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art saves lives

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how to crack the code and truncate the flow in the school to prison pipeline with arts education as a profession

We know that art saves children's minds but does it feed them, too?

Where are the cracks in the home to school to the penitentiary trying children and young adult for murderers, drug addiction victims, and apathy in our promise of our future?

A child does not have to learn how to weave letters to create text in order to understand and communicate complex ideas. To form a word is not as necessary as expressing feelings and thoughts in sign language and body language. Our language is a story in itself, the story of us.

And to tell stories, our brain has memory and imagination capabilities, wouldn't you say?

Storytelling doesn't start anywhere in particular. There is no beginning, middle, and end. That's a fabrication. First, there is an idea, an object, a memory, an enthusiasm, a joy, a sorrow, a flavor, you get it...infinite possibilities emanate.

Children with great vivid imaginations may not manifest the skill of writing or reading. They may be autditory and kinesthetic, they may have abilities beyond our imagination and an inspiration to tell stories.

If you search for books written by children, what do you get?

Here is a list I found on Listopia.

Artists are not born, just like engineers and scientists aren't either, they are taught, learn, and expresss their inquisitiveness more and more getting further and deeper into a subject area, dominating its knowledge base and thus are able to synthesize based on experience from an early age.

Exposure is most important to the development of our imagination but experience only arises from trial and error. hands on education should follow books and media.

The arts fill a gap that expands the consciousness of all and unites like-minded individuals who tell stories through art.

Crafts and arts need to be developed along with other languages by having

interaction with students of diverse backgrounds through groups lead by common interestrs such as chess and history -

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