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Children Writing Books for Children By The Children's Writing Coach

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

When you think of children's books, you usually don't think of children writers. True, most authors of children's books are adults. But when you come across a book written by a child it's extra special. We have a couple of lists of authors that started out in their teens and even younger. The benefits of writing to learn and writing to read have been well documented in research archives throughout the history of pedagogy.

Give a child the gift of authorship. It will have a lifelong imprint in that child's life. Foster a child's appreciation for writing to learn, to entertain, and share.

Among the best known child authors is Anne Frank, the most memorable true story of all. But did you know there have been child authors as young as 8 discovered posthumously? Many young writers of fiction and non-fiction were published in their teens some even younger.

  • Francois Sagan, teens novelist, author of Bonjour Tristese, published in 1954, still in print and making profits,

  • Anne Frank - She was 13 when she started writing in the diary. We are heartbroken at the end, published in 1947, Anne Frank is one of the most discussed books worldwide.

  • Alec Greven - NY timesBestselling author of non-fiction title "How to talk to girls" written at 9 years of age in 1989l The author has since created a series of How total to ....books that have made an imprint.

  • Daisy Ashford - 1919 - The Young Visitors, written at just 9 years of age, is a perfect example of juvenile innocence romance and intrigue.