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Ghostwriting  + Screenwriting + Adaptations + Publishing + Translations + Editing + Proofreading + Formatting + Cover Design        + Film Production + SEO Blogs & Articles 

We are proud to offer professional services to a broad community of Artists and small Businesses in two languages: English and Spanish. We are trained translators, career educators, screenwriters, and film producers. TAT Productions was founded by  T. A. Terga in 2013 to produce a film based on her novel, The Spiderwoman From the Amazon. The film is in new preproduction stage as a series pilot. At you can contact us to request a quote on any of your writing, publishingand business articles needs. 


Tony Correa

Angela sat with me for many hours and days until I got my poems to be perfect the way I wanted. And she taught me a lot about writing and publishing. Now that my first book of poems is published, and I’ve gotten into it, I am writing my memoirs. I feel confident and when I finish or in between, Angela will help me polish and publish.


Cleveland Gary

I was impressed by Angela’s passion as a writer. She was my ghostwriter for a screenplay about my life and my business called “Touchdown on Wallstreet.” At present Angela is polishing the book with the same. We worked head to head, pen to pen, for many days until I was satisfied with the outline. The screenplay and the book mean a lot to mean and working with Angela was instrumental in putting it all together. 


Horace Feliu.

Angela turned my book “The Nativity Conspiracy” into an action movie. She worked from the book, but the script was a visual device.

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