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TAT Productions 



Celebrating Sojourner Truth Day!


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Ghostwriting  + Screenwriting + Adaptations + Publishing + Translations + Editing + Proofreading + Formatting + Cover Design        + Film Production + SEO Blogs & Articles 


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TAT Productions by Angela Terga is a grassroots media enterprise that seeks to spread the principles of Peace Education and Compassion throughout the world. Our works of literature and film, blogs, book, and film recommendations are based on thematic relevant topics, such as environmental and humanistic themes. Our favorite genres are Science-Fiction, Historical Fiction, Biography, Magical Realism, Poetry, and Memoirs. We are educatos and visionary writers.

We are the new Earth.  Our multicultural audiences young and wise are well versed in Truth. They seek Truth and identify it as soon as they read or watch ten percent of any content. And they know who they are. started this heartfelt journey in 2013 with the premiere of the short film Spyderwoman, based on the novel Spiderwoman, an Amazon Legend by T.A. Terga. Visit our author page, click  here and contribute to our success. 

It is a pleasure and a passion bringing our audience new Earth stories by creating works of literature and digital media productions. Our newly added skill to the array of servies we offer is Line Production. We now offer Professional Script Breakdown and Budgeting for high-to-low budgets using any industry template preference.

Our books and screenplays are suited for animation movies, TV series, TV shows and feature films. To help us develop and auction our high concept projects with values across the globe, Contact

By transferring our life-long, tried and true Language Arts educator skills, including museum education, exhibition and theatre (K-12+), into Digital Media Production, Creative Writing, and SEO copywriting at the junction between art, education, and business, we envision helping humanity find the way to a more compassionate and just future where peace  becomes possible through liberté and égalité. 



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Tony Correa

Angela sat with me for many hours and days until my poems were the way I wanted. And she taught me a lot about writing and publishing. Now that my first book of poems is published, and I’ve gotten into it, I am writing stories. I feel confident that Angela will help me polish and publish.


Cleveland Gary

I was impressed by Angela’s passion as a writer. She was my ghostwriter for a screenplay about my mission in business. At present,  we work head to head, pen to pen, for many days until I was satisfied on the production of the script 


Horace Feliu.

Angela turned my book “The Nativity Conspiracy” into an action movie script. She adapted the plot to visual storytelling that can be developed into a film.

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