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Why Hire A Writing Coach?

 Do you have the need to tell a story, your story, but you need someone to help you through it? Do you need encouragement and guidance when telling the story you need to tell? Does this desire to give the world your bit of truth keep you up at night?  Does the idea of writing a book stay in the back of your head and surfaces ever so often to tell you: "Hire a Writing Coach?"

From concept creation to finished product, we will guide you so you can achieve your writing and publishing goals and manifest your dreams. For twenty-plus years, Angela Terga has been helping students of all ages and backgrounds write their ideas, thoughts, and feelings coherently and in standard language for a given purpose. Whether your writing your memoirs or a life-long compilation of poems, we will take you on a journey to accomplishment.

There is a storyteller in each one of us, when we develop and control that voice, we become authors.

We are born with the need to communicate with our surroundings and ourselves, writing is the gateway to learning and its healing powers transcend our time-place reality. The world needs to hear these stories of healing and hope that shape our reality.

It may be that you want to write a novel or a screenplay, an inspirational book, or a how-to book. Another favorite is the memoir.  Do you want to leave behind the legacy of who you are and what you have learned on this earth? The biography of a loved one, the dear memories of your family history in a book, forever, are not just keepsakes, they are gifts to the future.


What does a Writing Coach do for you?

No one can write that book for you. It’s in you. You just need to visualize, plan, and focus. Visualize the memories or the concept as if it were happening right now. That’s how you get into the story and make it flow into the plan you conceived with your writing coach. Then just keep the focus, make short-term goals for your manuscript. Your writing coach will keep you focused and give you feedback so that you don’t go astray. 

A writing coach and you create the plan for the book together. You revise the manuscript together. You are on the same page. Page by page, chapter by chapter, until it is all written. It is a conjoined effort. 

There would be editing, proofreading, cover design, formatting, and PROMOTION BEFORE PUBLISHING.