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You Are Invited to the Free Screening of HYBRID: Episode 1, Series: UTOPIA

Updated: Jan 21

Save your seat. (Click this link): 1st Annual Fort Lauderdale Art & Design Week Local Film Maker Showcase Monday January 23, 2023 the red carpet opens at 7:00.


Episode 1

Series title: UTOPIA

Genre: Magic Realism

Themes: Evolution and Utopian Society.

Based on the novel: Utopia

Writer: T.A. Terga


In a post-apocalyptic Earth, survivors of the nuclear holocaust of humanity in a remote location are building a neo-society based on the principles of Shambhala by developing mental powers.

During camp-act, one of the legends from the past they vicariously experience through telepathy and astral travel is the story of Taharai, the Hybrid—a legendary spider woman who wreaked havoc in the cities of the modern world.

When mad scientist, Steve Goldberg, discovers Taharai’s coordinates in the Amazon Rainforest, he captures the venomous parahuman and confines her to Labsys for genetic testing and cloning.

But Taharai outsmarts security and escapes into the city lights. While scavenging and killing to survive, the Hybrid meets Ana, the link to her forest friend, Alan, a gold digger in Brazil who plans to rescue her.

With Ana’s help, Taharai becomes a conscious woman and proves she can control her instincts. But on her last night in town, the Hybrid becomes sexually aroused at a Night Club where Ana takes her for a treat. This time, it is the club owner whose lights go out while trying to seduce her.

The Hybrid runs from the scene chased by bad cop Tony, the Fed who wants to take out the rare Hybrid. There's a good chance Taharai’s friend Max, the good local cop, may arrive too late to save his karate pupil.

Wounded, the Hybrid disappears into the night.

To be continued....

Background of the Film:

This film was premiered at Cinema Paradiso on March 22, 2013, as “Spyderwoman.” It was the first feature by T.A. Terga, "Angela," of TAT Productions, writer of the book, Spiderwoman, on which it was based. Most of the crew included FT. Lauderdale filmmakers and actors. Broward County long-time resident, award-winning photographer and filmmaker Ronny Cush, who helped her direct, shoot, and edit the film, and Angela, worked together to adapt the original to screen during and after attending MIU's Film Production Program.

However, after writing and publishing Utopia, which links the exploits of the "Hybrid" to a future dystopian Earth where survivors struggle to control their minds through the teachings of Shambhala, T. A. Terga, "Angela" is moving heaven and earth to cut Hybrid's film footage into a new series.