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Three Authors | Tres autores by TAT Productions

To all my Family & Friends, Social Media and website followers of, to each and all, I hereby pass on the special message that my very good friend Sharon bestowed upon me on her cat and dog, John Lennon stamped card this holiday season, bringing me lots of joy and laughter as I reminisced our exploits in the jungle from my bed-ridden covid-manifest festive quarantine. (See Spanish version for each segment below).

The following books are available in print and digital here.

Happy New Year 2023!

“Whatever is Beautiful

Whatever is Meaningful.

Whatever brings you Happiness.

May it all be Yours this Holiday Season

and Throughout the Coming Year.

Happy New Year Dear Friend!"

Cat on Dog in holiday red bows
I hope your Happy Holidays! spirit stays alive through the year.

Musician John Lennon known for "Imagine".
Imagine! This is Heaven and Hell.

During this special Holiday Season, TAT Productions is proud to present Three Authors | Tres autores and their special books which have made our life more meaningful and beautiful.

As an indie producer, TAT Productions writes, edits, and publishes genre-specific books of multicultural interest including Hispanic authors.

These three authors presented below in order of appearance in the TAT Productions’ clientele stratosphere, have made our publisher’s debut a reality.

TAT Productions will continue to reach out through the Blog "Angela Terga Presents," "Lessons From a 'Mad' Teacher," and "The Metamorphosis of an Idea," for your support in the coming year. Please make sure you subscribe to our blog and find good books to read and gift through our research of authors and top-hat topics

Our projects:

  • "The Spider Woman from the Amazon Rainforest" aka Spyderwoman, Hybrid and Utopia, will be making a Book 2 publication announcement in the summer. Looking to also shoot the second part of the film —the future, and this time distribute.

  • "Isabel III," our screenplay has been edited and will be assessed in competitions,

  • "I Am Sojourner Truth" makes its debut as a historical fiction book in competition.

  • "Max Found a Meteorite", the children’s book finds a publisher while the TV show finds a producer.

  • "Mario Jorge y las Muchachitas en Julia", a book of short story memoirs may find its way out into the world, too.

  • "Los maridos de la tia Ines" may be the next book after that.

A hefty work-year ahead awaits. Blessings!

Happy New Year from TAT Productions!