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Writing your memoirs to discover the Self.

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

There may be more to writing your memoirs than writing your memoirs. You can discover a part of yourself you may not be aware of when you write your memoirs. Writing your memoirs may seem daunting but it can also be liberating.

People want to write their memoirs for many reasons: 1) to keep treasured memories of their family alive; 2) to heal from an abusive past; 3) to recount the saga of an accomplishment.

Whatever reason you may have for writing your memoirs, writing your memoirs is something worthwhile that you will accomplish for yourself. Going back in time may bring about a new way of looking at yourself and the whole community that surrounded you. Shedding light into the past may bring about enlightenment.

Selective memory tends to choose to remember events in a vacuum as if what was happening then only happened through the narrowest point of view of one person, but when you widen your lens and sit back and reflect, or reread, the experiences may seem mundane. But that doesn’t take away from its special value to you.

Likewise, you may select to remember only those instances in which you want to highlight the type of life you think you’ve had. Then you realize that other people around you may not have experienced the same thing although the circumstances were the same. Perhaps you will get a different perspective on the whole. Hopefully an empathetic one.

Memoirs may paint a picture of what seems real to someone someplace frozen in time, but is the picture really true? It may be true to you, but not to the person standing next to you, their reality may be a totally different one. But when it comes to memories of abuse or trauma, it's a different ball game. You know there was a victimizer, but don't give in to being the victim, fight back through those memories and bring out the healing.

Things come up when you write your memoirs. Fears and accomplishments, blurry faces come into focus. You may shed some beliefs that up until that moment you thought were true. You may begin to feel like your memoirs are not really yours, they could be anybody’s, and you are the witness. Take a look around, what was happening on the far side of your view?

Sometimes things won’t look as cheery, or they won’t feel quite that bad. But you’ll have gone through a journey only you will know about, and that personal journey you take may deliver you from pain and delusion.

Want to make a lie look greater? Be careful, you can do that, too, when you write your memoirs. Hopefully, you are realistic about your memoirs.

Write your memoirs and discover who you really are, what you really fear, and what you really want. Stretch the lens that you look through life with. Why? For Truth’s sake. Truth is the realm in which all things exist and happen without prejudice.

Can you handle life being different than what you thought it was? Can you look at trauma and know that you need not be the victim but the victorious overcome? Write your memoirs and find your true Self inside.


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