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Writing Science Fiction based on Reality- Where are all the tech advances leading? Utopia 101

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

I am a writer who grew up teaching kids how to write essays and stories. Writers grow up, we don't just learn, we develop. Being a teacher was a tremendous benefit to my imagination and creativity. Child imagination is like no other and by the time they got to me in the intermediate level of 4-8, they still had it in them. We created all kinds of scenes—with every story a play.

What I love most about coaching Writing and Reading at any level from grade school to college, and beyond, to individuals at any stage of their lives, is seeing the satisfaction writing produces on the writer. I feel the same satisfaction when I write my novels and screenplays. When you hire a Writing & Reading Coach make sure they write and teach.

It is arguable whether my book Utopia, soon to be published as Utopia 101, the next book of the series, (Utopia: Hybrid being the first), qualifies for the magical realism bravado elements of supernatural, political criticism, nonlinearity, and realism. Utopia may also be considered science fiction because it creates a future Earth in the deepest part of the Amazon Basin, almost a different planet.

Edited and republished a few times, by me, a no no, I suppose in literary circles, or is it? This story has transformed from short story to short films, pilot screenplay and novel series. Editing articles on Grammarly another way I learned the trick of writing.

I define myself closer to Magical Realism but that is questionable because the stories I write, all of them, are not just nonlinear, time is up and down the scale from no beginning and no end, there is social critique, and and I treatise supernatural as real.

However, my vision as a Magical Realism writer is Visionary. As T.A. Terga founder of TAT Productions, I invite you to work for Peace along with me or in any way you can. It starts with each one of us reaching out. Peace that is. The US Institute of Peace hosts events and has so called experts on peace matters per region. Let's wish peace workers success. download the World Peace Index here.

Really, what abut the manufacture, marketing, and sales of War?


Sci-fi works like my self-published and self-edited book, Utopia, will make you question what the increasing chances of a nuclear apocalypse are and the need to address this threat on a daily basis. As this World Peace article claims: The World is more than dangerous. Not to be the bearer of unpleasantries, but if you have ever felt like you are walking across a landmine, guess what? You are. We all are. That’s a fact of life most people can figure out before the age of 15.

And by then, the bad guys will have been identified and justification found. The pictures planted in our head even before out birth play out as we journey through our time on this dimension.

Will War then, continue on and on along with innumerable natural disasters that beget the world. Sounds like the Apocalypse, right?