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Therapy for Life: Gardening for the Soul

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

To end the month of April observing the day of, week of, year of, month of, minute of, and breath of Earth, and for the salvation of our mother Earth through the raising of awareness, Gardening would be the most appropriate choice of a blog topic, given so much life is blooming all around us at the end of the month of April. Gardening is a therapeutic way of healing our inner child and shining from the inside out. Find out how we can pitch in to make this world less polluted and healthier for all, including how we grow our food, acts of war, deforestation, chemicals and derivatives from fossil fuels that damage our environment - plastics inundate us - let's stop using so much plastic. Recycle what you already have. Become your great-great grandma. We need to learn how to grow our food and clean our water. Learn more on how to recycle plastic in this short video. #recycle #reduce #earthday2023

Earth is our only home, our survival depends on it. Earth is nonrenewable. Once we deplete its resources by damaging its ability to sustain its harmony, its health, its reconstitution, its cyclical renewal system, adaptation requires and gives in to trial and error, causing great catastrophes that wreak havoc, such as when war and pollution destroy habitats and entire ecosystems, including man, the most disposable of all. There is a war against nature every time deforestation destroys the Amazon rainforest. There is a war on everybody when the Amazon Rainforest is being destroyed, for we all need air to breathe.

SAVE THE RAINFOREST.ORG Pitch in and help save the Earth rainforests today.

Gardening is therapy for the soul. As below so above, as inside so outside.

There's a type of gardening that rises from the earthen to the sublime, where we dissolve our obscurations. I feel like Louise Hay puts it well— that enlightenment is going within and shining a light to dissolve the darkness there. As Within so Outside. My consciousness reveals my reality. When I change my consciousness, so will reality.

Herbalism refers to the knowledge and practical application of age-old remedies based on a tradition developed through the practical experience learned in a community. Our cultural nature-based pharmacology has been truncated and replaced by the mechanized, geneticized, digitized, monopolized pharmacological industry that dominates modern medicine and finds it safe to advise the consumption of a pill but won't prescribe a recipe of herbal remedies from which the same capsules are synthetically and genetically engineered. Such is the world of today, our tomorrow will depend on to what extent we become digitalized.

Eating your way to good health and a positive attitude may just be a nutritional regime worth putting into practice. Just how to do it is another matter. Here's a book that might interest you and lead you in your journey to achieve all your dreams. Because you deserve it. Body, mind, and soul are all one. What you feed one, you feed the other. It makes sense.

*It will help both your mind and body. It is a great stress reliever!" Coloring may be appropriate sometimes when we are stuck indoors or bedridden, but when we are able and willing to step outside, scratching the earth may be the most fun and stress-relieving pride for your work feeling you'll ever experience.

When we hoe, shovel, dig holes, till, trench, fill, drain, and explode the Earth, the Earth feels it. When the Earth cannot keep up with the demand, it is limiting our lives' supplies of oxygen, water, sunlight, and soil with which to live upon this land forever. Are we not smarter than gloom and war? Are we not better than war and gloom? Are we equal? Is peace possible? Peace is possible when peace is practiced.

In the words of Harry Belafonte, RIP, "If man does not put an end to war, war will put an end to man. " Listen to HarryBelofonte's Peace on Earth song and his Island in the Sun

But my favorite peace song is Unity's Peace song, here sung by Vince Gill, I wish someone could transform it into a hip-hop-salsa-regetton-rap and get splattered all over time Square.

War starts within just like peace starts within. In the words of Unity's Peace Prayer

Whatever you want to call it, counseling, psychotherapy, or just therapy, the upsurge of psychologically affective states since Covid has created a quasi-movement in the medical field of psychotherapeutic treatments available to individuals and families going through any type of trauma or difficult experience in life which is affecting their mood and could even affect their immunology.

a bok about gardening therapy
When we connect with earth we are connecting with god's nature for god is nature and we are part of it. treat your earth with care for you are it, and it is you.

Life is traumatic from birth on. And then there is talk therapy to make you feel better. But just how does this talking help people with psychological issues to solve or work out? Gardens forthe senses brings us close to earth and nature as it is universalized in unity with our Self.

Back in the day before there was talk therapy, people were likely to have a prejudiced opinion towards psychological states of mind that would require you to seek medical assistance. But not in today's world. Once considered a privileged lifestyle, talk therapy has become mainstream and accessible on tele health.

Today many people talk openly about their mental illness without the fear of being cataloged a crazy. Hopefully–especially if you're woke.*

How would it feel to be in control of your mind, your thoughts, your actions, your wishes, and your desires? Would it feel empowering to have no more cravings of any kind? That high that only gets you so up so far and then drops you off at the steps of desire that keeps you wanting more doesn't have to have the last say. You, the real you can. Get in touch with it.

Welcome to Talk Therapy! We, at TAT Productions are not therapists, but we practice talk therapy with our friends and family. Talk Therapy has been around for ages. Everyone needs someone to talk to sometimes, some find it easy to talk, others don't, some have secrets they keep in a dark place that hurts, and others talk about their heartaches to someone who listens with empathy. It's just that we can't talk to just anybody about everything, and only to a very few about certain things that may have to do with trauma (sex. love, and/or addiction).

I believe the month for LGBTQ awareness is also Spring. or was it March? A lot of the trauma survivors of child abuse and sexual abuse within the LGBTQ community are no strangers to those types of experiences growing up no matter where you're at, it happens all over the world, not just around underprivileged populations of children experiencing poverty levels.

According to the NATIONAL SEXUAL ABUSE RESOURCE CENTER 1 OUT OF 3 WOMEN AND 1 OUT OF 5 MEN experience sexual abuse during their lifetime, being the most prevalent between the ages of 11-17.

While Reality may be all we need to be fulfilled and happy in life, only living your reality at will lets you create the space of peace and harmony in your life that takes you to the peak. To explain, if you are living in the past or the future, or a make-believe today, you're in a delusional state of mind that makes you feel disconnected to reality and the life you are leading. This is known as unhappiness and about 70% of people feel unhappy or wanting to be and do something other than what is.

Someone suggested Buddhists commit suicide because they give up being human by giving up desires. On the contrary, Buddhist philosophy will lift you above the realm of hungry ghosts to the land of nirvana on Earth, where bliss is always attainable.

So there can be multiple sources of talk therapy, and they each can have a positive effect on the psyche, the body, and the soul. There's always a bestie, your mother, an aunt, or a cousin; sometimes it's a workmate, even your teacher can be someone you 'can' talk to.

However, if you have no one to talk to, start looking for someone to listen to. It is in giving that we receive, first and foremost. Secondly, when you do listen, notice how you tend to judge, Stop yourself! Listening requires an open mind. Once you know how to listen, you can even be your own talk therapist.

We have a blueprint in our soul— the right-from-wrong template that is pretty much the standard code of conduct in society. Of course, crime and punishment will continue to be. But everyone has the power to control their thoughts and sensations, especially if we receive training and treatment. Talk therapy does just that.

Don't we basically work things out for ourselves using our own critical thinking once we traverse the emotions that handicap our reasoning?

What is the psyche?

How does talk therapy help?

What is the history of talk therapy?

What are the different kinds of talk therapy?

Who needs talk therapy?

How does talk therapy work?

In the next episode of Memoirs of a Mad Sad Badass Teacher I will answer some of these questions.

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