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Manifesting World Peace: Unlocking The Power of the Collective Consciousness in the New Year

May you be in Peace with yourself and your surroundings. May your Peace vibration wave resound throughout the universe. May our collective state of Peace manifest Peace on Earth.

World Peace is an idea of societal friendship and personal freedom within ourselves and among others. It starts with a kind heart, says the Dalai Lama in his book, How To Be Compassionate: A Handbook...

Many of us look away from the suffering of others and may both condemn and condone violence. We may feel it is helpless and go about our daily lives as usual. The Holidays are here waving the age-old shibboleth "Let there be Peace on Earth." But do you believe that our collective thoughts could influence matter and energies across the world and create Peace on Earth?

Do you avoid the news altogether? Are you appalled by what goes on in the world, the bombing and killing all over the world? Do you feel detached from the suffering that goes on beyond our neighbohoods? Is what happens in the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe just not your problem? Do you take sides? Do you feel like your favorite news media tells the truth whereas other news outlets make stuff up to make their agenda look better?

Can we stop for a minute and think about ways that we could help the world with our collective consciousness? Do you believe world peace can be attained? Would you like to understand how the collective consciousness can make World Peace a reality?

Just like the collective consciousness affects our state of being , we too have the power to affect the collective consciousness.

It all starts with one thought. The Power of One vibration stirs the wave. I invite you to take a peek at the power of our collective consciousness in favor of Peace and make world leaders conversations public and live. An honest conversation versus guns and violence to solve the problems of the world is all that is expected of an enlightened civilization.

Even though the power of the war machine stands in the way of Peace, Peace is the ultimate goal, and war is not the road to Peace but to the repression of passion which in time will incite more violence on its way to freedom from reppression. Just look at history and you will know how we are just going in circles. Samsara. But social evolution is possible.

This year and every year, I think of the world's most depressing and war torn societies in the planet and wonder why this is an unfair world but accept the premise.

This world doens't have to be unjust for most and good for a few. It can be what we imagine it to be. So start now to have those great good thoughts of yours. Thank you!


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