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A Poem every now and then....

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

....keeps the spirit in shape. Poetry has been my outlet from a very young age. It was a simple and natural after-school merienda-time activity that I started practicing spontaneously under my Boddhi tree. I didn't quite know it then, but I was meditating. Oh, but to reflect, dream and write cradled in a tree's buttress!

Nature has the effect of connecting us with spirit; the seaside, for me, has a spiritual attraction. After years of solitude. my soul rediscovered "that friend of mine that can accept disappointments and ungratified desires, which is at home with contemplation and solitude" at the beach.

Nowadays, I am still not perfect, but also not worried about not being good enough. I am aware. And the ebb and flow of the tide brings instant joy, peace and harmony into the moment. Makes me surrender every time.

Surrender! there goes a topic for the next "A Poem every now and then keeps the........"

To surrender means to accept the moment as is, the will of God over yours, and know everything is for a greater good.

Do you have a friend who doesn't appreciate poetry? I do. And although this is a very knowledgable and spiritual person, he finds no use for poetry reading in his daily life. Is he not seeing how songs are nothing but poems and poems but unsung songs?

Are you able to suspend judgment and simply flow with a poetic musing?

If so, I invite you to check the journey of a soul like yours and ride a thought or two with the lines you read as if a surfer on a beach. Imagine a child on the sand building a castle and see.


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