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How do we find direction in life?

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Does our level of consciousness dictate our fulfillment?

The purpose of this post is to propose a method of becoming aware of our level of consciousness to help seekers unveil the highest level of consciousness in our current embodiment- for the benefit of all sentient beings and the collective good karma of the world we live in.

In other words, how can we evolve into a more peaceful friend to all living beings and the Earth at a global level? And individually, how can our level of consciousness dictate our well-being and that of the people we care for? As they say at Unity, ‘let peace begin with me.’

This and every end of a calendar year earthlings will make promises, adopt resolutions, and devise the best plan for their intentions for the upcoming 365 days. But New Year resolutions may soon turn stale and end up forgotten amid the automaticity of daily life in which we fall back into, way too fast. Time passes, and in the course of a decade, dreams and goals have nearly ceased to exist. Painful memories of broken promises to ourselves get pushed back even deeper into the unconscious mind only to become reabsorbed into future manifestations of the same. Nothing changes.

Almost every week, certainly every New Year, every new season, each time we feel the tug of the muse, our mind-body-soul connection may sit us down to write our “to-do list” for that week, year, life, and ultra self. I’ve created too many “to-do lists” and not just when it’s time to turn a calendar page. My dreams and aspirations have remained nearly the same list after list, year after year, seasons in and seasons out. But no matter how many times I reaffirm my life goals, they are not being materialized yet. So many sidetracks come around! And each one can be used as an excuse or an opportunity. Or do you know when to say no to your flings?

"But this end of the year is different," haven't we heard ourselves say that, too, many times? I've decided to shift from goals of what I want to achieve, to WHO I want to BE because I WILL only have one wish, one goal, and one direction WHICH has nothing to do with the phenomenal world's steps that I need to take to accomplish my life-long dream of becoming a popular author in my time. Someone who will be able to help the world through stories. Someone who will not only entertain but also educate through stories. A level of story-telling that includes diversifications. The dream has been there from the start, and the goals are in motion, "about to score" (as always), "if only my consciousness were at a level or two higher!!! That's the key. Let me say this again. The goal is not to obtain a dream home or become a rich and famous author. The goal is to achieve a level of consciousness in which you will always feel accomplished and able to overpower your own obstacles.

That’s my take on this year’s resolution. If I climb the spiritual ladder of enlightenment, if my vision becomes unobstructed by delusions, and I focus on what makes a difference, then, because my body-mind-soul connection already has the blueprint (all those lists and the actions that followed), I can expand my reality to manifest the always present dream vision that keeps lurking in the shadows when I ignore it and makes me smile once upon a time which can help the world become a bit closer to enlightenment. Is it real? Do I hear the voice of doubt? Of course. It, too, is always there.

How are you planning to end the cycle of suffering in your life as of 2021 and beyond?

Well, reflecting on 2020 and previous years in this life span, so far, I’d say the level of my consciousness has manifested in two hip replacement surgeries from July to September of 2020; 20 years in public education’s prisons of the mind helping children escape through storytelling that heals and makes you feel alive; a few books self-published that have my mind wrapped up around their success, the production of a film adaptation of one of the newage stories my soul creates premiered. I also look at my closest family and the relationships we have created by default. I see a lot of good and more intentional work to be done.

I intend for a new era of giving and receiving love to unfold throughout the rest of my time. Hope satisfies Faith. Faith is believing. Then the universe did say to me when I was already bent over the keyboard making up a storm trying design my own website, "You can't do it all alone. Get people to help you." And that's exactly what I am doing. Hey, after all, I never expected anyone else to do it all on their own, so why should I? The next part comes, the doubt. How are you going to pay for it? " Where there is will ...," you know the rest.

With Hope instead of doubt, we can put our trust in the hands of experts. "But we must stay vigilant," says doubt. "Please do," replies Hope. We can keep trekking in the fields of our imagination and let the wings of the concepts embedded in the vessel speak for themselves. Just watch how the universe guides the process, believe!

To steer and control the entire process of manifesting during the span of a lifetime actively involved instead of by default! Yet, we choose to think we cannot. Constantly in motion, the elements of nature combine to formulate our human experience. Sound waves from a web. Light particles tumble in. A drop of dew is formed. Our senses flood with stimuli, we hear the voices of the past, we react according to the code. We move in Litany. we act in response to the laws of inertia. To cut this process off is not easy. Change your thoughts!

First, watch them. Then practice them out loud. Then see what it is that you are thinking because your THOUGHTS ARE THE ONES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL. Reverse this by thinking the thoughts that will make you feel good as instantly as possible.


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