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The Best Writing Services: Professional and Personalized

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

The Rise of ARTICLE WRITING SERVICES—a must have business tool


In house marketing is becoming a thing of the past with the advent of professional article writing services available in the digital universe. Freelance Content creators, responsible for the production of any media, such as ads, images, videos, blogs, and article, are in great demand. SEO article writing services are by far the most published media type and one of the most lucrative marketing devices. Businesses can profit from publishing blogs and articles on the web in multiple ways. such as with AdSense, internal links, external links, impressions, and leads.

Available to large and small businesses, the article service in an industry in itself. Prices range from high ($750) to low ($75), depending on the difficulty and the number of words, but even a cheap article writing service can generate enough income to support a content creator.

Professional article writing services produce high-converting copy that attract and inspire audiences to try a new product or service provider. Whether it’s a fashion article or a healthcare product, articles provide applied knowledge and motivate audiences to take action. They generate leads, build relationships with the target audience, and drive traffic to a website.

From industry specific problems to how something works, articles solve many problems. The best article writing services keep you abreast of current events in your industry niche and engage reader’s understanding of a story.


But not all articles are created equal, just like no two article writing services are the same.

Presenting…The Blog Article – A blog or weblog is an online informational journal published and displayed on websites in reverse chronological order.

Blog posts are usually shorter but hey have grown longer. The average blog post is about 1100 words. If written effectively, blog posts can rank highly on search engines. They can be shared on social media and can be an asset to getting content distributed on a timely basis. Here is what a blog can do for your business. Article writing services and blogs are very helpful to:

· Expose your busines

· Deliver a clear message

· Relate back to your website’s pages and purpose

· Contain links to internal and external sources.

· Connect and encourage interaction with your brand

· Provide valuable information

· Drive traffic to your website

· Add new customers

· Become an authority on a topic

· Add backlinks to your website

TAT Productions is a professional article writing service, we offer the best that money can buy. We encourage you to research blogging statistics and be redirected to similar article writing services to where you will be redirect as you check out the infographics. One infographic data I want to single out is that if your business increases its blog by 100%, it will increase your traffic 300%. That’s a great deal for any size business, don’t you think?

For a list of blogging statistic infographics go here.

When I was starting out in the digital world, I had a lot of trouble getting anyone to explain SEO to me and to treat me like an equal. I once paid $300 to my webhost to teach me SEO and he said, “be nice to people.” It would take me an MS later to realize that getting backlinks and asking people to let you become a guest author on their blog requires those and many other skills.


Have you ever wondered how much it takes to get someone to treat you like an equal? I know for Wix and WordPress it was more than what I wanted to afford. So, I’d rather do business the holistic way, through some plain Mary and Joe services like the ones offered by Tat productions. You don't have to pay us to treat you the way you deserve. We don't charge you to listen and we recommend the best solutions for you just because it makes us feel good.


Back to article writing – why should a business have a blog or pay somebody to write articles? Are cheap article blogs enough? What is a professional

As blogs become longer and more specialized, the line between an article and a blog becomes a grey area. Articles are traditionally published in magazines and newspapers, but we all know that blogs are articles being published by websites doing business on the web to attract traffic and sell goods and services. And it works, that's why there are more than 500 million blogs out of 1.7 billion websites, according to SEMrush. Additionally, 77% of articles are “how to” followed by 57% “listicles” and 47% news and trends.

In a nutshell, whether paid or organic search, blogs and articles are publications on the internet that compete to get the audiences’ attention by using keywords and striving to rank through backlinking.

The question to address is reader intent. What solution do you offer your audience? How much credibility do you have?

The best writing service is not the cheapest or the most expensive, it is the best match for your organization. But do you know what your needs are? Do you know what the benefit in blogging and article writing translate into in terms of return on investment to your business? And how do you assess that?

Talk to us, we’ll be glad to listen and offer our advice for free.

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