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"Cleanliness is holiness!" Said Sojourner, and "How much does it cost?" said the wallet.

But it comes at a price doesn't it? The cleaning of stuff takes time, resources, and awareness—don't forget. So before judging urban inner fifth think of what it takes to clean up the mess we've made of this world as consumerism ruins the planet. To buy or not to buy, the book Ms. Alonso's and Ms. Terga's class created about our power as consumers.

Yes, fat corporate America doesn't have our back, but by our throats; we may as well all be treated as wetbacks. But we can do better. What does it take to become conscious consumers and clean up the earth? First, we could clean up our buying habits and exercise our buying power to do so.

Many don't realize how a small change in our habits can lead to a greater patch of clean river. Everything starts with me, you, us, our. Our class, back in the year 2007, wrote this book to create awareness. It has never been published. It sits at the Jordanian Museum's library, don't think anyone can check it out. Soooo, this "mad" teacher remember the joy, the feeling of accomplishment and pride in all of us as we teamed with the Art department's Mrs. Reyna and illustrated the book through dolls who were the "have" and "have nots."

The 'have nots' were not consumers, their financial status prevented them from becoming heavy consumers, so their clothing wasn't branded and their shoes barely had a sole.

The dolls created by the children (5th graders), however, were not illustrative of the history of child labor in the world that we discovered in research. Yes, the child 'have nots' have been and are the labor force employed in industrialized, feudal. royal, but not communal times up until now. The brands included, Nestle (World's Best Chocolate included, one of school's most successful fundraisers in America). Nike, and many others. But does the consumer care? Nope! Not just our pockets, but also out minds belong to the consumeristic ignorance of the world.

Notice I said "not communal" in the last paragraph. But that's a topic for Utopia.

To our business here today:

This mad teacher has a new memory to include—a visit to the Hudson's "Walkway Over the Hudson" from Poughkeepsie to Highland, where Sculpture of Sojourner Truth was unveiled in 2020.

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