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After the ecotombe, survivors of the holocaust of humanity strive to rebuild society based on the principles of Shambhala. In their neosociety there is no punishment or authority, only respect for the elderly and compassion for all as they progress into the third generation. In the evenings, during camp act, they tell the story of Taharai a spiderwoman of unequal characteristics who wreaked havoc in the cities of the modern world guided by Ana, a Green Peace activist turned terrorist. Taharai lived placidly in her Amazonian home behind a tall cascade with a series of caves encrusted with semiprecious slabs of amethyst and rose quartz. Her only link to the civilized world was Alan, a gold miner and farmer of the Amazon, who rendezvous with Ana at Juma Ecolodge. When Ana discovers the fabulous hunting ritual of her hostess, she publishes pictures of the nightcrawler in a scientific journal of ill repute Dr. Stephen Lindenburg, a megalomaniac geneticist, subscribes to.
Dr. Lindenburg and his sidekick, Dr. Mario Seneti, set out to capture, study, and isolate the gene of mutation present in Taharai, envisioning a neo-Atlantis society in which one can choose any type of hybridization. But the now terrified and cornered Spiderwoman escapes their lab to survive according to her natural instincts, including hunting. Once in Ana's custody, her transformation into a conscious woman takes place, but not before she is used by her confused protector to perform acts of terrorism


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