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The path of life takes us to the beach where we begin and where we end. Going there to give all the worries to our Mother the Sea, known by all tongues, is the poet's  muse in this book of conscious awareness poems dating as far back as 1978 in meeting with current times (2017). In this journey, many have been the poet's tribulations, visions, and dreams.

Being aware and free to think, write, feel, and write along the way has been the greatest blessing. It is the space between intuition and perception that is expressed in these poems a. First. when the poet was a teenager and later on during middle age. In between there was nothing coming out, but when the found the inner voice at the sea clamoring for it again, the words and verses spilled out like a fountain of visions.

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Utopia: Hybrid

UTOPIA asks the reader to imagine having to reset our foundations.  Under what principles would you build a neo-world?

Survivors of the holocaust of humanity after the eco-tomb ponder the Seer's stories during camp act:


"Taharai, a legendary Amazon hybrid wreaks havoc in the cities of the modern world as geneticists and gunned-forces hunt her down. In the end, the dregs of society help her up as she becomes a hero for the underdog."

Back to the future, will the neo-Shambhalans succeed in their endeavors to build a just and compassionate society without rules or authority?

Follow their saga in this first book of the series Utopia, "Hybrid, The Spiderwoman from the Amazon."

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Isabel III 

Imploring to know the fate of her long-lost son, ISAbel I, a dying nun, progresses into her future life as a Latin actress pursuing fame and fortune in Hollywood, ISABEL II, who meets her past life twin flame. Tormented and obsessed by the lucid dreams and visions of her past life, lsabel II follows a trail of clues and discovers the remnants of her past life diary giving Isabel I a peaceful death and meets Isabel III, a descendant of her past as a Spanish woman who became a Seminole warrior.

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