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How Non-Dual Thinking Can Lead You to a Higher State of Consciousness

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Advaita is a Sanskrit word that translates as non-secondness and is known as non-dualism. Non-dualism is based on a Vendantic philosophy that contemplates the unity of God, Advaita teaches that self-realization can be achieved in a lifetime. If everyone achieved nirvana in a lifetime, society would be peaceful and people content vs angry and chaotic. Advaita is at the center of Buddhist philosophy. This utopian society is ne the sages and visionaries have proposed and dreamed about. But is it realistic?


Education reform is in progress to embrace and adopt non-dual instructional methods and setting peace goals within individuals and throughout the world. All it takes is the Adoption of the standards of compassion that make human rights and social justice possible, not just plausible. Through the ages, many authors and sages have proposed how.

Achieving a nondual mind perspective is as simple as talking to each other more and using less violence. Allow a neutral body (like the United Nations) to resolve issues without bullets. Would you say it is human nature to conquer, encroach, colonize, appropriate, exterminate, pillage, massacre, and torture? Is that what makes us human? What about love? And do we have a choice? Maybe our nature is also to nurture and protect, but only our own race and religion, failing to see the interconnectedness of the world.

And what about our competitive edge? Can cooperation and competition go hand in hand?

Can we awaken to a new world? Awakening is the call to higher consciousness that typically shifts our world view from a egocentric perspective to a self-less or nondual one.

What will happen when we continue to exhibit activities of genocide and ecodide? Won't those actions lead to the death of the world as we know it?

Genocide + Ecocide = Ecotomb


What then? Will we survive to tell the story of how we somehow managed to develop so far that we exploded? And will we look for remedies in future worlds?

Why not now? Why not figure out how to avoid the ecotomb.

Fiction is the most useful tool to teach dondualism.

Nondual Taharai, a hybrid part human spider woman is born to the Yanomami grows up an outcast alone in a precious cave. However, once she hears the whirring humdrum of civilization and makes contact, her life will start spinning between persecution, freedom, and happiness at the mercy of civilization.

The series, Utopia, transformed from a short story into a novella. The novella "The Spider Woman From The Amazon," in which a nondual pure creature with a higher consciousness, half human, half arachnid, escapes her captors and runs amok into the modern cities before the ecotomb. The story of the spider Woman from the Amazon is a tale narrated by the Seer, an old woman survivor of the holocaust of humanity.

Utopia demonstrates the activity and implication of a new social order based on the principles of non-dual thinking in which there is no two, or good vs bad, but one. In One there is infinity. Spiderwoman Taharai exemplifies this concept by not thinking in terms of good and bad, by being detached and fearless. She uses higher order reasoning devoid of prejudice as she has not acquired any of the inherently transmitted action and reaction thought processes that got us here.

How does nonduality play a role in education and social development today?
Many schools of meditation and yoga have flourished since the 60s. Let's give peace a chance. Embark in nondual thinking

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