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The Metamorphosis of a Story—how does a narrative evolve?

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

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A Story is a flexible creation which is not written in stone. Just look at all the adaptations made of classic stories into films. Some of the most popular being Disney's retellings of literary looms. Every story can evolve from essay, short story, or exposition into a book, a screenplay, or a play (stage or tele). Narrative adaptations can be as varied as poem to film or 1st to omniscient narrator treatments.

What is a narrative, what a narrator? what is narration?

According to this online authority, , a narrative is a story that can be shared in many forms and voices. Those voices are the narrator's. Could a story have more than one narrator? Why not?

Change our story referents change the world.

Once any budding masterpiece reaches the ultimate treatment by a director, the play or movie, has undergone many transformations. Before the director gives it her own take, it has travelled through several formats and poked into many tangents, like stars do when they shine.

Book to film or book to screen adaptations are both translations and interpretations into different languages of art—multidimensional (audio, visual, and kinesthetic) representations of a story. In his book, Languages of Art, Nelson Goodman (1968), points out that our symbols are the interpretation of referential images and linguistics of our cultural heritage.

Some books are not well received as movies and anyone who loves to read will tell you they get more out of reading the book than watching the movie. Others books are best swallowed in video format. But every story, should explore its artistic languages further from one to another format, even different genres and audiences. Who is to say? 10: Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella 9: The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown 8: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams 7: Beloved by Toni Morrison 6: The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebo ld 5: Watchmen by Alan Moore 4: Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

When we write our first Story we may instinctively come to realize there could be a whole series of events with interconnected plots all derivatives of the premise and the characters involved.

Then comes a director and she wants takes it to a whole other dimension altogether. Story becomes someone else's vision in film. Like reading a book, the audience also walks away with their own vision.