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Content Writing
Comparing Blogs And Articles
Differences and Similarities 


  • Personalized

  • Brief 

  • Opinion-based

  • Written in 1st person


  • Digital Marketing Content

  • SEO optimized

  • Monetized

  • Re-purposed

  • Specialized 


  • State factual information

  • Are lengthier

  • Written in third person

  • APA, MLA Sources

Now that the Blog Article is the new King on the Block!


The difference between a blog and an article tends to disappear forever more. 

The new hybrid is the blog article which crowned itself emperor of the SEO ranking game on Google and other SERPs..  

Branding your company through content production and distribution not only gives your business a unique voice but establishes the authoritative value of your brand. Of course, you will need to rank for certain keywords which will establish your identity on the web. 


Article and Blog Content Writing Services are the backbone of your organization. They serve as PR and Ads whether paid or organic. Having the right keywords is not enough, however. Content must be creative, original, and valuable. One word describes it best, FRESH!


TAT Productions provides Article and Blog Content Writing Services for a variety of industries including medical/health, tech, legal, entertainment, and literary Extensive education and experience has allowed us the malleability to create any type of content for any audience. 

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