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TAT Production by Angela Terga

Don't Miss Out on the Largest 
Hispanic Market In the World
ccording to a Forbes article, the US Latino Market is worth $2.6 Trillion and grows faster than the rest of the markets in the US, making it the 8th largest economy and the largest Hispanic market in the world.

Angela Tegra Blog

When you Translate content and publish in diverse languages you are also encountering a second marketplace in the game. Make your goods and services present in more markets and adopt a new audience.

The second most prevalent language used in the US to carry out our business is Spanish.  Think about the possibilities of reaching an audience twice the size of what you already have. Whether blogs, articles, novels or screenplays, translating your work makes $ sense.  

At TAT Productions translators who are experts in specific industries edit and/or directly translate industry specific material.  To translate screenplays there are screenwriters; the translator of novels—a novelist, and of articles— SEO trained.  Legal translations and literary interpretations require the jargon and rules of the industry.

If you are translating a screenplay, for example. it is important to know that screenwriting is an action driven discipline in which nothing ever HAPPENED. Everything HAPPENS as we read it (see) it. Visual writing is also important in screenplays because we can only see what is in the frame unless someone is describing something that I see only in my mind, in which case that would be a novel. 

But not just style and format are important when translating content 

Furthermore, Translations are interpretations of any content that has been adapted to another language and culture. So if you don't know the ins and outs of the specific culture the translator will not be able to be true to the story. 

TAT Productions has accumulated decades of interpreting/translating experience and has received training in the redaction of diverse forms of writing.  Target languages include English and Spanish.  Share your work around the world with other cultures. Get your book, screenplay, or novel translation by TAT Productions.

We are dedicated to excellence and guarantee a professional translation. MFA in Creative Writing, MS in Media, and a Bachelor's in Education plus several books, screenplays, adaptations, and hundreds of translations over the course of two decades back up our expertise. We are expert editors and utilize industry experts.


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