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What if you were naked, scared, and hungry and had to survive in the windy city?

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Ursula LeGuin said Sci-Fi reflects our present.

What if a spontaneous hybrid native of the Amazon, a venomous girl, escaped her captors and ran wild in the night with out a guide?

What is UTOPIA by T.A. Terga about? Several things, gene editing, enlightened society, and an Amazon legend.

Naked, frightened, in freezing temperature, what would a native plus hybrid girl of the rainforest do? Could there be hybrids among us already?

What if you were a legendary Spider woman from the Amazon Rainforest who broke out of the lab where they shut you away? What if the world outside the Lab was freezing and you were hungry and venom was your hunting weapon?


Where is your prey? How do you stay warm?

Look! There's cloth.