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Funding Independent Artists: The Role of Conscious Arts in Media

Updated: Apr 22


CONSCIOUS ARTS MEDIA PRODUCTIONS STARTUP COST CAMPAIGN! Click here to be directed to our Fundraising platform where you will be able to donate to our nonprofit account and receive a receipt with the EIN#93-489540O, OR, by check payable to Conscious Arts Media Productions at 300 Trocadero, Clewiston, FL 33440. Contact CAMP. Call (863) 434-6989. E-mail

"Why should I donate to camp?"

This is the question most of us ask before giving. Some give with their eyes closed, most want to see where their love goes. In any case: Giving is Love!

In today's post you will peek into the intense workout of creating a nonprofit organization from the ground up with a $700 loan. First, I was dumbfounded, even angry at myself, and felt "Oh great!, Now what?" —but got right into researching and learning the legal, financial, operational, and socially conscious intention for founding a nonprofit to empower conscious arts.

I will share my journey in this and upcoming posts as part of "Memoirs of a Mad Teacher" Blog, as "The Metamorphosis of an Idea" transpires into setting up CAMP and the insights gained in the process.

Here are some Conscious Arts definitions by AI:

Conscious Arts typically refer to creative expressions such as music, visual arts, literature, or dance, that are produced with a strong awareness and intention to evoke deep emotional or intellectual responses.

These artworks often address important social, political, or hilosophical issues and aim to provoke thought or promote positive change in the viewer or listener. Artists who create conscious art often use their work as platform to raise awareness about specific topics or to encourage reflection and meaningful dialogue.

Furthermore, Chat's example of a conscious artists is Lauren Hill, "whose thought-provoking lyrics and socially conscious music address topics such as race, identity, and society. Her work carries messages of empowerment, self-reflection, and awareness." says Chat.

But today's post is about funding artists that are starting out. get stuck, or need help with..... on their journey. It is not about recommending artworks that expand your consciousness. It's a reality-blogging memoir.

Dear Friend,


Welcome to Conscious Arts Media Productions! We are a 501C3 Organization empowering the Arts, currently working with six artists in the Music, Writing, and Film arts.


Our mission stems from the power of the Arts to heal and expand our collective consciousness. Thereforeempowering conscious artists elevates humanity to a higher level of thought. History shows that art is at the forefront of civilizations and tells the stories of our time, creating a dendrite in our collective consciousness.


When conscious artworks enters media in a competitive market with a polished product that offers a unique value proposition and meets the demands of its audience, our COLLECTIVE consciousness expands. We are constantly bombarded by media outlets with infinite types of messages. Conscious arts expands the presence of compassion and peace in a loving and stress-free message that catches our attention and lifts our spirit with insightfulness.


Your tax-deductible contribution is ESSENTIAL! Without YOU we will not be able to advance to the next phase of our mission to foster Conscious Arts Media Productions. And we have plans for so much more, including a podcast! Did I mention we have 6 artists onboard?


Now! ithe time to make a difference. Send your tax-deductible contribution by check to:


CONSCIOUS ARTS MEDIA PRODUCTIONS                                 



May you live a long and happy life!

With Love,                                                                              

T.A.Terga, "Angela"


These CONSCIOUS ARTS IMAGES GENERATED BY AI illustrate the concept of conscious arts poorly. AI is only a tool without consciousness.



As mentioned above, it's been an arduous process to setup a non profit. I consider myself a conscious artist and feel it is right to learn all that it entails and takes to build a successful non-profit organization that will help us eliminate the stigma of the "starving artist."

To begin with, CAMP's purpose had to be clearly established:

Our mission is clear: To empower artists as entrepreneurs whose conscious arts projects meet the principles of compassion and peace for the benefit of all sentient beings and the environment.

Every type of artistic discipline is included in this mission. Art has the Power to heal and to reach across all barriers set by society of language, socio-economic status, level of education, race, and ethnic culture.

We envision a world in which peace, compassion and empathy rule. And that world starts with One.

The next question to address was:


We offer services through a network of professional affiliates overseen by CAMP Directors.


  1. Coaching: at whatever stage of development an artist may be at, their developmental needs to reach their audience varies. We offer Artist Business & Marketing Planning and career path analysis. Once you have a blueprint and a budget you know what to do.

  2. Digital Marketing: Web Design and development, SEO Content, PR Bios, Industry Articles and Blog Posts, Social Media Marketing, Remote Event Planning (Zoom, FB Live, other), Art Storefront setup, Music Platform and YouTube Channel setup.

