imagination of toddlers had to be guided to their new environmental reality, and the only hope for a future elsewhere was to travel astrally to worlds in the past and future, in this and other worlds.

But they alone could not do it without the guidance of Sabia.

She took them across the astral portal of time.

Her power would die with her if they didn't learn to harness time.

So far, a few children predisposed to language skills instead traveled astrally but none could take anyone along and their voyages didn't happen intentionally at a certain segment in the timeline specified.

Was it the past or the future they were experiencing? The past most likely, thought the girl in the striped tattoos as she focused on the slender man who could have been her great grandfather.

Dr. Stephen Berg, successful geneticist of Oriental biology, the adopted son of renown and missing Swiss geneticist, Johannes Berg whom he rarely saw in his lifetime, is the main villain in our tale of the spider woman from the Amazon. Taharai, the queen of the jungle, is an evolved human hybrid, spontaneous and naturally selected to evolve our species to avoid the w

Or was she? Dr. Johannes Berg went missing in his third voyage to discover the origins of our species entrenched deep in the Amazon jungle where remnants of ancient continents give way to grandiose tepuis from which gold and precious stems flow from its rapid waters down rivers and into the earth.

The story could go both way. Stay tuned for the next book of Utopia: Taharai, Queen of the Apocalypse.

Dr. Stephen Berg looked up to his adoptive Dad, in his mind, he represented the Superego and in his footsteps he had followed. Reason why passion drove him to the Rio Negro’s  junction (la encrucijada de los rios)  with the Solimoes.


Genetic alterations occur spontaneously given the right environment.

Spiderwoman is born.


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