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Getting Backlinks—the quest for support

Updated: 1 day ago

Some authors, like me, T.A. Terga, offer content writing and publishing services while at the same time host their portfolio on their website (TAT Productions portfolio is coming soon). We want one thing: TRAFFIC. With traffic you can create awareness. You can trap them with keywords and KEEP THEM with great content.

You can make a competitive offer and keep using keywords in your content ot attract more visitors. Consistency and keyword research is the key. Talk about spending long hours working on the next blog post's SEO keywords.

There's apps for that, but they are costly. One easy no up-cost way is to actually search for those words and their tailed phrases to see who your competition is. Follow their strategy and tweak it just a bit. But we don't know who our competition is. We have none, because we are unique. That is not very favorable for ROI calculations.

But there is one thing that will make you rank like nothing else will, and that is being part of a network in which there are heavy duty links creating a passage to your website. Being part of the "in crowd" requires what you may not be willing to give up; your originality.

But when you look further on from the big crowds, you might come across a list of high Domain Authority sites that may be the ones that you want to have as backlinks.

When enthusiasts of ranking, or SEO experts, perform a Google search "how to get backlinks for my website," the first item listed on paid search is an advertisement for the purchase of backlinks that are "natural and SEO-friendly, placed manually, and guaranteed." For close to $100 per month, they can get you 35 links a month which, if bought permanently, would cost ten times more. They also give you a list of backlinks examples. Keep scrolling and it actually gets better, making you wonder why the first one is making that much profit on those words you typed without really making a competitive offer. ACCORDING TO BZOOMER:

"Why build quality backlinks?

Among the most important off-page SEO factors is backlink building or link building. Thanks to the backlinks which lead to your website, search engines will know that your site is popular. Therefore, your page will appear in higher positions in search results than pages that do not have backlinks.

The second position on SERP for the search term "how to get backlinks" is held by another paid ad boasting more than 500 highly specialized backlinks for $19. This initial offer turns into a three tier table where the highest package has a one-time cost is $74.99. At least this is a one time cost. But will the links be permanent? The kind of link you get here seems to be more specialized by keywords and they offer to research the keywords for you plus a lot of other stuff. "May be too good to be true," you say to yourself and keep going before dishing out the numbers on PayPal.

Backlinks are like blurbs. The more you have the better. Businesses offering services and products can't rely on word of mouth for their sustenance if their word of mouth is good or better. Yet, your services or products would jump to the top if you received a blurb from Oprah, like Sojourner Truth did from Harriet Beecher Stowe, and become instantly famous. But you won't need the blurb if you have enough word-of-mouth synergy; the Oprahs and Stowes of the world are the final brooch of recognition to a job well done. By the time they give you the blurb you have already done the work and all they are doing is confirming it and pointing it out so you can get even more traffic to your name.

In the old days these were mentions on newspapers and magazines but today we add the internet where everything is at and keep using the newspapers and the magazines, plus the articles and blogs that are self-published by individuals and businesses.

The next stop down the page is SEO Profiler. They even give you an analysis of the number of links on your website.

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