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Copyright Law—What Artists Should Know

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

But before you read any of the above books, take a look at this quick guide.

Before publishing, getting hired, posting on social, or selling intellectual property, creators who know the basic practice of copyright law and how to use its tools are more confident about how the industry works.

In this eBook, created while coursing a master’s program at Arkansas State, my intent was to exhibit all the parts, create a summary, a defense strategy, and develop foundational knowledge of copyright law agreements, rights, fair use, and infringement. To apply this understanding to the action of helping myself know what to do if I want to strike, mend, or break a deal with a private entity, business, corporation, publisher, or agent as a buyer and seller of intellectual property through my own corporation.

Copyright Law - What Artists Need to Know

Novice authors, inventors, designers—artists of all sorts, who are likely to get stiffed or burnt for lack of foundational knowledge are at the mercy of legal fees. Most artists already have a hard enough time producing their art while at the same time in the race for making a living wage. Receiving adequate compensation for the work they have been hired to do or the product created is a matter of having the tools at hand.

In any case, you may copyright the material under you name, even if it was intended as a work for hire. Whether the work was independently finished and minimally directed, or not, if you were stiffed, it’s yours.

What should agreements include foreseeing such cases of non-payment or non-compliance?

What about royalties for writers? What other questions are often heard?

Copyright Law - What Artists Need to Know

Whether your intellectual property is making profits yet or not you need to have a few things in place before you discuss your plans and share your ideas and intangibles as well as tangibles with competing entities. A competitor is anyone who benefits from the same type of product that you offer, so your partners are also potential competitors. Keep that in mind. People cannot copyright an idea, but ideas can become tangibles.


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