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Article Writing Services Keep the Dream Alive

Blogging, whether my own or others’ words, for money or notoriety, has been my bread and butter for a few years now. I have a website,, where you can find my blog.

TAT's article writing services, SEO blog service, editing service, translations, and ghostwriting services are all part of a bigger picture or dream ideal which includes publishing and film production.

Being the best article writing service money can buy has been an agent of growth as a writer and entrepreneur. In other words, I learned to commercialize and diversify my MFAFilmCW skills to suit the circumstances but never gave up on my dream.

Starting a new life was not easy.

Since my departure from full time teaching and a double hip replacement, I have been actively pursuing content marketing as an entrepreneurial activity which teaches me how best to market my scripts and novels while making a living without giving up on my dreams. Blogging and article writing services are part of content marketing and have taught me what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and marketer.

When I was a teacher of Language Arts and English Communications, I had no idea about the use of keywords to rank on Google. After an MFA in Creative Writing for Film and producing several shorts and a feature, I still had no idea.

Freelance SEO Article Writing and Editing Services to pave the way to glory are the beginning stage of my entrepreneurial activity in my my new life as a freelancer.

SEO writing services came to me like a call to action if I wanted to survive as a writer. And I knew I had to be versatile.

Practice makes better

I don’t know how many SEO articles I have written about moving, elder care, money management, acupuncture, dietary supplements, roofing contractor financing, and other such topics. They were, each one, fascinating teachers of the ability to tell a story and capture the imagination of readers wrapped around a topic. All thanks to a niece and word of mouth.

Eventually, after taking an online SEO workshop during a Media Management Program, I was ready to go from being a cheap article writing service to a professional article writing service. The difference lies in the knowledge. As An SEO writer, not only do I still tell a story, but I also optimize it to rank on search engine response pages.

My Business Plan

My marketing strategy and campaigns are based on producing optimized content and increasing the traffic flowing through my website with the use of keywords. I started out with a website several years ago which never took off for lack of capital and knowledge. Had I known how to engage SEO experts and web developers, my progress might have been greater. DIY strategies take time as the learning curve hikes.

But after doing both, practice and study, I feel pretty confident in being able to offer the best article writing services, professional ghostwriting services, editing, proofing, translations and adaption services at a high competency level.

The Journey teaches us

The process of becoming a published author has been very interesting, as well. I have created my own book formats and cover pages. I have also edited and proofed my own work. These exercises have helped me develop my writing style and become more aware of the publishing territory. Thus, I published three versions of the same book and slightly changed its title. The story has grown into greater proportions and a series has developed out of what was once a tale to get my fourth graders’ attention.

Customer care and satisfaction is TAT's number one

When I hired an editor for my book, I did not know what to expect nor how to work with an editor. This was a professional editing service I paid for but did not get the most use out of.

I was not satisfied with all the development and syntax analyses and changes proposed. As I read the notes over and over and compared to the original version, I became very confused and felt like I was losing control of my author’s voice. So, I decided not to accept a lot of the changes that the editor proposed. Instead, I rewrote. Editing is not like a cheap article writing service, it requires more time and a lot more interaction between the editor and the writer than what I got.

After editing other people’s works, I realized the importance of establishing a schedule that includes time for discussions with the author, as the work of the editor must include the author’s input. Likewise, SEO work requires keywords and these in turn are a result of integrated communication using the story of a customer’s journey.

During the time when I became disabled, I also started looking for ways to take advantage of my first profession. The Translation and Interpretation skills acquired at one of the most prestigious schools for Interpreters, Berlitz, a Swiss school nonetheless, in Venezuela, would surely come handy at a time when freelance work would be a lifesaver.

Being bilingual is having total control of expression in more than one language. To speak, write, and be able to express the same feeling and tone in two different languages is a taught skill. And practice makes better, always. I’s say a life-long interpreting and translating serves translators well.

Staying abreast of the times

Today, we all work and study in a multiracial, multicultural, multiethnic, and multi-generational marketplace where we access each other’s skills in trade terms proper to our times. This may include bartering.

Speaking of which, working on each other’s projects is an essential part of filmmaker’s world. This loops me back to the point of this blog. Offering SEO article writing services, ghostwriting, and editing services to keep my dream alive.

I remember the time when I met K.C. Schulberg, a third-generation filmmaker, at a workshop by FilmGate Miami at O Cinema. While we were able to take part in the presentation of his next movie “A Dream Last Night,” analyze the film budget, and even apply for a job in the production.

With proper funding along with the very famous cinematographer involved in his film, there will be a lot of competition to work in this independent production. But if I don’t get in as script supervisor, I hope to be able to visit their shoots in the Everglades City location.

This would bring me closer to the final goal of producing more films and publishing more books.

Meanwhile, Freelancing is the way to go, but is the market saturated?


I’d say the best will rise to the top. When it comes to writing, quality cannot be underestimated. Put your best foot forward and treat everyone like you would a Hollywood producer who might just like your film business plan enough to believe in it, and it pays off.

In my case, I am the creator of everything I put out. Right now, it is just a seed, but by the end of this decade I am hoping to have climbed a small hill.

My vision is very clear. The way is here, now. And the translation, editing, blog, and article writing services offered by TAT Productions for your business are top notch professional services you can engage on a one-on-one basis, like we should.

We will not cut you off or bill you for time spent telling us about your business and your vision. We value you as a human being and want to give you the best finished product, unique to your business, your novel, your script, your translation, or your article or blog.


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