  3. Writing & Publishing: Adult/YA/Children's Fiction, Non Fiction, planning, drafting, editing, design, and publishing. Story analysis. Memoirs.

  4. Illustrations: by professional artists.

  5. Video/Film: Adaptations, Screenplay writing, video editing, script coverages and development.

  6. Music: Spotify, Amazon + setup and monitoring.

  7. Translations: Eng/Span/Portuguese

  8. Grant Writing: Research and scout.

Who creates all this work?

Good question!

We are a network of affiliate service providers in the INDEPENDENT sector, working remotely for the most part. CAMP takes on the task of "Producing" the professional services and utilizing the resources of affiliates and other professionals to the client's satisfaction.

We work with professionals offering their services through third party platforms with whom we have a relationship spanning six years, since we started operations as TAT Productions by We also work with local professionals per task as needed.

benefits of working with camp

The artist then has the time to be inspired and create, knowing someone is at CAMP looking out for their growth and expansion as artist entrepreneurs.

Artist 1) have a plan of action that traces their journey a step at a time towards their destination.

2) have less stress, feel there is someone there to guide them and feel more confident about being an artist. 3) Artists accomplish their goals and set new goals. 4) Society benefits and the work towards healing and peace expands one by One.

This compelling book reveals the 25 Universal Guiding Principals that lead to a happier, more fulfilling, prosperous, and struggle-free life. You will then discover how to apply these remarkably powerful skills on behalf of the planet, helping to manifest a world that is free of hate, war, rage, hunger and environmental destruction...a world instead filled with peace, prosperity, unlimited opportunity and joy for all.


Non Profits have traditionally helped artists meet their goals. CAMP is not alone, reason why partnering up with other non profits and service providers. Artist needs vary by discipline. All have in common the need for polishing their artworks, receiving critiques, and investing in PR and Marketing. Without these services atists are not able to reach their potential.

how to create a non profit

If you're thinking about starting a nonprofit organization or curious, take a look at the steps required to complete the process. However, although CAMP's setup is complete with all the basics, the trimmings of the website and the content that will feed it are still in process. Due to lack of knowledge about the non profit sector and glitches with the website, it has taken a good four months of researching and applying the knowledge. A non profit entity is a multi dimensional endeavor whose components merge into the end of year 990 IRS Form for Non Profits even one as small as novice CAMP.

Legal Zoom was instrumental in creating the legal entity for CAMP. And although everything went well, they are not a law firm and cannot give you advice. Be on top of the work carried out on your behalf. Don't take your mind off until it the process has completed.


WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU IS THE butter! We can do the basics but without the last items on this cart below NO DIGITAL ENTITY CAN GET ANYWHERE ON SEARCH! SEO, SOCIAL MEDIA, & PR IS essential!

That's where the train ends for most artists, (authors, painters, filmmakers, actors, voice, music, writers, dancers).

Besides the fees for Competitions, Conferences, and Workshops all artists need to stay abreast of their craft and art business, there is DIGITAL MARKETING! in bold green letters. Websites are not enough. Digital marketing is the gamma ray interactivity of ideas, feelings, and thoughts throughout the digital universe!

an artist voyage into "The Arts" that shining but elusive star that keeps us focused!

According to

Wouldn't you say every other state deserves to have a strong artist representation in their labor force and small to large business? How about the numbers below?

Less than $10,000 income from their art!!

Does that mean that Americans don't appreciate and support artists as much as they could? Perhaps not all. Not even most. have you ever walked around an Arts Walk anywhere in the US? If so, have you ever purchased any art work at the event? Did you see many art buyers walking back totheir cars with an armful of art? But I bet you do go to converts a lot? Perhaps you read. I bet your favorite form of art is Audiovisual/Film/TV/Games!

In 2021, the arts contributed 4.4 percent of GDP, or just over $1.0 trillion, to the U.S. economy. • As in previous years, the arts added more to U.S. GDP than did any of these sectors: agriculture/forestry/fishing; mining; outdoor recreation; and transportation and warehousing. • The total economic value added by arts and cultural industries rose by 13.7 percent between 2020 and 2021—a record year of expansion for the sector. The overall U.S. economy grew by 5.9 percent in the same timeframe. Value added to U.S. GDP by selected sectors: 2021 (in billions) $1,735.8 $1,391.1 $1,016.2 $688.2.

There is hope then, for independent artists to grow in an economy that fosters and empowers artists. It starts with YOU!


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