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Is it Latino/a, or Latinx? Who are Hispanics? And what does social justice have to do with it?

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

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We are multiracial and multicultural, Latinx-Hispanics-Latinas/or

If you are Hispanic, how do you feel about using the word Hispanic? Do you identify as Hispanic? I check the box "Hispanic" on questionnaires for healthcare or census purposes when I have no other choice. I question whether I should have to do that at all. But of course, we separate ourselves into so many categories and then make slogans against people that separate themselves as if that's not the history of mankind. SPABN

Being Hispanic has nothing to do with race, I wonder whether I should consider myself any other way. I refuse to answer because it should not matter what race I am, if I'm Hispanic that means I'm of Latin American descent living in the US. I could be any mixture of European, African, Asian, and Native American ethnicities. Multiracial, multicultural and speak only English and live in the US or speak Spanish or Haitian or Portuguese, as second languages or not, and my skin may be of any colorful tone.


Latinos/as, Latinx, Hispanics, are of Latin descent, our music is different even amongst ourselves, our food staples are basic rice, beans, and salsa. As a Hispanic I consider all persons of Spanish descent Hispanic. But I don't consider all people from Latin America to be Hispanic. Latin Americans may not speak Spanish. We all come in different ethnicities and cultures. We are any mixture of races and cultures. We may speak Portuguese, and derivatives like Creole.


Why is it a social justice issue? Do Democrats want to unify the Hispanics and Latinos under the term Latinx. What is the political gain to be made for united Latin community versus one that is divided into Latinos and Hispanics?


Are Hispanics and Latinos divided across political spheres?

The surveys above did not come close to addressing that issue and it needs to be addressed as it is determinant for election time whether the latino vote is the same as the Hispanic one.


Hispanics come in many different ethnicities and cultures as well as the geography is vast between three continents. The Philippines are not considered Hispanics, nor are they from Latin America, but they do speak Spanish and were a Spanish colony.


I consider Haiti which speaks a Latin Language and its dialect, Creole, to be Caribbean along with Cuba which is Hispanic, and Jamaica right next to it, which is English. Is Hispanic an ethnicity and not a race?

As if Latinos weren't diversified enough, the terms used to define this ethnicity and/or race are just as different as one Hispanic from another.

Latin Americans are Latinos and Latinas, but what is Latin America.

Hispanics speak Spanish, and they are Latinos in the US. What about Haitians, are they Latin American? What about English speaking Caribbeans, are they Caribbean but not Hispanics and not Latin America because their countries weren't colonized by the Spaniards.

Where does Brazil fall, is it in the Latin American but not Hispanic category?

What about the different types of Hispanics? Those from North, Central and South America, and those from the Caribbean, There are South Americans who are Caribbean and those that aren't on the Caribbean.

What the heck?

Here's some clarification on the matter of Hispanics and Latinos.

The term Hispanic refers to people, cultures, or countries related to Spain and Portugal, most notably the Spanish-speaking countries of the Americas (North, Central, and South). The term commonly applies to countries with a cultural and historical link to Spain and to colonies formerly part of the Spanish Crown. Following the Spanish colonization of the Americas, parts of the Asia-Pacific region and Africa became Spanish colonies. Hispanic America, Philippines, Equatorial Guinea and Western Sahara. In most of these countries Spanish is the predominant language and the cultures are derived from Spain to different degrees, combined with the local pre-Hispanic culture and other foreign influences.

Loved this answer to the question: Are Haitians Latin?

Haitians are Latin American too, French is a Romance language just like Spanish and Italian. It is fundamentally based on Latin, a dead language that took on have the world languages.

Is French a Latin language?

Yes, it is. and so is Italian. Spanish, and derivatives.

Are we Latin Americans or are we Hispanics? Are we white or Black, mixed by one or more races, or La Raza, a new race?

This is what I believe, as the writer of the blog I will always try tone neutrality and when giving my views will not judge other's.

I am not Anglo American, I am Latin American, Anglo Americans found their civilization on Great Britain's legends and myths. religions and legal traditions while Latin America followed the Napoleonic code of law to this day and the Vatican church continues to influence the herds of mankind's traditions and beliefs systems fused with the advent of capitalist Christmas traditions. There didn't use to be a Xmas tree or St. Nick. It was Noche Buena y los Reyes Magos. You went to midnight mass to ring in the birth of Christ who was usually the whitest curly blonde baby in a live nativity scene traditionally reenacted in church.

Jesus himself is a creation of mythical religious indoctrination during Colonialism. If ever he existed, none would he have to do with it. Very few people care for anyone except their close friends and family and they are never far from their own home in mind. They don't venture out into the world - (especially in a pandemic) - to visit the sick and poor - the dregs of mankind, or interact with a different culture or race even when traveling abroad that stay in their cocoon.

I believe that's what Jesus did, visit the sick and poor. But most forgot about that.

Since colonial times, Jesus had better be white for the white man to justify his crime against his fellow man.

To me believing you are White is a verdict of not just guilt but denial. And not just denial but hypocrisy. I feel cheated, but hopeful. I feel like we are going to bring change to the world with more and more "awareness."

I can calll myself either Latina or Hispanic, I refuse to answer what RACE I am. I like Latinx culture like music and food in its varieties and similarities across the wide board of Latin American cultures and cuisines. But I also like other cultures and engage with many different cultures not just Latin based, in my personal life.


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