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Common Grounds Meeting Hall in North Port, Florida deserves a CAMP stamp. Here's conscious arts making a "live" difference in media.

We are trying something new today since technology keeps giving us choices and there is always a learning curve. As an educator, what I learned the most as a teacher was to learn and to continue to learn throughout the rest of my existence is what I do.

So bear with me folks! Please click the link below to read the newsletter. Thank you and don't forget to share and click as many things as you can in the least amount of time you want to spend on this post. Regards! Angela

I have never felt closer to rock and roll! A living legend, and we might get to hear him play when he returns for part 2 of the interview. Thanks again, dear Ruth, for a great memory. Just listening to all he's done in his life and how he is still carrying himself so well is admirable. Fit and rosy cheek, Jerry talks the world of rock from Woodstock to the 80s, Spyro Gyra and more.


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