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TAT Productions offers affordable editing services for all your editing needs.



Writing content can be very empowering for you and your  business,

Whether you are an author and writing is your business, or a business owner with a content strategy as an integral part of your sales funnel.  


You know the benefits that a reliable and creative writing and editing service represents for your bottom line.  Even a cheap editing service can get you out of quicksand with your publishing.  But no matter what copy, script, or book editing service price you are ready to pay, editing is a necessity.

When do you need editing services? 

You need an online editing service when 

              1. Your business publishes articles and blogs regularly and consistently

              2. You're writing a book 

              3. You're submitting work for a grade

              4. You are publishing any work of literature

Who needs an editing service?

 Every writer needs an editor. You cannot do it alone. Even if you use Grammarly or another type of grammar service, you will still need a professional editor to give you feedback on your work, especially if it is a book.  


A fiction book editing service is the most important step when publishing e-books, fiction and non fiction books. 

Writers are able to edit their own work after they take enough time to refresh their mind from the content. That's when we will notice how many other ways there are of strutting the paragraph, detailing descriptions, emphasizing key concepts.

But not two editing services are made the same. That's why choosing the best editing service is a matching game. Of the three types of editing TAT Productions accepts, copy editing, book editing, and script editing, the last two are the most demanding in terms of background knowledge. Articles and blogs require their own 

specificities such as the correct use of keywords in the content. 

What's the difference between copy editing, book editing, and script editing?

Copy editing services deal with blogs and articles, ads and social media posts. What you say and how you say matters to your brand. You need a writing and editing service that gives your brand a unique and integrated voice across the board. Strategic communication is used in PR as much as in product descriptions, web content and every message sent on social media outlets. 


         1. PLAN  YOUR CONTENT 

 Why do you want to write this, for who, who would you like you readers to be. How will they benefit? Where will they come across your writing. Why would they want to read it?


 Every detail matters. The present, the past, the stats, the culture, and the 

 environment are contained within the content. Exploit it. And then some more.


 So much to write and so little time. Organization is a must. You don't have to

 start at the beginning but every content has a beginning. Create a backbone structure.

 You can always change it.


 Some topics are closer to home than others. But if you have researched thoroughly,                             you can engage your readers with your insights and offer fresh perspectives into the                           subject matter. 


If you are writing scientific content, it can be more engaging by the careful use of                               transitions and clear explanations. If you are writing fiction, place yourself in the scene, watch it     develop inside your head as you write it all down.


Reading what you have written several times is not enough. Critically look at the many                      different ways you can structure your sentences. Have a fluidity about your content                          that logically carries the reader from one to another sector or chapter of your content. 


 You could say another word for editing is change. Even when we edit film and video we                    change the totality of it by adding music, transitions, coloring, and special effects. The same can be said about editing textual content. It changes. It becomes grander. It shines brighter and has more light. Rewrite with ease. 

         7. PROOF LINE BY LINE

 Every time editors change or move content around in a piece of writing they run the risk of leaving  a trace or making a typo. Every time an editor reads copy, paragraphs, or chapters, they are using the cloze procedure which is when you assume the text is there instead of actually seeing it. That's  why it is so important to take a minute and change gears mentally before starting to proofread. And then read/check line by line, word by word as if for the very first time.  




You are ready to take your seat in the digital universe! 


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